Top 6 Best Grocery Rebate Apps

Spending less cash on staple goods is hard for some individuals. In the event that you stroll into a market in light of a particular financial plan and wind up snatching things that weren’t on your rundown,

You can set aside cash at the store with little exertion and legitimately from your telephone. You can even join one with shopping at a modest supermarket to expand your reserve funds.

Best Grocery Rebate Apps

The following are the best grocery rebate applications with their details.

Best Grocery Rebate Apps
Best Grocery Rebate Apps


SavingStar is an application that will permit you to spare huge at more than 100 retail chain stores! You should simply tap on the store you need to shop at and discover the offers you need to utilize!

  • You simply need to click “Enact” on the same number of offers as you need. You can utilize all the proposals in a single buy or indifferent, whatever works for you.

To get the rebate, you have two alternatives:

  • If you have a reliability rewards card at that specific store (ex: CVS Extra Card), you should simply swipe your card
  • If you don’t have a card at the store you are shopping at, you should simply spare your receipt and sweep it directly on the application.



Ibotta is outstanding amongst other grocery rebate applications. It’s a free application you download to get money back on your spending at the supermarket. How it functions is straightforward. You download the application and sign up. At that point, you look the application for discounts for food things in your neighborhood.

  • When you discover a refund you need, you open it by finishing a straightforward undertaking on the application.
  • When the refund is opened, go out to shop and clutch your receipt. You have to confirm your buy by presenting a photograph of your receipt.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is another basic grocery rebate application. Each Thursday morning, the application refreshes with new proposals to get a good deal on supermarket things you may require.

Checkout 51
Checkout 51
  • You can peruse the offers and pick the ones you like before going out on the town to shop. Utilize the application to take clear photographs of your receipt.
  • You additionally need to scratch off the things you bought as you transfer your receipt and show how frequently you’re guaranteeing each offer, so their framework comprehends what to search for.
  • Checkout 51 credits your record with money back once your receipt is handled. You have to arrive at a $20 account balance before you can demand a check.


Paribus is a 100% free application that gets you cash back at whatever point costs drop. You can get discounts from stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, thus significantly more

  • Sign up utilizing your preferred email supplier like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or more.
  • Once you make a free record, Paribus will start to screen your email for any online buy receipts that you get.
  • If the costs drop, the retailer will, at that point, discount you the value change in accordance with your unique type of installment inside 3 to 7 business days.


Dosh is an application where at whatever point you make a buy at one of 1,000 stores and eateries with a connected Visa, you will get money back. In addition, this works incredibly at Sam’s Club and Walmart Grocery.

  • Connect your charge card as well as check cards.
  • Shop and feast at and get up to 10% money back naturally from select stores.
  • Then once you’re prepared, simply move all that money you got to your ledger, PayPal, or even give it to a noble cause.

Fetch Rewards

Get Rewards is a great app like Checkout 51! You should simply download the application, take a look at the rundown of offers, pick which ones you need, at that point, head to any supermarket. You can shop at any place with this application. When you are done, present your receipt, and you will get focuses that you can reclaim for a wide range of gift vouchers.

  • Another approach to procuring focuses on Fetch Rewards is through uncommon offers.
  • These are truly cool since you don’t need to initiate them. In case that an exceptional offer is accessible and you buy the taking part item, you will naturally win focuses.
Fetch Rewards
Fetch Rewards


ReceiptPal is a great grocery rebate app on this rundown, with one slick distinction: other than simply checking receipts for centers, you can likewise basically add your email address or Amazon record to acquire centers consequently.

  • When you win enough centers, you can recover them for gift vouchers and money prizes.
  • Another cool thing ReceiptPal is that they have week by week sweepstakes.
  • Simply being a part implies you get the opportunity of winning money prizes each week!

Shop Kick

Shopkick permits you to win discounts from buys made in stores and on the web. You do need to connect your charge or Mastercard to the application. At the point when you are shopping in the store, you approach various items and output the standardized identification to win “kicks” or offers that indicate a money-back offer.

  • In the event that you buy the thing with your connected card, you gain kicks for each dollar spent.
  • Another approach to gain kicks from in-store offers is to buy select things and transfer your receipt to the application.
  • You acquire kicks for each dollar you go through shopping on the web with one of ShopKick’s accomplice retailers.


In this discussion, we discussed the best grocery rebate apps that you can download from the internet. If you have questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Can you use multiple rebate apps?

A major yes! Indeed, you can utilize different refund applications, however, it takes a tad of arranging, methodology, and aptitude.

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