Top 15 Best Prank Apps

The name justifies itself with real evidence; a prank application is an application created to mess for fun with someone.

Top 15 Best Prank Apps

There are huge amounts of clever prank applications that can assist you with meddling with your companions, an accomplice, or associates.

Top 15 Best Prank Apps
Top 15 Best Prank Apps

So in the event that you are in a state of mind for a little fun, let us view the best prank applications.

Scary Pranks App

Scary Pranks application permits you to panic your loved ones from multiple points of view. For instance, the call from heck, where you can ask another person to get a call for you, and as opposed to getting a welcome from the opposite side, the casualty will hear a shout.

Scary Pranks App
Scary Pranks App
  • So also, there are different sorts of pranks that you can pull on somebody utilizing this application, for example
  • monitor the phone
  • hellfire camera
  • adorable feline
  • counterfeit game
  • visually challenged.

Smart IR Remote

Utilize the best remote-control application to alarm your companions to pieces. Is there much else terrible than your TV changing channels and adjusting volume wildly? Here it is fun.

Smart IR Remote
Smart IR Remote
  • Simply introduce a remote control program on your cell phone, and you have absolute control over your flatmate’s TV in the following room.
  • In addition, this versatile programming is perfect with forced air systems and advanced cameras, which leaves us with considerably all the more trolling chances.
  • The designers effectively help and add new features to the program.

Bee Sound

Bee Sound is a standout amongst other prank applications that can be utilized to frighten somebody who fears bumble bee or any sort of honey bees. The application permits you to make like a genuine Africanized honey bee.

  • Through this terrifying prank application, you can cause a humming sound so irritating that it can make any individual remain from their place.
  • It is an extraordinary application to pull April fool pranks, alarm companions, pull office pranks, and then some.

Broken Screen Prank

Let’s say that you or your friends may have purchased another cell phone? At that point, this is an ideal application for you. It is a standout amongst other prank applications to unnerve somebody.

Broken Screen Prank
Broken Screen Prank

The application makes a messed up screen impact without hurting your cell phone. The application for all intents and purposes breaks your screen as well as pulls out the correct splitting sound.

  • Realistic breaking glass sound and split backdrop
  • Crack the screen by shaking or contacting the screen
  • Demolish your phone screen by different impacts like electric screen or fire screen

Magic Call Voice Changer

Magic call voice changer, as the name recommends, is an application that changes the tone and pitch of your voice. It is extraordinary compared to other prank applications since it permits you to change your voice tones continuously.

  • Real-time voice changing help
  • Switch between voices while in the call
  • Voice testing before making a call
  • Play sound emoticons during the call
  • Add foundation commotions to the call

Voice Changer

As the name recommends, this application permits you to record your voice in different manners. Utilizing this application, you can alter your voice and add enhancements to it.

  • The application offers 40 diverse audio effects, including a robot, outsider, alcoholic, squirrel, helium, beast, mammoth, zombie, extraterrestrial, in reverse, and that’s only just the examples. There’s a lot more.


JokesPhone is a prank call application with a lot of pre-recorded prank calls. You place the call, and the application deals with the prank for you. Each call is produced using outside assistance, so it’s not recognizable to your cell phone.

  • Furthermore, each call is recorded for your entertainment.
  • Like most, you pay for calls, and the expense is somewhat costly.
  • It most likely doesn’t help when a call goes to a voice message, and you lose your call credit.
  • It functions admirably beside that.
  • There is another application, Juasapp, that is a duplicate of this one just with various hues. You can utilize it is possible for one.


All the prank calls that you make through this app you can spare to the prank history. Also, the application is continually refreshed, and new entertaining thoughts for prank calls are included. Additionally, not at all like a large portion of the prank calls applications, this one has an extremely decent interface that is lovely to utilize.

  • You can evaluate many prank calls, including exemplary “You Hit Me Hard and “Why You Call My Brother” ones.
  • You can make 3 prank calls a day.
  • In any case that you need to make increasingly, at that point, you need to pay a charge. Making a call is overly simple
  • Synchronize the application with your contacts and pick the one you need to call.

Bee Swatter Prank Game

Bee Swatter Prank Game is just for iPhones in which you give your mobile to somebody and show them your new super-cool game. This game is tied in with getting honey bees.

  • The individual beginnings playing it, overcomes a few levels and afterward goes to a moment that this game proposals to hit a honey bee harder with the goal that the honey bee will vanish.
  • At the point when ‘hit more diligently,’ your gadget supposedly quits working! There are breaks everywhere throughout the screen, and it has no response to tapping. How terrified would that individual feel
  • The best way to fix this condition is simply to drag your finger from the lower right side to the upper left half of the screen.
  • Yet, obviously, your casualty won’t know it

Crack Your Screen

This app doesn’t require playing a game, so your prank will look considerably progressively characteristic. It’s just like Bee game swatter but different a little bit.

Crack Your Screen
Crack Your Screen
  • There are three different ways of how it functions.
  • The first is break on shake; when shaken, your mobile will be canvassed in splits.
  • The subsequent one is broken on contact that prompts a similar impact soon after contacting the screen.
  • And the last one is a clock, which you can set up not long before your companion or partner utilize your gadget.

Fake A Call

The name tells everything, and that will be that the application is for making fake prank calls. You can make moron your companions with this one. Nobody hopes to get phony calls, and that is the thing that makes this sort of application the best for playing pranks.

  • This specific application permits making prank calls both to your companions and to yourself.
  • It delivers you with 9 distinct voices so as to get away from the acknowledgment and 9 unique contents.
  • In case if there comes some unforeseen issue, you won’t make something up yourself.
  • You can prank A-Call in two forms. The paid one incorporates additional contents and voices and shows no advertisements.


Indeed, it sounds somewhat dreadful, but under at times these circumstances, it can be entertaining as well. Besides, there are various circumstances when you need to utilize pranking applications.

So in case, you need to prank your companions by faking such wrong conduct at that point, get this application and have a ton of fun.

  • In addition, the utilization of this application can turn into a smart thought for parties.
  • The interface is very out of date. However, it still has a good collection of sounds that you can use to make someone run away.

Fake Chat Maker

It is outstanding amongst other prank applications that permit you to include wounds, join, wounds, consume, and more to your face. The impacts and channels look so reasonable that it can prank nearly anybody.

Fake Chat Maker
Fake Chat Maker
  • The photograph feature of this application is easy to utilize.
  • The best element of this application is the injury photograph editorial manager that has an assortment of wounds and burns, which makes your physical issue look genuine.

Ghost Prank

Halloween is one of the environmental occasions. It carries euphoria to kids and, at times, a decent alarm as well. Ghost Prank is ideal for it. In any case, obviously, it very well may be utilized whenever you need to.

  • The application is intended to possess your photographs with phantoms or ghosts, and it can likewise be depicted as a basic photograph editorial manager
  • Pick an image and include a flying young lady or some other animal to it.
  • At that point, demonstrate the outcome to somebody pretty much eccentric and appreciate the response.
  • The application permits including one of 6 ghost sound to an image. You can spare another rendition of your photograph and do it anything you need to!

Prank Stun Gun Shocker App

Another pleasant plan to prank with your companions and chuckle. Make everybody around imagine that you truly have a firearm stunner and that it is extremely hazardous.

  • Hold your mobile and out of the blue touch it with somebody, it will vibrate and make a sound-and for a brief moment; they will think you electrocuted them.
  • The application is very straightforward, yet it is an ideal decision for incidental use.
  • The main thing, it isn’t prescribed to utilize this application on 40+ matured individuals, since, you know, it may be unsafe to their wellbeing.

There are huge amounts of clever prank applications that can assist you with meddling with your companions, an accomplice, or associates. All these apps share equal fun dose for entertainment, and each has a different purpose of making a different prank on people.


In this discussion, we discussed the best 15 prank apps that you can use on your friends or relatives. These are fun apps that can be utilized in any event or in your daily life just to take a moment funnier. All these applications have their own features to interest the user. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Which application is best for counterfeit calling?

Fake-A-Call, GogoCall, Fake Call by iStyle, Nova Labs, and SoftDroid, Caller ID Faker, Fake Caller ID, and so forth are the absolute best trick applications for counterfeit calling.

How much does it cost to build up a trick application?

There are different kinds of trick applications, for example, for messaging, calling, hairstyle, alarming, pregnancy, broken screen, police, and then some. The expense relies upon the highlights and kind of tricks you might want to get through your application.

Which is the best trick application advancement organization?

Credencys Solutions Inc. is the best trick application advancement organization in the USA. They follow Agile programming advancement practices to assemble versatile and web applications.

What is a portion of the must-have highlights of a trick application?

Client enlistment and login, “Freemium” plan of action that permits clients to utilize free just as paid tricks, installment door incorporation, client ID validation, and so on are a portion of the must-have highlights of the trick application.

What amount will it cost to build up a trick application?

There are different kinds of trick applications, for example, for messaging, calling, hairstyle, unnerving, pregnancy, broken screen, police, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The expense relies upon the highlights and sort of tricks you might want to get through your application.

How might I trick call without getting captured?

Dial *67 before you call anybody. *67 is the general code for obstructing your number from an individual’s guest ID show. While this is simply the crudest strategy for keeping mysterious, it’s as yet a viable method of concealing your number in case you’re making a solitary, innocuous trick call to somebody.

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