How to do a PC Performance Test

After some time and use can back your PC off. This could be because of out of date or degenerate equipment, programming issues, or these things.

How to do a PC Performance Test

It’s very imperative to have a deep understanding of your PC hard drive execution, RAM size, processor speed, GPU execution, and so forth. Regardless of whether you are overclocking your PC or contrasting it with another PC.

How to do a PC Performance Test
How to do a PC Performance Test

There are a number of reasons why your PC’s performance is changing. Let’s see what the reasons are and how to alter them to test them.

Windows Resource and Performance Monitor

Windows has worked in a diagnostics device called Performance Monitor. It can audit your PC’s action continuously or through your log document. You can utilize its announcing highlight to figure out what’s making your PC delayed down.

  • To get to Resource and Performance Monitor, open Run and type PERFMON.
  • This will open the Performance Monitor.
  • Go to Data Collector Sets and then System.
  • Right-click System Performance at that point clicks Start.
  • This activity will trigger a 60-second test. And then, after the test, go to Reports and then to System and select System Performance to see the outcomes.

The symptomatic apparatus can offer nitty-gritty clarifications increasingly. You simply need to jump further into the subsections in the event that you have to know more.

Improve Your PC Speed

There are a few steps to make, which are dependent on the aftereffects of your speed test. The following are only a portion of the moves you could make.

  • Go to PC Settings
  • Some of the time, your PC settings can hinder ideal execution. Take your capacity settings, for instance. Changing to the elite can give your PC the lift it needs to run quicker.
  • Open Control Panel and change to View by Category.
  • Go to Hardware and Sound option and then click on Power Options. Select High Performance.

Slow on Startup

In the event that your PC is delayed during boot up, at that point, it’s conceivable that it’s being hindered by applications that dispatch on startup.

  • Right-click Start and select Task Manager.
  • Go to the Startup tab. And then you will discover a list of projects that run when you start your PC.
  • You can incapacitate applications you don’t utilize as often as possible.
  • Right-click on a pointless application and select Disable so it wouldn’t run during startup.

Slow Internet

In case you locate that solitary, the web is running moderate, killing OneDrive could really help.

  • OneDrive works by continually synchronizing your records to the cloud, which can bottleneck your web speed. A similar guideline applies to other cloud-based administrations like Dropbox.
  • Go to System Tray and right-click on OneDrive symbol. Snap Settings.
  • You can likewise decide to unlink your OneDrive by clicking Unlink OneDrive.

Full Hard Drive

Windows 10 has an element called Storage Sense. It consequently erases documents that you don’t require, so capacity never makes your PC delayed down.

  • Go to Windows Settings and then to Storage. Turn on Storage Sense to actuate the element.
  • Tapping on Change How We Free Up Space Automatically will give you command over how much of the time it erases documents.

Windows Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter
Windows Troubleshooter
  • At the point when all else of these steps are tested, you can utilize Windows Troubleshooter to make sense of what’s going on with the pc.
  • Open Control Panel and hover over to System and Security and then to Security and Maintenance.
  • Go to the Maintenance segment.
  • Click on Start Maintenance under the Automatic Maintenance subsection.

Using Third-Party Tools


Prime95 is a famous tool among overclockers for CPU stress testing and benchmarking. It highlights the torment test and benchmark modules.

  • Download Prime95, decompress the compressed document and afterward dispatch Prime95.exe
  • Click on the “Simply Stress Testing” catch to skip making a record.
  • On the following screen if click on “Drop” to leave the Torture Test Mode.
  • Go to the “Alternatives” menu and snap “Benchmark” to play out a benchmark.

Nova Bench

NovaBench is one of the most well known and proficient benchmarking suites for Windows with arrangements for CPU, GPU, RAM, and circle speed. NovaBench is totally free, with no preliminary or paid adaptation with extra highlights.

  • Get NovaBench and open it.
  • Click on “Start Benchmark Tests.” It, as a rule, takes not exactly a moment to finish a benchmark utilizing NovaBench.
  • NovaBench will show a general score and afterward show the aftereffects of every benchmark – higher is better. You can likewise view and look at seat results from different PCs on the NovaBench site.


In this discussion, we discussed how we could do a PC performance test in different ways. All these steps mentioned will help you to get to some stage to get result output. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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How would I check my PC’s Performance on Windows 10?

Open Start, do a quest for Performance Monitor and snap the outcome. Utilize the Windows key + R console alternate way to open the Run order, type perfmon, and click OK to open. Utilize the Windows key + X console alternate route to open the Power User menu, select Computer Management, and snap on Performance

For what reason is my PC so moderate?

Two key bits of equipment identified with the speed of a PC is your stockpiling drive and your memory (RAM). Too little memory, or utilizing a hard circle drive, regardless of whether it’s been defragmented as of late, can back a PC off. Update equipment that can hinder your PC

What makes a PC run quicker?

Since these are more slow kinds of memory, the PC utilizes Cache to move information between the CPU, memory, and the entirety of the parts inside the PC. The following piece of what makes a PC run quicker is RAM or Random Access Memory. Smash is the PC’s momentary information stockpiling.

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