Top Best Alternatives of Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is an online tool or facility that was founded in 1999.  In this article we will also discuss Alternatives of Survey Monkey. This tool allows a user to launch any kind of survey project online. The survey may be for the market research, or a quick poll, competitive analysis, or it can also be for a customer or employee feedback. It allows you to tailor your surveys and plan them according to the target audience.

The SurveyMonkey can be considered as a well-known SaaS survey platform. It was a great success of surveymonkey that it generated revenue of $68.6 million from 670,862 paying customers in 2019. The SurveyMonkey is the most popular survey software options on the market. It is free to use software for building any survey questionnaires, which may have more than 15 types of questions, and it also supports the custom logos and brands. You can get your response from the target audience once you email them the survey link. It also does the text analysis for categorizing the open-ended response from the audience, and filtering, and also cross-tabbing options to analyze the data.

Alternatives of Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is a great source of the survey online for the users, but what if we can have more types of survey software or tool online that can do the same task that a surveymonkey can do? Let us find out here in this discussion and see how many of them are the best alternatives that come with the same features as surveymonkey.

Survey Sparrow

SurveySparrow has an engaging UI with a 40% higher survey completion rate. The advantage of using this survey is that it is affordable, and it comes with beneficial monthly plans, and it does provide a hassle-free refund policy to the users. It is the world’s first survey tool that has two outputs, such as chat-like surveys and the conversational forms. You can do your survey in both ways. It gives a lot of reasons to be considered as one of the best SurveyMonkey alternatives because it has a great feature of the close-the-feedback-loop system available. A little bit of weak point of SurveySparrow is that it has only a limited array of question types available, which will be sorted out soon as they promised. It is a new company, and it is constantly updating with time to time to improve themselves to offer a wide range of features for the users.

It is affordable that can come in handy for you in terms of usage. You can use it as an alternative to the surveymonkey tool. It does cost on a monthly basis, and the price for that is $19 per month.

Google Forms

If you are interested in using Gmail, Google Apps, or the Google Drive, then there is also another tool from the Google store that is Google Forms. Google Forms has a series of great simple surveys and questionnaires in it. You can collaborate with your coworkers with a simple spin-up of a survey within minutes, and you can start getting the review and responses from them. It is a great tool that is also free of cost. Keeping in mind that, if you need the conditional logics or lots of design for customizations, then the Google Forms are very limited in this. So in such conditions, you might want to think of alternatives of the google forms as well.

The Google Forms is a worldwide favorite platform to collect the data with non-existent learning curves, that is in the form of a form builder or quiz maker. It is free of cost, and it quite easy and simple to use. It is mobile-friendly, so that’s obvious why the tool is an instant hit worldwide. But with an unappealing appearance, it may not make a user very happy using it, and the Google Forms also lack very features that make an in-depth data collection and the analysis in the survey. Remember that you cannot schedule and automate these surveys, segment users, or email the surveys to a huge number of the audience if you are using the Google Forms. Due to lots of limitations and drawbacks, the professionals and corporates tend to blow away from the Google Forms because of its limited applications.

Google Form gives you the raw data that can be exported anywhere. You must have the resources and the skills to analyze the data yourself because you won’t be able to do any segmentation or bench-marking or the filtering by default otherwise. You must also be aware of and comfortable with the use of Excel. When you want to create some surveys, you should know how the people will answer, no matter the design and the user experience.

If you are really interested in knowing your response rate, that how long the people will spend on your survey, or if the people dropped it off, or where are people are coming from, and such other analytics items, then, you might want to look for another alternative solution instead.


Typeform is Alternatives of Survey Monkey. It is a tool that is based out of Spain, and it quickly became a solid reference contender based in the form industry. In Typeform, you can create all types of questionnaires, quizzes, and the surveys and automate them as well. The user interaction is pretty neat, and there are a plethora of question types.. the Typeform comes in handy when the data to be analyzed is stingy on the free plan. When using the free plan, you only get the raw data. The interface of the Typeform consists of a dashboard having a dynamic sort of data coming from the real-time source.

Typeform is an alternative to surveymonkey that starts with a free plan, and it gives you a limited number of questions around 10 questions, and responses are kept as 100 and also the basic notification and customization. Typeform does charge you money, and their first plan starts at an amount of $30 per month, and unlimited questions perform. Typeform is versatile, as the SurveyMonkey.

If you are considering to pull the data from an external source like (your CRM, for instance) and you want to load heavy burden on automation without spending too much money on it, then you should go for the Typeform.

Zoho Survey

Zoho is an associate that has Zoho’s suite of applications, and the Zoho survey is part of that association. This way, we can say that due to its integrations with the Zoho spreadsheet and the CRM applications, it is most likely to extend its utilities. Zoho Survey offers a free version like many other survey applications that are limited to we can say about 10 questions and 100 answers to that, but it also offers an unlimited number of surveys to be conducted by the users. The paid version of Zoho starts at $20 per month, but the pro version is for $25 per month, which adds the capabilities which any serious survey maker will want, such as exporting the results or integrating with a Tableau.

Creating a Zoho survey lets you format in simple features like drag-and-drop question placements, in which there are more than 25 question formats that you can choose from. The Zoho application also offers the real-time reports to the users and multiple forms for analyzing and discovering the trends and search out for the results. Zoho Survey is easy to use and ideal for those users who are already committed to the Zoho suite. Considering the surveymonkey, the Zoho is also a powerful survey tool that can come in handy for you in many places, and you can choose to create a survey of your own very easily. It does support multi top solutions and multi-languages. The Zoho gives a free trial for the product so that you can try all the product’s features without any cost. Some of the key features of the Zoho Survey are.

  • It has a more intuitive drag and drop builder.
  • It comes with more than 200 templates, which make it faster and easier to set up surveys.
  • This platform can support 24 different question types.
  • It is equipped with a lot of social sharing and data collection options.

Sogo Survey

The SoGoSurvey offers unlimited surveys in a trial version with unlimited questions in them, but there are only 200 responses per year. This is not a drawback; rather, it is an advantage that it is good for learning about the system’s capabilities, but it cannot be considered for serious use. The paid versions do expand the capabilities of the SoGo survey with more options like skip logic and randomized questions, also the custom invitation emails, and the extended question types in the company’s Pro plan. It does provide all these facilities for a cost of $40 per month.

It is an alternative to survey monkey because it has various survey templates, and prebuilt questions of different types that give it edge over the survey monkey and make SoGoSurvey quick and easy to set up or execute, and eventually report on than all of the other alternatives. In the paid version of the SoGo survey, the export and integration is a strong point of the tool, which includes direct export to the SoGoSurvey, Microsoft Access, SPSS, XML, and also to Zapier.


Qualtrics Research Core can also be considered as one of the best alternatives to the SurveyMonkey because it is designed to handle everything like from detailed research to a simple questionnaire. This software solution has its own pre-built templates, and about 100 question types, and also the intuitive drag and drop tool, and a lot more. If you want to use the Qualtrics, you can create your surveys in real-time, and you can even integrate them into the Marketo, Salesforce, Adobe, and many other systems. You can create an account for free on Qualtrics that will give you access to features like online reporting, survey logic, and seven different question types, and much more.

The key tool of this software is the expert review. By using this AI-powered feature, you are allowed to analyze all of your questions in real-time. And then, you can get personalized recommendations to boost up your response rates.


Crowdsignal is an alternative to surveymonkey that is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to create your own surveys within minutes. You can have your complete control over the look and feel of your surveys with this tool. And not to forget, you can get to choose your favorite colors, and also you can add different elements to match your brand.

If you want it to be simple and more efficient and avoid the complications, then you can choose one of their pre-made templates. The advantage of using this alternative tool is that it lets you embed your polls on the emails, social media, WordPress, and also on Weebly websites. The Pro version and Corporate plans are priced at a starting of $17 and up to $75 per month. They do have the free versions which have very limited features.


SurveyGizmo’s is an Alternatives of Survey Monkey that is quite easy to use. It mainly focuses on employee assessments, customer experience, and product feedback, and market research style surveys. It can offer up to tons of premium support, including a professional service team, private training, and panel services. Their monthly plans start at $25 per month for unlimited surveys and their responses. The SurveyGizmo’s paid plans include unlimited responses, which makes them unique from the other alternatives.


In this discussion, we discussed the alternatives of the survey monkey tool, and we talked about the benefits and drawbacks of all of these tools. We hope this info is useful. If you have questions, leave a comment or mail us.


1. Which of the alternatives is better than survey monkey?

The top alternative to the SurveyMonkey is SoGoSurvey because it has tools for the survey creation, its distribution, results collection, and also the trends analysis in one intuitive interface.

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