Best Twitter Analysis Tools

Twitter is a social application platform that has always been challenging for business platforms. We know that businesses love having a direct and instant access to the customers to promote their sales and brands, they invest hours, days, weeks, and even they invest many years into the social platforms to get benefits apps like from Twitter.

We know that social engagement and interaction comes in with great benefits for the brands, as the people are directly connected with the updates and know what is going on. Then a thought comes to your mind that should you go after the new followers, or should you run new Twitter or any social campaign? Are there any influencers who may prove to be beneficial to your brand?

Finding you the right Twitter data analytics tools will give you your answer to all of these questions to help your social strategy for the business to flourish. So In this discussion, we are going to discuss all the best twitter analysis tools.

Features of Twitter Analysis Tools

Before we start talking about the analysis tools and their outputs, we should also see what features they might bring in with the experience for you. You need to be sure what tool you are using and for what purpose you are using it for. So here, we are going to talk about some of the key features of analysis tools for twitter.

Tracking the important Twitter Metrics

  • Tweets that have been the most engagement in the history
  • Brand mentions
  • All the Insights from your competitors

Growing your Brand

  • Identifying the potential brand influencers
  • Growing your followers base
  • Grow your business-wide through advertisements

Guiding your Twitter Content Strategy

  • You can know which hashtags and the topics your followers are discussing
  • Improving the new content by leveraging the data In favor of your audience interest for most engaging
  • Manage your Tweets schedule
  • Better manageable replies to all the brand mentions

List of Best Twitter Analysis Tools in Detail

BrandWatch Consumer Research

  • Brandwatch Consumer Research is a great versatile tool when it comes to Twitter and your other owned channels.
  • You can connect your account in to get the metrics on the followers, impressions, and the audience, and post engagements, and you also get a mention list where you can tag and categorize the content.
  • There is a further analysis that you can do with the platform, such as topic analysis, demographics, emoji analysis, and sentiment, and emotional data.
  • From your end, you can set up queries to track your rival’s accounts, too, so you can get the idea about whats going on.

Twitter Analytics Native Tool

This free Twitter Analytics Native tool offers a wide range of information. It includes data about your Twitter account and the general insights about the trending material on the Twitter. Through the Twitter Analytics, it features a monthly summary on the main dashboard of the info such as the number of tweets and their impressions, profile visits and their mentions and also the followers increase or decrease. You can also choose to see your top tweets, and top mentions, and top new followers every month.

  • You may know that Twitter’s audience insights break your follower base according to their interests, occupations, and their buying styles, wireless carriers, their gender, and more.
  • The native tool also lets you the offer of general Twitter trend data, including the trending topics, or the events, sports, movies, and such material.
  • It offers a native ability to advertise on the Tweets relating to any of these mentioned topics and has the ability to target by the goal such as followers, engagements, leads, website clicks, and such.
  • You can say it is a simple and easy tool for the beginners, that is offering detailed audience demographics data and also has its own built-in advertising tools.
  • The majority of the data reports can span for only a 3 month period.
  • A great advantage of this is that all these features that you get from it are free of cost without any charges.


Hootsuite is a great tool for managing most of the social media content. Due to being on the top of the list for the users in the market, it does have a lot of competitors now in the open market. Because of its deep features which set beyond basic analytics, boasting the social media scheduling tools, hashtag monitoring, the content curation, and also the team management. Hootsuite provides a dashboard overview of all of your basic metrics, and you can also build an unlimited number of reports from this, which are exportable in most common document formats.

One of the most useful tools of the Hootsuite is its ability to track down how fast your team members are responding to the brand mentions. It consolidates the data from big social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that have a large user base and support information.

You may know that Hootsuite is not for free and may be much expensive than its competitors because Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial to use and charges $29 per month for a single user, and $129 per month for 3 users that supports up to 20 profiles, and a massive $599 per month for up to 50 different social profiles.


Buffer is an analysis tool that is known as a tweet and social post scheduler tool. You can also use this tool to analyze your Twitter performance too. This tool helps to work as the best when it comes to the time for a tweet to get the best engagement possible. The Buffer lets your posts where you can list them or sort them by the most clicks or the highest level of engagements. This is a great way to know what kind of Twitter posts will work best for you.

Buffer also has a more filled out option that is called Analyze, but it comes as a paid product. But there is also such an analytics area where you can easily see data with clicks, followers, their impressions, and similar metrics. You can say that it may not be the most useful tool, but it still may come in handy in case you can export the data too.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is an analytic tool that visualizes your social data with colorful graphics that are very pleasant for the user and easy to understand even for the new marketers. It offers a comprehensive social analytics solution that does also includes the Twitter account analysis. You can get to monitor the Twitter activity in real-time, and you can also receive the latest performance reports just in case to stay up to date. Its twitter analytics offering also includes some unique features like keyword listening, campaign reporting, and competitor analysis. It is a great advantage as these features let you audit your overall performance and optimize it if you think that’s necessary.

It is a paid analytic tool, but the company also offers some free Twitter tools such as Twitter Snapshot Report. There is also a Twitter Assistant tool, which will provide you with the recommendations of customization according to your account for free of cost. With this feature, you will be able to discover all the best times to post a tweet, and also the best types of content to post, and you will also be aware of which hashtags will get the most impressions. This tool is great for social media market presentation if you feel easy with it.


The tweetreach is a tool that is available online at the official website, from where you will be able to achieve your target goal. This is a great source to use a Twitter analysis tool because it gives you a detailed report with the rich Twitter insights. You can say that this is important in improving your Twitter marketing campaigns through social awareness and interactions. This twitter analytics tool has a free version that is enriched with a good reporting matrix. So you know that you can use this tool to find the best reports to present in your next strategy meetings.

The tool does offer you reports ready for the presentation for your management teams. For example, if you create a density graph using, it covers all the latest tweets. This is for all the tweets that are earning a large number of following.

The tool is available at very affordable prices. You can get real-time monitoring that will let you see all your posts all the time. The Tweetreach allows you to monitor topics that you are interested in from Twitter. It also allows you to check profiles that are somewhat important to you on Twitter as well as on other social platforms.

So we can say that it is a great tool for the twitter marketing strategy for development. There are thousands of businesses and brands that have achieved success rates using this tool. You can use the Tweetreach to find the best time on which you should post, which is based on a previous post-performance. Not to forget this tool also lets you to identify the top trending hashtags discussing information that are relating to your industry or topic of interest. It is available at a very competitive price.


  • Twitonomy offers methods of Twitter analysis for your account and also for your competitors.
  • You will have to first sign in with your Twitter account and then provide your competitors’ Twitter handles.
  • Then, this tool will show you the details on your Twitter lists that you are both parts of, that may include your most popular Tweets, engagement statistics, and much more.
  • Tracking the conversations on Twitter based on keywords is also a feature; tracking may also be from users. The tool will break down any of the Twitter accounts into graphs and stats.
  • You can also visualize using this tool about where the people have mentioned your Tweets, which allows you to better understand the geographical impact of the Twitter activity that you recently did.


FollowerWonk is a free tool with limited functionalities, but if you want extra features out of it and larger reports, then you will have to pay. With this tool, you can search the bios for certain words. This feature can be a good help to find the people for the marketing or the influencer people to target yourself. You can also sort a list according to followers, social authority, and other such metrics. You can compare the users to see who has the most following, and the highest engagement rates, or the average number of growing tweets. Other than all of this, the tool also has the ability to see when your account’s followers are most active.


In this discussion, we discussed the best twitter analysis tools and their unique features and functionalities. Each tool comes in handy with its great specifications. Some of them may have drawbacks, too, depending on your choice of interest and usage. We hope that you find this info very useful, and it brings any help to you and that you may feel easy to ask us any questions. If you have any questions or a problem then you can leave a comment or mail us at our given mail in the section, we will respond when we will see your request.


1. How do I get year analytics for Twitter?

To set these settings, Start by hover over to the Tweet Activity page when you click on the Tweets tab. Twitter analytics is set up to automatically show your tweet activities from the last 28 days. So In order to review your activity from the past year, you will have a number of options available; you can start by clicking on the drop-down menu under your name and select the option.

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