Top Best Ride Sharing Apps

If you don’t have a personal car and you want to get to somewhere, you need to take a ride to get there quickly. Usually, you look for a local ride to take you to your destination, but that may be time-consuming and exhausting for you because you have to wait for the cab at a certain stop and then get to your location afterward In that cab. In doing so, you have to bear the traffic jams and also the rush of people around you in a local drive.

But as now the world is becoming more civilized and there is a facility for everyone door to door, you can have one facility for yourself too. That is downloading the ride sharing apps that will let you move from your location to your destination.

When you download any ride sharing app, you get a driver who takes you to your destination in his car and charges you money according to time and distance. These are great apps that can come in handy for you; you can just call a cab at the moment you connect your internet and locate the nearest ride near you. In this discussion, we have mentioned some of the best ride sharing apps that will benefit you.


The most common and most widely used app, Uber. No doubt that this app has one million hearts all over the world due to its easy interface and fast services. It has become so popular all over the world, or you can say more than 107 countries in the world. Uber has great demand in the United States of America, and it does also have great options like discounts and ride options with different compatibilities, etc.

In this app, a user can register his car as a driver to be used for ride picking to earn some money for his living, and the other person can book that car for his ride for his ease. In this way, mutual sharing takes place, and both of them get the benefit. The uber cut its discount from the earning of each ride and returns the bonus to the driver and sometimes offers some coupons and coins to reduce the wage of a ride for the rider.

Due to this app, a person doesn’t have to go out in the street and call a cab; instead, he can just stay at his home and call for a ride to pick him up from the doorstep, which is quite a cool as a passenger. The Uber app makes it easy for the users to know exactly what they will be paying for the trip before they get in the car.

You are also allowed to use your phone to track the GPS route that the driver is taking to you can make sure that you are getting to the right destination as quickly as possible. You can also get in an interesting discussion with your Uber driver and you both might share some interesting knowledge on the way to your destination, this will allow you to kill your time so that you are not bored and you will get the option to rate the driver, and the ride quality after the drive is finished. So that the owners may know which of their uber are reliable for the people or not.


Lyft is another great ride sharing app that is almost identical to the Uber and has as many numbers of its users as the uber have, so it brings up a competition. It is only limited to the US, so it operates within 60 major cities across America. In order to get registered with the Lyft, the user first has to get a driver’s valid license, and it goes through complete tests along with some background record checks so that there is no criminal activity to be found.

Lyft has a beautiful simple interface that also lets you track down your trip and get details about it on the screen along with the driver info that you are riding with. You can choose the driver of your own from the available drivers that are being shown on the app nearby so that you may remain comfortable. One thing that Lyft may have better above than uber is its performance in the record to the wait time of a ride for a ride.

It is about 6 seconds until a user gets notified about the nearest rides available, and that is a plus point of this app over the uber. There are four different services or choices offered to the user that includes the Lyft, the Lyft Plus, the Lyft Line, and the Lyft Premier option. Each of these options has different pricing and different categories in which the Lyft Plus accommodates six or more riders, whereas the Lyft Line allows you to tag along with the other passengers in sharing the ride while Lyft Premier is the top high-end service that offers you a luxury vehicle but with a bit of a more charge of the money.


Easy Taxi is a ride sharing app that is also quite popular all over the world. You can say it is available in 420 cities in 30 different countries in the world. This app is for the taxi cab drivers that also makes it easier for the passengers to choose a ride very quickly and efficiently. The Easy Taxi claims that they have a fleet of 400,000 drivers and their taxi’s along with 17 million clients or users.

There is a great feature of the destination fare calculator of the app that lets the user know about the charges he is going to pay, and the estimated arrival time of the driver also counts, which is precise on most of the occasions. This is a user-friendly app that can also be synced with social apps like Facebook to redeem the coupons and vouchers that can help you in lowering the fare of your rides.

The taxi drivers of this app are screened throughout, and they are tested with the review of the passengers. The app doesn’t compromise the safety of their passengers, so you need not worry about anything. This app is so great that it has also won a lot of awards in the past years due to its services and reliability and good taxi service. You cant compare this app to the other ones because it has its own charm.

Grab Taxi

GrabTaxi is also a taxi app, but that is operational in Southeast Asia. This app has been downloaded by more than 3.8 million times according to the recent statistics, and people prefer it for known to offer great comfort and safety to the users. It has great usage in the major countries of Asia like Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, with a registered number of drivers to be around 75,000 on its network. The services of this taxi app are offered in different cities, and it was also named as the best travel app for the year 2013 in Asia.

GrabTaxi has gained followers so quickly, and all of its reviewers believe that there is no better taxi-hailing app in the whole of Southeast Asia. Like the EasyTaxi, this app also does the pre-screening of its drivers and lets you track your ride using the phone’s GPS on the map of your phone and its availability. GrabTaxi is a versatile app that is compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry as well. It dominates the Asian market when it comes to the safety of a passenger and a good quality ride.


Juno app has a great reputation for looking after its drivers. This is ride sharing app in which you can book your rides from your mobile phone, and the company only takes 10% of each fare, in comparison to 20% from the other apps like Lyft and 30% from the Uber. Juno doesn’t come with plenty of options and vast features to complicate things with.

It is just a simple ride sharing app that can be used by the people. The little problem with this app is that it is only operational in New York City, US. Juno was acquired by Gett in 2017, but in November 2020, Juno announced that it went bankrupt, and it stopped operating further. The app stood great for many people because it had excellent employee welfare practices and a 24/7 support via email, phones, and texts for both customers and drivers, but the limitation was that it was only available in New York City.


Gett has recently expanded across the world, and it mainly focuses on the business market. This app lets you hail taxis and limousines for bookings. It has emerged as one of the leading services for the business of customers and commuters and got expanded to encompass over more than 1500 business centers across the world.

The basic advantages of using Gett are that it offers lower prices as compared to Uber and other apps for ride-sharing. It does often work with the existing taxis, and it is a useful app for longer journeys like airport transfers. But the only major drawback comes with it that its coverage is somewhat to be very limited for on-demand services. It is currently available in 100 cities across countries of Europe, the UK, and Russia.


BlaBlaCar is a carpooling app for long-distance traveling through Europe. It is named like this with the idea of chatting with strangers: in other words, to “blabla.” That is also a bit funny, and its services are offered in 22 different countries. Once you create an account on the app to get registered yourself, you can input your departure point, or the destination, and your travel date. The app also creates a list of drivers with similar itineraries, and then you can check out their profiles too and those of other travelers in the car.

The drivers give you the info like the exact pickup and drop-off point, and the type of vehicle they have, and what it will cost for your journey. If you want to join the carpool of the app, you will need to send a request first that needs to be approved by the driver. You can also consider for female users. This is a great feature as the female drivers can choose to make their trips visible only to the female passengers.

Popa Ride

Popa ride is a great ride sharing app in Canada. With this app, you can find the drivers who share similar destinations, and then you can request to join their rides. The service is available only traveling within the country, but there are also some possible rides between Canada and the United States too. There is a Private Networks option that lets people connect with the employers or other networks for a specific group of potential drivers to be chosen from.

You can find a lot of PopaRide drivers for your journey. You can choose to view their profiles as well and see the reviews before you can take a ride with them. It is a great app overall if you choose to travel to Canada.


In this discussion, we discussed the best ride-sharing apps all over the world, and we discussed their specific unique features that are helpful to the people using these apps for traveling. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. How does the ride sharing work?

When you are working for a ride-sharing company, you can connect with passengers via its app, and then you pick them up in your vehicle, drive them to the destination, and accept the fares electronically after your ride.

2. How much is 10-mile uber ride?

The cost of uber ride per mile is $2, with trips starting at basic $1 and ranging between $1 and $2 per mile.

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