Top 10 Best Nclex Apps

Top 10 Best Nclex Apps

Nclex is the National Council Licensure Examination that has only one purpose, which is to determine that if it is actually safe for you to start practicing as an entry-level nurse. You can say it is quite a lot different than all the other tests which you took in any nursing school. This test mainly focuses on testing, how you can use your critical thinking skills to make nursing judgments.

Top 10 Best Nclex Apps

The NClex is a nationwide examination for licensing of new nurses in the United States as well as in Canada. This started in 1982, and there are two types of these tests; the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. Both of these exams have different criteria; after graduation from a nursing school, a person has to take NCLEX exam to receive a nursing license.

Top 10 Best Nclex Apps
Top 10 Best Nclex Apps

Some of the easy tips for studying for the Nclex exams are listed as below:

  • Study anytime or anywhere.
  • You can even study in short bursts in line or when you are bored in your class
  • Get deep down in the topics that are hard to understand for you
  • Get focused feedback that will help you to stay more focused with your studies and review


Nclex RN Mastery

This is another Nclex study app that is a highly-rated app, and it offers 1,600 digital flashcards with pictures and rationales and also 350 pharmacology questions. The questions are mostly based on the past NCLEX exams, and the app also has a built-in timer that shows you how long you are taking on each of the questions.

  • It has a comprehensive list of NCLEX mnemonics
  • It also has a prefix, suffix, and vocabulary section.
  • You can get it for $24.99 with a full version, or you can get a free version with limited data.
  • The number of questions is 64 in the free version, and 1,600 for Paid
Nclex RN Mastery
Nclex RN Mastery

RN Crush Nclex Prep App

RN Crush is a fantastic app that provides a global rank on your statistics. In this way, it helps you to know how you are compared to other students exactly. This app provides the largest library of questions as compared to the other apps.

RN Crush Nclex Prep App
RN Crush Nclex Prep App

The main focus is the Nclex prep, and your success should be your priority, which means that you have to work hard day and night to be successful with this exam and become a practicing nurse.

  • It has content created by nurses for the nurses.
  • Its free version has limited resources, but you can get the full version for $14.99
  • You get 250 number of questions in free version whereas in paid, you get 3,000
  • App also provides you a complete exam practice.

ATI RN Mentor Nclex Exam Prep

This is another Nclex exam prep app that is very useful when you are studying for the NCLEX. This app is based on the 2013 NCLEX RN test plan.

  • It includes 800 NCLEX questions that cover a variety of topics
  • It has all the clinical topics.
  • Within each topic, subtopics are in multiple numbers that cover the other potential NCLEX material.
  • You can also generate quizzes or create your own custom quiz to check your weaknesses and prep.
  • You can also review previous quizzes
  • You can also get engaged in the student-led discussion on any specific topic within the app.
  • It is a free app with limited options, but you can get the full version for $19.99.

Whatever that your preferred method for preparing for the NCLEX exams, you must be committed to putting your time, work, and efforts in order to pass it. Always remember to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.

Nclex RN Exam Pocket Prep

The design and color of this app are quite good, and it has some interesting functionalities as far as timers and reminders are concerned. It is a type of review ebook that is usually sold for $11.00 on, but you can get it for free after writing a review on iTunes or on the Google Play Store.

  • It is a free app with limited options, but you can get the full version for $19.99
  • In the free app, you get 74 questions, and in the paid app you get 825 different questions

All that you need to do is:

  1. Download the RN Crush from the App store
  2. Leave a review on the store
  3. Email a screenshot of your review at contact (@)
  4. They will send you a PDF ebook for free.
Hesi Q&A for Nclex Rn Exams
Hesi Q&A for Nclex Rn Exams

This is a great app that is created by the creators of nursing exams. This app is fast and efficient, and it has the following features

  • This app includes 600 styles of critical-thinking practice questions in six content areas
  • The areas include Medical, surgical nursing, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Fundamentals, Maternity, and also in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing.
  • You can also take a comprehensive exam, or you can create your own customized quiz on the topics that you must have to study the most.
  • For this, no Internet access is required. And you can use the “study mode” to review every question
  • It costs $24.99


Saunders Mobile Review Questions for Nclex

This app is based on questions from the best-selling review book.

  • You can get free 25-question in this app’s lite version
  • Or you can choose to download the full app to get a total of 1,500 questions
  • You can also create customized quizzes to test yourself.
  • You can purchase additional questions, such as 500 at a time, with in-app purchasing.
  • The app also features many alternate format items, such as audio and video questions, for an additional charge of $29.99.

NRSNG Scrubcheats

This is a great app that has you covered with a cheat-sheet for each of the nursing topics. It’s a perfect app for clinical use as well as when you are on the job too.

  • The app offers you with informational guides on related topics such as cardiac, pediatric care, neurology, labs, pharmacology, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and endocrine.
  • You can get this app for a price of $9.99, and it is totally worth it.
  • The best thing about using this application is there is NO fluff in the app.
  • All of the info is loud and clear to the point, and it is designed to help you to find the answers that you need quickly.


UWorld is a great nclex prep app by the use of which a lot of people have passed their NCLEX exams. It is a difficult app to experience, but it gets you ready for the NCLEX. So if you want to prepare for the exam, this is the app that you are looking for.

  • UWorld does include a rationale for each of the answers
  • It also informs you of how likely you are estimated to pass the NCLEX exam, which is based on your score.
  • The subscription of this app can range from $139 to $249, depending on the options you choose.


In this discussion, we discussed the best Nclex apps that you can get to prepare for your exams. All of these apps are unique and have their own data and functionalities. You can get yourself prepared with the apps for a final exam.

We discussed everything that is related to the top 10 best NCLEX apps and all of their other details. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

Best Apps for iPhone 5S

Top 10 Best Best Boating Apps


Which one is better, UWorld, or Nclex mastery?

The NCLEX RN mastery is similar to the UWorld app because of the questions styles they both have, and the rationales they both give you for the answers are most likely excellent as an output. The questions are very similar or closer to what you would experience in the NCLEX exam, and the simulation test is provided by UWorld are quite amazing.

Can I pass NCLEX without studying?

We don’t advise you to not study for the NCLEX exam, because you cannot pass it without knowing a lot about the basics. Preparation will lead to a good performance in the exam; otherwise, you will be just blank as paper in the exam. Studying will refresh your knowledge in many areas, and it will also help to easily pass the test.

Best Apps for iPhone 5S

Best Apps for iPhone 5S

There are numerous apps available on the Apple App Store that you can download and install on your iPhone device. Deciding what apps you should have on your brand new iPhone 5S is quite a difficult task. Your new iPhone 5S comes with a  bunch of useful in-built apps, including Safari, iMEssage, iBooks, and more that are enough to take off a great start. But there are also many other apps that you should have on your iPhone 5S that can completely transform it.

To help you out choosing the best apps for iPhone 5S, we have made a list of best apps for iPhone 5S, which is a must-have for every iPhone 5S user.

5 Best Apps for iPhone 5S

Best Apps for iPhone 5S
Best Apps for iPhone 5S

Here are some of our favorites apps for your iPhone 5S.

1- Dropbox


Dropbox is a must-have app for every iPhone 5S user. The app is a cloud storage tool that makes sure that anything that you store in its special folders is safe online, as well as offers a powerful integration for developers. Using Dropbox, you can have access to your data files from anywhere, and it doesn’t require you to connect to an internet connection as you can mark particular files as favorites.

The app has the ability to play media files and preview text files from iWork documents and Microsoft Office. Sharing files through Dropbox is eas, and it sends a link to the recipient to a Dropbox-hosted file copy instead of making you wait until the attachment is upload.

Dropbox Key Features;

  • Easy file sharing.
  • Keep your data safe and access your files from anywhere.
  • Mark files as favorites to access them while offline.
  • It is free
  • Backup your camera roll.

2- Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps

When we talk about online maps, Apple is good but not as good as Google. Google maps offer you not only free maps, but also turn-by-turn navigation for walking, bicycling, driving, and more. The app allows you to navigate your world much faster and easier. It contains maps of approximately 225 countries and territories, as well as millions of businesses and places. The app offers real-time navigation, transits, and traffic info, and you can find what you need by getting the information on businesses that include pharmacies, grocery stores, shopping malls, and much more.

Google Maps Key Features;

  • Find the best routes with automatic routing based on incidents, live traffic, road closure, etc.
  • Know about the latest businesses, including stores, malls, restaurants, and more.
  • Create a list of your favorite places.
  • Offline maps to navigate without having an internet connection.
  • Indoor maps to find a way inside places like airports, stadiums, malls, and more.

3- Netflix


It feels great when you stream Netflix movies and TV shows on your iPhone 5S for the first time; you can search and browse your favorite titles on your iPhone in seconds. However, it is not iPhone’s most stylishly implemented app and feels a bit similar to a website but does what it suppose to do very well. For streaming movies and TV shows on your iPhone using Netflix, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection for a smooth watching experience. This is the best app for iPhone 5S that you can have for streaming movies and TV shows.

Netflix Key Features;

  • Up to date list of new TV shows and movies.
  • Stream, movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more.
  • Enjoy a safe and secure watching experience in a family-friendly environment.
  • Get notification of your favorite episodes and releases.
  • Download movies and videos on your device to stream them later while you are offline.

4- Kindle


Though your iPhone is much smaller than the kindle, the Kindle app on your phone does a very good job. With the app installed on your iPhone device, you can read books, magazines, ebooks you have purchased from the Kindle bookstore. The interface of the app is simple, and you just need to swipe left or right to turn the pages. Moreover, you can tap and hold on a work that is unfamiliar for you to see its meaning.

Kindle also allows its users to adjust their virtual book color scheme according to their preferences and change the font size. Additionally, the app also allows you to search for specific text, go to individual chapters, and post your favorite passages on your social media. If you are a book lover, this is the best app for iPhone 5S that you can have.

Kindle Key Features;

  • Read your favorite books, magazines, manga, comics, and more.
  • Adjust color scheme and font size according to your needs.
  • Straightforward interface.
  • Swipe to turn the pages.
  • Tap and hold a word to know its definition.
  • Post your favorite book passages on social media.

5- AroundMe


Another useful and best app for iPhone 5S that you can have is AroundMe. If you are a person who travels frequently, you should install this app on your iPhone device right now. The interface of the app is just fantastic. It helps you to find places near you, such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. It has a list of categories and uses location to see nearby places you are looking for. If you have ever stuck in a  situation where your flight is canceled at 2 AM, and you are struggling to find a place to stay, you should have this app. It has info about places you are searching for, as well as their links, photos, and summary.

AroundMe Key Features;

  • Best for frequent travelers.
  • Find nearby places, such as hotels, gas stations, and more.
  • Category list to sort things out.
  • Use location services to find points of interest.


If you are looking for the best apps for iPhone 5S, this is a list of must-have apps that you should install. Your queries and questions regarding the best apps for iPhone 5S are welcome, and you can write us a comment.


Q: Are there free apps available for iPhone 5S?

Ans: Yes, there are thousands of apps that you can have on your iPhone 5S.

Top Best Security Apps for Android

security apps for android

Android phones are being used all over the world, and they are eligible to have several free apps downloaded from the playstore in order to perform something through those apps. But sometimes there is a risk of getting your device affected by any third party interference you’re your privacy or your device. And for the safety of your Android device, you require a Security app to keep your data and device safe and secure.

List of Best Security Apps for Android

In this discussion, we will mention some of the best security apps for your phone; each of them may have different unique features in their own way to keep your phone protected and secure.

security apps for android
security apps for android


Avast Mobile Security is an antivirus app that has been downloaded a number of times by the users when it comes to the security of your phone. It is a trusted app and has many features to keep your device secure from any interference of a third-party app or any irrelevant personals. It has an anti-virus for scanning your phone from bugs and errors and has an app lock system when lets you lock any specific sensitive app if you have any. It also supports call blocking and a photo vault to keep your pictures safe and secure. Most importantly, there is a firewall in case of rooted phones.

There is one more thing to mention about avast that is; it doesn’t come as free with all these features. If you want these great features to use, then you will need to subscribe to the premium version or a complete version because the trial version only lasts 14 days to demo and check the product. It will cost you $2.99 per month and $11.99 per year

It is a great mundane scanner that does allow you to remotely lock or wipe your Android device if it goes missing.

360 Security

360 Security is an app that scans your apps and your device storage for potential malware activities, it searches your phone for all the viruses and cleans them or keeps them in the quarantine, and you have to decide what to do with those issues. It is a very good, super basic antivirus app that scans your device and show you all the potential vulnerabilities and threats. The app also has a feature of phone booster and phone accelerator that cleans your cache memory and RAM to free up some same from memory.

It is free with ads on it if you are connected to the internet, but you can but the membership for a year at the charge of $5.49 that will unlock all the features of the app to be used and it will also let you get free of the ads while using this app,

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is an app that scans your device for errors, bugs, viruses, or malware that may affect your phone in any way. It has an autopilot that scans your device automatically to catch the threats if any. You don’t need to use the autopilot feature; you can just choose to start and stop the scans manually by yourself.

It has a great feature of deep-dive accessibility into your device so it can scan all the roots of the phone and look for the problems. It does also check your SD card to ensure that there are no errors left behind. You cannot use secure browsing or such filters, but you can rely on the autopilot to solve your problems. It is a free app, and it doesn’t have ads in it to interrupt your activities or your scans, so you need not worry about that too. It doesn’t slow down the system when you are doing any other activity, so it is a more reliable app for your comfort and security as well.

You cannot say Bitdefender Free Antivirus is the best of the apps or is really close to the top apps because it doesn’t offer any other tools other than scanning and cleaning. It doesn’t have a VPN for browsing or an anti-theft tool that some of the other apps have.

AVG Antivirus

AVG AntiVirus is a good app for scanning and cleaning the viruses, and it also includes a photo vault that saves and encrypts your files in a hidden place so they can’t be taken by ransomware or accessed without your own permission. The VPN connection service is also available in the AVG that hides your device’s location and information from the adware and the internet trackers. You may experience that this app doesn’t do the malware protection and scanning in real-time, but it lets you scan, and then it searches deep in your phone to locate the problems. It helps you to get rid of the junk files, so your device runs more smooth and faster and will even scan the websites online. It will let you know if they have malicious files or links on them.

There may be a problem that you experience with this app that you feel a bit of lag on your phone; that is what reported by some of the users when AVG was installed, especially during the virus scans. It made them wait a bit longer and causing them more frustrated when they opened any apps, uploaded attachments to the emails, or playing a game.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobiles

This is a great security app that can also block calls and filters your text messages for any malicious links. It has a QR scanner that checks each link that you click or open to make sure they are safe before connecting them to you and then allowing a file to be downloaded. It has a built-in Sophos’ anti-theft tool that lets you remotely access your stolen phones to wipe all of the data or reset the passwords, and you can also send text commands to the thieves and easily track wherever your phone is.

It also has a scanner for the system that scans for all the security issues with the device, and it helps you secure them. It looks at all the outdated programs or searches for an app that is running in the background. The experience is pretty easy and simple, and you are not much distracted with the app and continue your own work too. You will need some time to figure out all the tools and proper use of the app, after that you will get comfortable with all the features of the app, and it would be fun to use. It is a free app, and you can get a number of features from this to use it for your own good.

Lookout Security

Lookout Security is an antivirus program that frequently scans your phone for any malware and helps you to remove them. It also shows you which apps are running in the background and draining your battery. The system advisor continually looks at your OS for any root issues that may be causing issues or interfering with how your phone is working and will help you to fix them at the moment to secure your device from hackers and other issues. It does also include some anti-theft tools, such as a device locator and remote lockdown.

You cannot get a lot of tools and features included with the free version of this app, but you can purchase the Premium version, which includes a file backup and a VPN for you. But several users have reviewed that these tools don’t work very well, and they prefer the free version, even without any of these extra features.

Norton Security And AntiVirus

Norton antivirus software offers impressive Android security features, and it is for free. It has a 100% detection rate for viruses and errors and removes that malware, spyware, or Android viruses that can cause issues with your device or slow down your device. It can also trigger an alarm to notify you and to find your missing device, and it has the ability to remotely lock your device to prevent any data theft, or block any irregular calls or SMS.

The advanced premium features of this app are available for a trial period for you to check and decide for 30 days. But you can say, for your security, Norton Security is one of the most reliable apps and great security app when considering the security and privacy of your Android. It has some unique specific features such as Wi-Fi scanning to notify you about the unsecured connections and also a Safe Search for flagging the unsafe websites during browsing, and it does Call blocking for muting the spam and unwanted calls along with Sneak Peek to click photographs of someone accessing your device without the authority.

KasperSky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is available for Android users to protect their phones, but it has full features available only on the paid product. It provides the important features of any mobile antivirus, which includes Malware scanning that Scans device for viruses, and erases malicious files, and it also scans the incoming data for the known threats with its highly protected malware scanner.

There is another feature Anti-Theft that includes a remote data wipe, and app locking, and a camera capture function that lets you see who’s looking at your phone. And it also has a remote alarm which can be noticed wherever your phone goes can be detected from it. above all of these features, it also has a location detection system that is mixed with the Find My Phone feature, and it locks your phone and allows you to check the location on the official Kaspersky website or the Kaspersky desktop app.

It is a great recommended antivirus and security software if you really value your privacy and concerns with your device in case of being theft or lost, you can detect it with this software or with the privacy, no one else other than you can access inside your phone’s day. This is what makes it one of the best security apps for android phones.

Dr. Web Security Space

Dr. Web is an antivirus app, and it also deals with malware. Its interface is decent and simple, and it has a set of features, including quick and full scans, and also protection from any ransomware, quarantine space included, and even stats for all the work. With all these features, it does also have an anti-theft feature and a good call and SMS filtering option, URL filtering, parental controls, and a firewall.

It is a paid app, and it charges you $7.99-$15.99 for one or two years. You can also buy it for a lifetime license for the cost of $74.99. The lifetime license may seem expensive or a lot, but you only have to pay the price for once and for all.


In this discussion, we discussed the best security apps for android phones that you can find for your phone. We discussed all of their unique features and their premium versions too. You can choose any of them that you like to. They are most likely to save your phone’s privacy from getting interrupted or disturbed in any sense other than any other users except you.

All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Do we really need antivirus for our androids?

Normally Android phones do not need any antivirus to be installed. The viruses cant access android phones, but your device may experience the risk of theft, so you have to be careful.

Are Samsung devices secure?

The Samsung devices have their own Know Security solution that comes as pre-installed in all of the company’s devices. This system provides a secure booting process, helping to prevent any unauthorized software from loading when a user turns on his device.

How To Download Apps On iPhone?

How To Download Apps On iPhone

Buying your first iPhone is one of the best feelings, but making most out of it, you need some fantastic apps. Thre are millions of apps and games that developers have designed just for the iPhone to transform your device entirely. If you own an iPhone and keen to download and install apps but don’t know how to do it, then this article is a complete guide of how to download apps on iPhone and how to install them on your phone. So let’s get started;

What is An Apple ID and How to Create One?

What is An Apple ID and How to Create One
What is An Apple ID and How to Create One

Apple ID is an account that you can use to get access to Apple services, such as App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, the iTunes Store, and more. An Apple ID include and email address and a password that is used to sign in to your Apple ID account, as well as payment, all the contact, and security details that you use across Apple services.

You can create your Apple ID for your iPhone from anywhere and use this particular Apple ID to sign in to every Apple device or service. It allows you to manage and access everything with a single Apple ID and password.

When you buy your new iPhone and set it up, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have one, you can create it while setting up your iPhone, or you can also set it up later from the App Store.

Creating Apple ID While Setting Up Your iPhone

Creating Apple ID While Setting Up Your iPhone
Creating Apple ID While Setting Up Your iPhone

You can create an Apple ID while setting up your device by following these steps;

  • Go to your phone Setting menu.
  • Tap the option which says Sign in to your iPhone at the top of your iPhone screen.
  • Tap the option, which says, Don’t have an Apple ID from your iPhone.
  • Now tap the options saying Create a Free Apple ID.
  • You will be asked to enter your birth date and your first and last name. Enter this information.
  • Tap the Next option.
  • Now you will see two options saying Use your current email address and Get a free iCloud email address. Tap the option, which says Use your current email address.
  • Type your email address in the required field.
  • Now set a password, which should be easy to remember but hard to guess.
  • Type your password again to verify it.
  • Select a security question from the dropdown list.
  • Type the answer to the security question that you have selected.
  • Repeat it two more times.
  • Press the Agree option to terms and conditions.
  • Choose between Merge and Don’t Merge options to sync your iCloud data from contacts, reminders, Safari, and calendars.
  • Tap the OK option in Find My iPhone Enabled window.
  • Congratulation, now you have successfully created your Apple ID.

How to Search Apps For Your iPhone?

How to Search Apps For Your iPhone.
How to Search Apps For Your iPhone.

Now that you have an Apple ID for your iPhone, its time to browse some cool apps for your iPhone.  To do this, you just need to follow below simple instructions;

  • While your mobile data is turned on or your iPhone is connected to a wifi network, first of all, go to the App Store from your iPhone.
  • Now tap the search bar of located at the top of your iPhone App Store.
  • Now enter your favorite app name and tap the Search option.
  • Done

How to Download Apps For Your iPhone?

How to Download Apps For Your iPhone
How to Download Apps For Your iPhone

Now that you have searched for your favorite app, its time to download and install it on your iPhone. To do this, just follow these instructions;

  • While you are connected to the data connection or wifi, tap your favorite app or game in the App Store that you want to purchase or download.
  • Tap the Get option if the app is available for free.
  • Tap the Price of the App option if the app is paid.
  • Your app will start downloading.
  • Once the downloading of your favorite app or game is completed, you will see an icon of the app in your mobile menu.
  • Put your finger on the Home Button to activate touch ID, or click the right side button for Face ID.

How to Update Apps or Games on Your iPhone Manually?

How to Update Apps or Games on Your iPhone Manually
How to Update Apps or Games on Your iPhone Manually

If you have apps installed on your iPhone and you want to update them to the latest version available, just follow these simple instructions;

  • While connected to your mobile data or to a wifi connection, launch the App Store from your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Profile option at the top of the right corner.
  • Now scroll down and tap the Update option for the app you want to update.
  • Your selected app will start updating.

How How to Update Apps or Games on Your iPhone Automatically?

How How to Update Apps or Games on Your iPhone Automatically
How How to Update Apps or Games on Your iPhone Automatically

Apple has a feature to update your installed apps on your iPhone automatically. Automatically updating your apps on your iPhone means you don’t need to check for updates and then update them automatically. To do this, just follow these straightforward instructions;

  • Open the Setting menu from your iPhone.
  • Now tap the iTunes and App Store option.
  • Turn on the toggle switch to turn it on for App Updates located under the automatic downloads option.
  • Now your installed apps will automatically get updated when their update is available.


If you are new to the iPhone platform and don’t know how to create an Apple ID and download and install apps on your iPhone, then this post will help you to set up your first Apple ID and then to download your favorite games and apps on your iPhone.

There are millions of amazing apps that you can install on your iPhone to make most out of it. You will find numerous free apps that you can install absolutely free.


Below are most asked questions;

Q: Can I download and install free apps on my iPhone?

Ans: Yes, there are numerous free apps available in the App Store that are exclusively designed for the iPhone, and you can search and download them.

Top 10 Best Filter Apps for Pictures

Best Filter Apps for Pictures

Photographers love capturing pictures of every moment that they want to save as a memory; they never stop looking for picture-perfect moments. In the current digital world, we are all covered with smartphone cameras that are offering us great features such as enhanced quality cameras and their filters and photo effects, making them even more attractive. As a human being, everyone wants to look good in the photos to keep them as a good memory of a moment or an incident from their lives. There is a variety of free and paid photo applications that can be downloaded from the internet in order to use them from your camera for pictures. These apps let you edit and enhance your photos to give out a better result that you want.

List of Best Filter Apps for Pictures

In this discussion, we are discussing some of the best photo editor and best filter apps for your pictures from which you can make the best use for yourself from them.


When you think of photo editing, there is this photo editor app named VSCO that comes in your mind above all other apps. Why? Because it is one of the best photo editing apps, and it also lets you share those photos on social media too. It has 3 camera features for different types of photoshoots, and it is quite common in use among some good photographers. And with all those mutual interests, it does have its own dedicated community.

You will love everything related to this app, starting from its interface design because the main menu is clean and clear. And each of its tools is so simple and easy to understand in order to be used for photo editing. Some of its main features are

  • It has an advanced camera app which can shoot the pictures manually. You can adjust focus and exposure settings, and also enable the gridlines for a balanced composition, and choose the interface color of your choice. You can manually set and utilize the camera features such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and its manual focus.
  • It offers two methods as a photography, which are applying presets or either using the manual adjustment tools. It has an existing 10 presets that let you adjust your photos quickly and efficiently. You can add filters like they were taken on an “old film” appearance, which includes the color and exposure editing.
  • You can use the manual adjustment tools for enhancement. The adjustment tool includes crop, exposure, clarity, contrast, resizing, sharpen, straighten, saturation, and shadow save.
  • The photo enhancer tool can adjust the filter strength in the photos. And you get about 130 or more filters in the paid version.


It is a great photo editing app that is developed by The best thing about Snapseed is its ability to edit even the RAW form images. Because most of the photographers and smartphone users now use to capture images in RAW formats, this app lets them edit those clicks properly In a great way that is essential to do so. Some of the great features of Snapseed are healing brush that can heal a photo point anywhere, structure, HDR scape, perspective, etc. along with the features, the app also lets you create or save those presets that you used for your last image. Or you can create a manual preset of your own. Due to these presets, you can edit photos more quickly with the photo effects and filters, giving more control to the users to get the result that they wanted. It is a free app that is used worldwide, and it has some of the key features.

  • It is an image editing app, but it does support capturing the images too on iOS smartphones.
  • It may have a direct camera restriction, but in editing, it has loads of features such as 29 filters and tools to tune the images, face poses, adding glamour glow, and double exposure.
  • Its set of filters are one of the best collection for photographers. Filter categories include some of the black and white, vintage, grunge, grainy films, Retrolux, and Glamour Glow filters.
  • There is also a great filter called a portrait filter for the shots taken. It brightens the face, smoothes skin, and makes the eyes shine.
  • It enables you for non-destructive picture editing, which means that you may delete or change any of your particular edits at any time in the future.

Snapseed does have a one big photography filter weapon that is adding HDR effects and adjusting the curves of a picture with a designated control point. With all these exciting features, it makes snapseed one of the best filter apps for the pictures in the world.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is the greatest tool for photo editing in the history of all of the photo editing apps. It is the best photo editing tool that can edit the photo with almost anything or any effect that you want to add your photos. The real app is made for the PCs, but it does have a mobile app with simple short features that can provide plenty of advanced features for photo editing, this free photo editing app is easy to use because of touch screen tools and their usage. You have to just upload a photo from your device, or you can also click a new one with your camera, and then get to work in editing.

Some of its great tools are cropping, red-eye correction, brightness, contrast settings, saturation, filters, borders, etc. There is also a great unique feature of it, which is the selection of smart filters. These filters automatically enhance some common issues with the photos, such as color temperature and its exposure problems. Adobe Photoshop Express includes functions like Straighten and Flip that can help you to achieve even more good editing options.

You should know that before you can use the Adobe Photoshop Express, you will first need to sign up on Adobe ID account that is for free of cost. After when you are done editing your photo, you can save it to your device, or you can share it on the social apps as well. If you want to edit the photos in RAW format or in any other format, you can do it with this best photo editing app. There is a library of 45 filters to choose from, and if you want to add more creative effects to your images, you can choose those filters to enhance the photos.

It is a free app, and it is much weaker as compared to adobe lightroom and very limited in scope, but it does allow quick editing such as one-click sharing, watermarking, image resizing, and other features that may come in handy.


Instagram is a social app that has caught the eye of almost every social media apps user in the past few years. It is a simple app to use that mainly focuses on clicking a photo and then posting it on your profile with some filters if you want to add in addition. It does have simple filters and some fun photo frames, but in the past few years, it has quickly transformed into one of the best photo apps for editing that allows you to edit photos and create photos in your stories that can be shared with your friends and your followers. This free photo editor focuses on letting your share your day to day stories in the form of photos and also seeing what others are sharing on their feed.

The app also provides a manual setting for editing photos that are intuitive and straightforward. The editing tools cannot be compared with other photo editing apps; it does share great tools to edit manually, such as structure, contrast, saturation, lux, and much more, along with some built-in filters of Instagram. If you are searching to find a free photo editing app with some essential editing tools, but you prefer to share your photos more and more with a community, then this free picture editor is right for you. It is a free app that lets you make the basic adjustments in a picture that you need.

It has a black and white filter and a range of colors for changing the look and feel of your images. And you can edit your photo from handy manual tools to exposure, color, and sharpness. There are also other options like crop, rotate, straighten, and correct perspective with an addition to a vignette or a tilt-shift effect.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC is a powerful, yet very simple solution for editing of your photos. Lightroom is a great app for both beginners and for professional users. It has preset already in the library that requires one tap to offer a quick way to enhance your image along with its quality. You can adjust different things in your captured picture, such as exposure, color, and detail, etc. Some of the main key features of this powerful tool are.

  • It has a powerful set of editing tools with a very simple user interface.
  • Built-in presets for quick edits
  • It does have some advanced editing tools such as curves and the color mix effects.
  • Selective adjustments and perspective correction
  • The features of Adobe Creative Cloud are quite excellent like it syncs your edited photos between iPhone, iPad, computer, and any device that is connected to the web or internet.
  • It is free of cost with all these exciting features.

If you have ever used the pc app for adobe photoshop or lightroom, then you will feel comfortable with these apps and their set of tools for image enhancement. You can get Adobe Lightroom CC for free from the app store of google store, but in order to reach the premium features, you will need to pay for them too. The premium features will unlock tools like selective adjustments and the perspective correction, and it will also give you access to your photos all your devices via the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Afterlight offers plenty of professional filters for photo editing that are created by famous photographers. The app is so advanced that each available filter in the Afterlight is designed to show or make the person believe the mood and feel of the shot taken, not just adjusting the brightness, or contrast, etc. The filters range from cool and fresh like new to grungy and vintage effects, giving great flexibility for different styles of photo editing.

You may use these filters separately, or you can use them in combination with the manual adjustment tools like editing the tone, saturation, and intensity of the effect. Additional special effects include selective and coloring, double exposure, and some dust textures. Aside from these filters and overlays, you can create your own presets and use them on your photos. Also, you should remember that it is worth mentioning that regular presets in the Afterlight are grouped by color.


In this discussion, we discussed the best filters apps for pictures and their editing filters. We mentioned all of their main advantages and key features that a person may use in order to make its photos look better than ever. You can use any of these editors for your photos easily. We discussed their specific features and all the functionalities that these apps provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. What are the best free photo editing applications on the internet?

Some of the best free photo editing apps are

  • Adobe Photoshop Editor.
  • Best App for Social Media.
  • Best App Online.
  • Pizapp
  • Befunky

Top Best Workout Apps for Weightloss

Workout Apps for Weightloss

A human body needs to work out on a regular basis in order to stay fit and active. Doing exercise on a regular basis keeps the mind and body healthy. If you are trying to lose your weight, or gain muscles, then you will need to exercise more consistently or push yourself to the limits for an intense workout. But how would you do that? You need not worry because every beginner needs a guide for something to be taken care of. In this discussion, we have mentioned some of the best fitness apps for you that you can use without the requirement of any trainer or a friend to guide you. These apps do it all for you, and you can keep yourself fit with just a little help.

Each of the apps shares a unique feature of their own, and they have different working criteria of their own, so you have to go through all the apps to see which one fits the best for you and you feel comfortable with.

List of Best Workout Apps for Weightloss

Let’s start the discussion of some of the best workout apps for weightloss.


8fit is a workout app that brings the on-demand workout plans and also your meal plan. This app is customized with features like creating your diet and exercise plan with a result based routine. It is designed for people who want a lot of guidance to complete their work or exercise. First, you have to decide what your goal is, whether it is a weight loss or muscle gain, or whatever the purpose you want it to be. Then the app lets you make the selection from some options like increasing or decreasing the fats of your body and the time limit like in two months or three months.

After when you get used to the app, you have a complete diet plan and other consideration details like what time of day you usually exercise and you also have to select the type of meal that you intake to be more precise with the app so the app can choose best exercises for you and your fitness plan. You will then see a real assessment of how hard or easy it will be for you to reach your goal. Once you get started, there is no going back, and you can get used to it by working out on a daily basis with the help of exercise videos and about what you have to eat and your shopping list. This app does all for you.


This app offers plenty of workouts schedules and plans on-demand, as well as the recipes from which you can choose from, and the fitness recommendations, with a healthy dose of body positivity for you. It is a good app for mostly females because most of the workout plans are basically mentioned for the females and their body maintenance and fitness.

The majority of the content on this app is free, but you can also subscribe to a workout calendar that will cost you $0.99 per month, and if you also want some additional videos, then it will charge $0.99 more. Each video for workout recommends you to take clothing, a mat, and a can-do self believe so that you stay motivated for the workout.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This application is designed especially for the people who like to run or who love doing biking on bicycles, and if someone wants to lose weight, this app is a perfect match for such people. This app uses a GPS that tracks your routes and makes out your routine plan for jogging on a daily basis and gives you statistics of your daily workout. The app shares the Google view maps with a number of laps and their times and also a feature of browse history that makes you stay more convenient with the work.

The apps stay active and notify you whenever you complete a mile. It buzzes your phone to highlight and remind you about a complete mile trip. And it you are dedicated to workout for your weight loss, then you can upgrade this app as well that will let you get data from popular heart rate sensors for a cost of $3.99.

My Fitness Pal

Fitness pal is one of the best weight-loss apps. People highly recommend using this app because this app also has a website that has complete workout plans for you and other details regarding each exercise for weight loss. This app lets you track your food intake, your exercise plan, and other fitness and weight-loss apps collaboration such as Endomondo Sports Tracker, RunKeeper, Strava, FitBit, etc.

This app has its own database for the foods that have barcodes on them that can be scanned to check the nutrition facts or logs of the food that you can pick from them. This app does add a home feed for you like a community where you can stay connected and accountable to the app. You need to keep in mind that it is also a good food tracking app if you want to diet according to your macros.

Fitbit Coach

The Fitbit coach app consists of a collection of workout videos for you that tells you different exercises that you can do anywhere. If you want to lose weight quickly, there are different kinds of options that include stretching of your body to stair workouts as a basic that you can do very easily. These are some of the basic exercises and video help support that you can get from a free version if you want to get full access with detailed workout plans you will have to buy the premium version membership for the app.


Fitbit Coach is a good workout app for the people who want to listen to a real human who is explaining to them about their routines. If you cant buy the premium version of this app, then there are other similar apps that can give you the same content for free to help you with your workout and exercise plans.


Jefit is a workout app that can help you reduce your weight and gain strength through training in particular. The app has a good interface, and you can design all kinds of workouts using it. The app creates a routine plan that you can do by adding a bunch of exercises in that according to which type of muscle gains you want and what fats do you want to lose. It has a built-in tool that counts your reps, and the calendar keeps track of your daily workouts that you do. You can plan your workouts on the calendar and add days according to your choice and a schedule that will tell you in detail what will be your next exercise routine.

If you are planning to get this app in the free version, then you may see a lot of ads running on your screen with very limited features from the app whereas if you decide to get an elite membership from the app, it removes the ads and unlocks all of its features such as instructions through videos support and charts and your goal setting.


Keelo is a high-intensity interval workout app that is also on-demand. This is an advanced app that requires a heart rate monitor to be connected when you are doing your exercise if you want to lose the weight so that the device can monitor your heart conditions when you are pushing too far on yourself.

This app is great if you are exercising in a gym, because when you browse the catalog of workouts, you will see a preview of sessions before you even started, including all the exercises and equipment and workout functional map. Depending on your health conditions, it tells you if you are in for the correct exercises and some of the body parts that you will be using for the exercise. This app is not for free, and it will cost you about $12.99 per month, and you can try out some of the workouts for free from this app and get a two-week free trial too.


If you want to exercise hard enough to lose your weight without getting distracted by anything in your surroundings, you can get the No. 1 ranked app in the fitness coaching app from the iTunes store. The application gives you access to a huge audio library, and with videos uploaded for the guidance of correct postures and exercise methods, you can make the best out of it. The app takes you to high-intensity training that makes you sweat and lose your weight by working hard enough to the goal set by the app for you.

You can do other training and exercises too with the help of this app, like for strength, barre, restorative yoga, and meditation to relax and ease your mind and body. The app also has a Gym Channel, where studios from worldwide can opt to upload their recorded workouts from their gym for you. This app is also free of cost for all the iOS users, but there are optional in-app purchases to benefit you.


If you want to keep your body balanced and you don’t want to gain any weight, or you want to stay the stable that you are or you want a weightloss, then this is the app that suggests you keep track of diet and exercises. This food app is great to use for both functions, and you can even record your meals and all of your physical workout and the amount of water that you drink during the exercise.

The app does also keep you highlighted with the push notifications which keep you on track, and it gives you multiple viewing options with different perspectives and news updates that allow you to export your monthly diary into PDF.

Rise Fitness App

This is a great app that even the doctors recommend to use it. For using the app, you need a subscription by creating or signing in with an account and providing additional info of your diet and intake that will estimate out amount how much cost will it be for. With all of this, the app helps you to develop and personalize your own personal health regimen.

Through the use of this app, you can send the snaps of the meal that you intake and keep a constant record of activities of your weekly supplies with tips, rewards, and tweaks from any real medical professional in order to take care of your weight. You must keep in mind that this app is not for free, and it does cost you $60 per month, which is cheaper than most of the other apps. This app is also free to download from the iOS store.


In this discussion, we discussed some of the best fitness apps of workout for weight loss. All of these apps have their own workout styles and recommendations that might interest you according to your need. Each of the apps shares a unique feature of their own, and they have different working criteria, so you have to go through all the apps to see which one fits the best for you for losing the weight and you feel comfortable with.

We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these apps that they provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. How can I lose my tummy fat really fast?

In order to lose tummy fat quickly, you will need to follow these procedures.

  • Eat a lot of soluble fiber.
  • Avoid the food which contains trans fat.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol.
  • Eat a good protein diet.
  • Reduce stress levels.
  • Don’t eat sugary food often.
  • Do some aerobic exercises (cardio)

Top Best VR Apps for iPhone

Best VR Apps

Virtual Reality is the use of technology that creates an environment for the human brain by stimulating its senses as much as possible. It can stimulate vision, hearing, smell, and even the feel of touch. This technology is so advanced that it makes a person feel like he is somewhere else. The user is projected with such images, audio, and location, where he starts to feel that he is there instead of where he physically is.

For the best VR apps for the iPhone, we have made some important lists of the best apps according to the VR for iPhones in detail.

Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard includes five VR experiences, and it tells you how do you use the Cardboard headset correctly. It is a great VR app that gives you the best experience with a phone and shows you what these apps can deliver to a person.

In this app, the Explorer enables you to search and discover the virtual places, whereas Exhibit, Urban hike, Arctic journey, kaleidoscope-like functions can make you experience different things such as looking around a virtual museum or a walkthrough of various cities of the world or you can relax under Northern Lights.

Google Street View

In this Google Street View VR app, there is a dedicated Street View map with a Cardboard Mode that enables you to experience a lot of Photo Spheres in the virtual reality. You will feel like Google Street View, you are a guy who is traveling here and there wandering in the streets, but in reality, you are just sitting at your home.


Due to this vast and advanced VR gear and VR app, you can get your VR headset to feel like you are traveling through the Eifel tower, or you are seeing any other city that you fancy a lot in your dreams. It is a great app for seeing any place or location, and the greatest thing about the app is your view is set to be 360 degrees. This means that you can look at all sides of your place in all the directions. But you should also keep in mind that this is just an app, like the rest of the Street View apps, in which the imagery isn’t live, so you are just projecting images in your brain through the stimulation of your VR with this app.

Full Dive VR

It is a VR app for iPhone 5 or the greater versions after that, and it is specifically designed for the Google Cardboard. It is considered to be an All-in-one VR platform: because it can load a lot of videos like YouTube vr, and it also gives a 360 view for an extreme experience of it. Most of the content is uploaded by the users, and it is available for sharing and interacting with each other through a huge library of video collection of any categories possible to make your experience much better like you are diving off into the water or enjoying a roller coaster experience or jumping from an airplane, its all there and its in one piece of VR app.

Even if you don’t know or feel like you have no idea what to watch, you will have a bundle of videos to go through that will make your experience beautiful and loving, and it will draw multiple resources to your use, and you will utilize the VR content from it. It has a VR video player where you can watch your own videos and pretend like they are being shown in a theater. The same feature is also available for your library and browsing the internet.

Discovery VR

The Discovery VR app is an amazing app with a nice design, good quality videos, and a good selection of the content. You can experience the wildlife of mammals and just like a life we used to see on the television from jungle video clips or such natural video scenes and places that you always wanted to visit. This app is officially owned by the Discovery channel, and it also gives you an offline mode where you have a library of collection of videos for your experience in the discovery of life.

The good thing about this VR app is that It is available for all of the Android and iOS devices that are running on Android 4.0 or above and iOS 7 or above. Discovery VR also offers a range of videos in different environmental conditions that allows the users to explore hard and further on to reach a certain place. But you need to remember that this is just an early version of this app with all these loads of features, let’s hope for some new features and more content to be there for entertainment for the users in the upcoming versions of this Discovery VR app. It does have lots of content and variety of a VR app, but you cannot watch all of the content by the discovery, unfortunately.

VR Roller Coaster

This VR app is a great contribution to the iPhone collection among all the other rollercoaster apps because it doesn’t interrupt the user with any ads or any such disturbance between your travel like the apps that were created before this one. VR Roller Coaster is based in a randomly generated vast city so the experience may be different every time you use this app, you will find a new place or new ride location. The rollercoaster offers to do everything that you can expect, such as steep climbs and the dead drops and a lot of unnecessary screaming to make more energy and thrill in your ride.

This app also does support the iPad, which is great news for people who are sitting at their homes or their kids looking for something as fun. So this VR app can give you the experience of a rollercoaster ride while you are actually sitting in your home instead of going into some kind of park for such an experience.

Netflix VR

If you are a movie fan or you love watching videos, tv serials or movies, then this is the best VR app for you where there is a bundle of collection of movies and tv shows for your entertainment with the best VR experience like in reality. This virtual environment will give you a feeling like you are part of the movie, and you are watching everything in front of you like in real.

It is a great app overall, but there are few of the features that may not impress you like you cant download the movies or any content for playing them later in an offline mode, whereas the original Netflix app does allow this great feature. So the Netflix VR app may need some improvements and new features for its millions of customers and users.

InCell VR

Like other VR apps, inCell VR is also a great app that is technically you can say, a game, or a science app. The use of this app lets you into a virtual model of the human body, and you have to move as fast as you can to gain some points for yourself, but in doing so, you also learn a lot of things about the human body and science. The different components of the cells give you different info.

You can choose to play this game as for fun, but you will get to learn a lot from this app about the human body as well as science related to it, the app may seem sluggish at first, but you know it is a good choice when it comes to considering the best VR apps.

War of Words

War of Words is a VR experience that takes you to the past history of First World War in which you have to follow the poem like story The Kiss, and the bullet indicated and takes you to different levels of the poem, and you start to feel like understanding the poem with a vivid experience in your mind. This is one of the best VR apps as it shows you another perspective of the war through the poem. We often think of the war as a disastrous match or a fight between communities or states that ruins everything, whereas there is so much else to expect out of it too.

The content in it is moving and a vivid illustration of how VR can be used to highlight on familiar things. This app was produced to officially promote “War of Words – Soldier poets of The Somme,” which is a BBC documentary in which the other war poems were animated to an equally devastating effect.


News are parts of life that everyone is waiting to hear and listen to either from a newspaper or from the internet to social media news. And all the official big brands usually wonder what uses of the new technology can be put into. The NYT is an answer to that, and it is no exception.

Now you get a case of quality over quantity with high production values, superb storytelling, and a load of award-winning content. The NYT has a great set of focused places that you normally can’t go to, enabling you to experience these places by yourself, which is a very impressive feature.

You can get the chance to explore the wastes of Pluto far away, or you can go to such heavenly places. You can also get to see the history and war zone of any such historical event and experience them yourselves.


In this discussion, we discussed the best VR apps for the iPhone that you can use today. Which gives you a great experience and each of these apps has its own simulated environment in which you can experience yourself getting stimulated. It can stimulate vision, hearing, smell, and even the feel of touch. The user is projected with such images, audio, and the location where he starts to feel that he is there instead of where he physically is. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features and all the functionalities that these apps provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. What is the best VR shooter?

There are a lot of VR shooters to choose from, but some of the best ones are listed below.

  • From Other Suns (it is Rift Exclusive)
  • Gunheart (for Rift, Vive, and for Windows VR)
  • Island 359 (for Rift and Vive)
  • Onward (for Rift and Vive)
  • Pavlov (for Rift and Vive)
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Exclusively for PSVR)
  • Sairento (for Rift and Vive)
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (Exclusively for PSVR)

2. What are the minimum requirements for using VR?

The minimum requirements for your virtual reality to work properly areas

  • GPU: graphic card of Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or an AMD Radeon R9 290 or equivalent.
  • CPU: must be an Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 or an equivalent.
  • RAM: must be 4 GB or more.
  • Video Output: HDMI support 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, or the latest version.
  • USB Port: maybe 1x USB 2.0 or a better port.
  • Operating System: you can use Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or onwards such as Windows 10.

3. Which one is better for VR, Intel or AMD?

In the Rift games, you can say Intel is doing much better, but it has those games that are also traditional desktop games at first, and then VR games. We can say that either the Intel i7-7700K or an AMD R7 1700 would give you a great experience in VR. It also included the choice of GPU that they both are using.

Top Best Apple CarPlay Apps

Apple CarPlay Apps

Apple CarPlay Apps is a great step ahead by Apple developed this app for the drivers for their safety if they want to use the phone during driving, now they can use the carplay app on their car’s screen which shares the interface screen of your handheld devices such as an iphone or any such relevant device. In this way, the driver does not lose its attention while driving on the road. The app allows the driver to call friends and family, and integrate favorite music, shows, and podcasts into the car.

In the modern ages, services like Apple CarPlay comes with great benefits to the drivers who love technology and also understand the usage from dashboard gadgetry. CarPlay allows iPhone’s popular features to appear on your car’s dashboard screen, from which you can control the commands by voice, touchscreen, or through other controls. The questions raised that why you should be using this app and which apps are the best ones to be used in the carplay while you can drive along the countryside or the highway and feel free to use the technology as well. So we will start talking about the best Apple Carplay apps built for the drivers and passengers to be used for their ease during their journey.

You can access CarPlay’s excessive features with the use of Siri’s voice commands which is, Apple’s digital assistant, e.g., you can say “call Pina” or “get the directions to Vegas,” or “play Lights out,” and it will obey you. For those people whose car doesn’t have the microphone or the voice recognition technology can navigate through the screen with the help of touchscreen, or he can choose to use the buttons manually that are found around the steering wheel or the center console.

Best Apple CarPlay Apps

The whole point of creating these apps is to divert the attention of the driver from its phone to the screen of the car, which is less risky as compared to using the phone while driving. So let’s start with the best apps considered for Apple Carplay.


Amazon owns the audible app. It is a great app that allows you to keep your focus and attention on the road while you are driving, and you can listen to a book read by any professional narrators or your favorite celebrities. If you are traveling through public transport, then reading is the best time to pass for you to kill time without realizing the distance covered. But that can’t happen in a private transport where you have to drive from one destination to another. So from this app, you can choose from a wide collection of podcasts that will make you smoothly drive the longest distances without getting bored or dizzy. This app offers the user a 30-day free trial period and lets them do the monthly subscriptions to access its audiobooks library.


The most important CarPlay app voted by the users for navigation purposes is Maps. It is a great app as you can get the idea from the name that it consists of an overview map of your location visible through internet connectivity. When you click on its icon, and you will get an overview and the image or view of your location. You can click on the hit the Destinations link, and Maps will suggest the places based on wherever you are. Through this app, you can find restaurants near you, or gas stations, or any such place that you want to go.

It also provides you a Microphone button from where you can communicate with Siri, and then you can speak to navigate with your destination through the use of maps. You should also keep this in mind that the Apple Maps is the only navigation app that is compatible with the CarPlay, which means that you can’t use Google Maps with Carplay.


This integrated app in CarPlay lets you make the calls and also receive them through your android car system connected with your phone. Opening this app will let you browse your contact list from your phone or the device you are connected from, and you can also check and play your voicemails from here and send them a reply, too or make a call to your friends and family.

But you should keep in mind that for safety purposes, instead of scanning and searching through the screen manually, you can use a voice command of Siri to search for a specific name or contact that you are trying to reach and be able to receive calls in your car. You get a dial-pad, and your recent dialed contacts too for a quick call making.


WhatsApp Messenger is also available in CarPlay. It is almost like a basic messaging app, but here, you cant scroll the list of messages and conversations from Carplay. So you can use your voice commands and text messages read out loud by Siri, and then you can respond to those messages or audio notes back with a voice command quickly and efficiently. It is very simple to use when you are driving, which means that you don’t have to worry about losing the focus of your drive. There is also a built-in voice assistant of WhatsApp that you can use to instantly reply to any message or voice notes with a voice message or basic command.

It makes this app great and easy to use for the driver when he is driving, so he doesn’t lose his focus on the way.


If there is an emergency or you want to get in touch with someone as soon as possible, you can also use the messages apps of the Carplay that lets you review your recent conversations, but it should be actually done by your passenger that will make it easier for you to drive instead of focusing what to write next and to whom. You can choose to select Siri to read out aloud your messages and then respond to those texts in return through Siri. That will be an easy step for you while you are driving.

You can use commands for messages like Text Melissa, Jon is coming.


You go out on a drive in your car, and the basic thing that comes in your mind at first is turning on the radio or music. You can use the Music app of CarPlay to play the music that you have purchased from the iTunes, or any other source directly. But mostly, you are an iOS user, so you will require the music available on the Apple Music store if you are a subscriber. You can scroll through the playlists and view your saved music by opening the music app on the Carplay. Or you can choose to ask Siri to find and play specific music that is stored in your device. It can, through the search of favorite artists, albums, genres, and other categories.

Spotify Music

Spotify’s music is just like a normal music app that contains millions of sound lists covering all of the eras and genres, and it does offer you to either seek out specific artists or a song or just let the app play random music as you drive your way all the way down to the destination. There is a free version of Spotify’s music that has many ads going on throughout the use, and it does only let you skip an only a certain number of music for a very limited time period. Whereas if you choose to buy the premium version, then all the ads are removed, and you get unlimited access to all the music of the world with better quality, and you get more skips options like an unlimited number of skips for any music too.


TuneIn is a Radio app that has one of the largest databases of content in the world. You can get to download this app, and then it will let you access more than 120,000 stations to choose from. You can stream the real-time audio from the radio stations all over the world with this app, and you can easily access the entertainment, sports, news, music, and other popular categories.

You can also get a premium subscription of this app that has few more advantages over the simple version. For example, you can get play-by-play access to a host of sports for $10 on a monthly basis, so you don’t miss anything related to your favorite NFL or MLB team updates. And in bonus, you also get ad-free 130 music stations on your radio.


The iHeartRadio app is also a radio app that lets you discover any AM or FM around the globe. If you are in a mood to listen to your favorite news, podcast or want to see the latest sports scores, then this is the right app for you. It does also save and collect all the songs that you like as you listen, and it does create a personalized station for you as a sort of playlist. This app also has premium features that let you save and replay the songs that are being played, and you can create as many playlists for them as you like, and you can also skip the number of tracks that you want to.

There are two premium options available on this app: iHeartRadio Plus, that is for $6 per month, and iHeartRadio All Access, which is for $13 per month.

Pandora Music

Pandora is a music app that has a bulk of music libraries like Spotify, and it is personally driven by radio stations based on the artist or a song that you created along with their genres. The drawback is that it also has a lot of ads running on it on the free version of the app, you can remove these ads if you pay for the premium version and it will let you skip the songs as well as remove the ads. It gives a free 30-day trial first to the users, and after that, they can decide whether they want a Pandora plus subscription or not.


When it comes to the talk of iOS podcast players, the Overcast is the best answer that makes downloading, subscriptions, and listening of your favorite music in just a breeze. It is an app that is loaded with full CarPlay support and has a robust feature set.

If you are really looking forward, you should try this app to digest the podcasts that are on the go. You can get a premium one that is based on a yearly basis, and you can pay with a yearly fee with the benefit of removal of all the ads running on the app too.


The VOX app is also made for the Carplay, but it is a bit different from all the other apps. How? It takes a different approach by enhancing the quality of the songs rather than providing a direct access to them. It does support multiple audio formats for your music, and it is actually integrated with the support of the SoundCloud app. VOX provides a custom equalizer from which you can adjust the audio settings, and it has the ability to account for the gaps and sound loss to ensure that you get the most out of this app.


In this discussion, we discussed the best carplay apps that are available for the drivers to use in their drive. We discussed their specific features and all the functionalities that these apps provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. Can you watch the videos on the carplay?

Carplay only supports certain apps, and it only gives out the result to the in-car display of what the apps tell it to do. For safety reasons, you can say it never supported for video playbacks by Apple via Carplay.

Best Adventure Games That You Should Try

Best Adventure Games

Sometimes you aren’t interested in a fast-paced shooter or any other similar games. You want to slow things down and experience other games that can fit in various categories and genres. In those cases, it is a great idea to search for some real adventure games and let them carry you to another world.

Adventure games are one of the unique types of games. These games can’t fit in a specific category, and often, they fit into multiple genres at a time. Considering it, we have collated a list of best adventure games that you can enjoy and experience different gameplay.

6 Best Adventure Games

Best Adventure Games
Best Adventure Games

Below are some best adventure games that will take you on a fictional adventure, and if you are ready for that, then see the list below;

1- Another Eden

Another Eden
Another Eden

The game that tops our best adventure games is Another Eden. The same developer as Chrono Trigger designs the game, and there are various callbacks to that game. The gameplay isn’t similar to other normal RPG, as well as doesn’t use story progression of mission-style and has no virtual menus.

Players take off on an adventure through numerous points. It has some gacha elements and some non-story missions to complete as well that fit into the side quests in the game structure. The games will give you a feel of JRPGs that are introduced in the late 90s and early 20s. The game is a really fantastic one, and you can play it without spending a single penny.

Key Features

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Rich and immersive console-quality content for smartphones
  • Classic yet modern TPG transcending time and space
  • The epic story throughout the antiquity, present, and future
  • Play on both iOS and Android smartphones

2- A Way Out

A Way Out
A Way Out

A Way Out is another one of the best adventure games that you should play to experience a unique gameplay experience. If you aren’t interested in single-player games, then this game is what you are looking for. The game can only be played between two players on local split-screen cooperative or online. Opening in prison in the 70s, it urges players and their partners to work as a team to plot their escape imprisonment effectively.

It is an innovational setup in which players are required to work together to make further progress. At one phase, a player will be able to create a distraction so that their partner can pick up an object which will help them in their escape plan. At the end of the game, both the players will help the protagonists Leo and Vincent to go on the run.

A Way Out offers a play free online that enable players to join online sessions bosted by their friends. Moreover, the games also feature various sub-category games, including Grenade Brothers, banjo and piano duet, arm wrestling, bottle shooting, baseball, horseshoes, and many more.

Key Features

Some of its key features include;

  • Numerous mini-games, including bottle shooting, horseshoes, basketball, arm wrestling, and many more.
  • Multiple gameplay situations that make the game and its characters more exciting
  • High-stakes campaigns to make players engaged
  • Support multiple platforms

3- Crashlands


This is yet another most popular and best adventure game, where players play as a space trucker knows as Flux. The game kicks off to crash you onto an alien planet, and players are required to retrieve their cargo, build a base for themselves, involved in fights with bad guys, and save the world from disaster.

Additionally, the games offer various elements that include combat, crafting, RPG character leveling, and tame creatures who will fight in your favor. The game features a ton of content and is a deep game, which can be played on both PCs and mobile phones.

Key Features

Some of its key features include;

  • Expansive crafting system to unlock about five-hundred craftable items while exploring the world and discovering its secrets
  • Infinite inventory, and retrieving tools when you need them to focus on adventuring, building, and questing.
  • Create more amazing items to become more powerful and venture to new regions of the world, explore new stories, meet interesting characters, and fight new enemies
  • Create fascinating and sprawling bases in a matter of a few minutes
  • Save your touchscreen and use compatible controllers to rub your sweaty hands on joysticks

4- Eighty Days

Eighty Days
Eighty Days

If you are tired of playing mainstream games and want something different, then you should try Eighty Days, which is one of the best adventure games. The players play the game as Phileas Fogg’s loyal valet, Passepartout, and approached to circumnavigate the planet in eighty days.

The game allows users to use submarines, airships, trains, and even camels. After leaving London on a submarine to Paris, players are allowed to take a route of their own choice around the world traveling from city to city.

Players playing a role as valet are required to manage finances, the health of their master, time, as well as selling and buying items in numerous markets across the globe. Players are allowed to make choices in story sections, which will heavily impact on how their journey proceeds.

Moreover, the game features various secrets, hidden ending and Easter Eggs, and numerous references to Verne’s work as well that include From Earth to the Moon and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Freedom to choose your own route across a 3D globe
  • Use submarines, trains, airships, or even camels, and more to travel around the globe
  • Stunning art by Jaume
  • The in-game clock that never stops running for a breakneck race
  • Live feed to view the position of all other players of the game

5- Oddmar


Oddmar is another best adventure game designed by the same developers as Leo’s Fortune. Your role in the game is a struggling Viking who isn’t worth a place in Valhalla and struggles to get back his honor. That is what, as a player, you are required to do throughout the game.

Oddmar features smooth gameplay, outstanding controls, and amazing level designs, as well as touch all of the extras with Google Play Games cloud saves, and support for game controllers. The game can be played while you are offline after downloading all of its components.

It features only twenty-four levels introducing a three-star strategy to encourage replayability. The game can be played free for its initial stages, and if you want to access the rest of the game, you can go through in-app purchase for just $4.

Key Features

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Support for iCloud game saves and game controllers
  • Display your hidden power through magically imbued shields and weapons
  • Face off foes on your way through magical forests, treacherous mines, and snowy mountains
  • Take off for a journey across twenty-four astonishing hand-crafted levels of puzzles and platforming challenges

6- To the Moon

To the Moon
To the Moon

To the Moon is a story-telling and best adventure game designed by Freebird Games. The storyline of the game revolves around two doctors who want to fulfill a wish of a dying man using its artificial memories. It features a few gameplay mechanics, as players control two doctors, explore narrative and solve puzzles in an attempt to rebuild dying man’s memories to fulfill his last wish.

Once the players collect all the items and see all the memories, they are able to connect specific objects that exist across two memories to roam freely between them. At this stage, players are able to manipulate memories. Swapping characters, events, and objects to make the dying man believe that he had accomplished his dream of reaching the Moon.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Unique and non-combat story-driven gameplay
  • An original soundtrack that is close to the game story
  • Music box feature that enables backstage music playing and in-game music downloading
  • Play on different devices through sharing DIY QR
  • A mixture of adventure game components and classic RPG aesthetics


If you are love playing games and want to experience something new, then you should try playing some adventure games. These games are unique and often feature a mixture of various genres and categories.

Above are some of the best adventure games that you can play for a new gaming experience. If you have any ideas regarding this list, you can comment below to make this list more comprehensive.


Here are some frequently asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Are adventure games still available?

Ans: Adventure games are a popular type of play, combining all kinds of genres and categories. They are still available for every platform.

Android Go Apps Vs Regular Apps

Android Go Apps Vs Regular Apps

From the past few years, Google has started launching a succession of lightweight, basic apps under the label as Go added with their name. They are the lightweight apps, and the idea behind this concept is that they are intended for the countries where the internet connection and heavy data caps make use of all the cool apps from your phone as a chore.

This issue isn’t only in international countries, but it is going in the US too. This means that the lightweight Android Go apps can be useful in such situations. The solution is proposed with an affordable hardware that is powered by the Android Go, with which the Google also offers a wide array of its Go apps. The Go apps are designed to offer only the main features of their original variants while being better suited for low-end soft running hardware.

Most of these apps come in by default on the Android Go phones, but you can also download them on your or any other phone without worrying about anything at all. It is to bring it to your knowledge that not all of these apps are going to be available for you through the Google Play Store because some of them are region-locked under some cases. But you don’t have to worry. In that case, you can download those apps from side sources such as by visiting the APKMirror from your mobile or a web browser and searching for the relevant app.

All of these apps all tied into the Android Go operating system, which means that they can run on Android OS intended for the entry-level smartphones having less-than-reliable connections.

Best Apps for Android Go

Talking about the lightweight apps or the low usage apps that can run on lightweight hardware, there are series of apps developed in all sorts of categories such as lite versions for the social apps as well as also for browsing apps or any other relevant example. First, we talk about some of the light go apps available for the Android go.

Facebook Lite

We all know that the Facebook app is one of the heaviest running apps on your phone because it shares your ram and puts a load on your memory, and most part of the ram gets busy with the Facebook app. So you go for an alternate solution such as you uninstall the app or open Facebook from the browser. But not you can get rid of this issue because there is a lightweight app launched by Facebook called Facebook Lite, which is merely 1.39 MB in size, and it does cover nearly every feature of the existing Facebook app.

This app is really fast, snappy, saves large chunks of data, and even lets you use your Facebook messages right from the app itself.

Twitter Lite

We know that all of the twitter users want an Android app, which is good at running all the time without using much of your data and battery. But in return, the user gets an app that takes timeouts from time to time. The Twitter Lite is a solution to this problem, which is a faster and data-friendly app, and it gives you the same experience as real on a lite version, covering less than 3 MB’s. This app works smoothly on all the devices, regardless of using the data band as 2G or 3G. The Android Go app also gives you a data saver mode, which will let you handle and use to download images and videos selectively.

Clean Master Lite

If you are dealing with heavy memory consumption, then this lite Android app is a necessary app for your Android device if you want to make your device feel free. Clean Master Lite is an all in one app which removes all the junk in your device, frees some memory, saves your battery, and finds the viruses. In short, it does everything on a lite version as an Android app which reserves less than 7MBs of storage.

Facebook Messenger

Using a messenger for Facebook, you know that it takes up large chunks of memory, and it does also affect your battery timing very much. The Messenger Lite is an alternative solution to the standard Messenger app for Android that was quite heavy for some phones. It is an extremely fast app that takes up very little RAM and background data. This app also supports the audio and video calls, which is not present in the Facebook Lite built-in messenger. It doesn’t support any features like games or GIF support, but it is worth sacrificing than a lot of battery consumption.

UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini is the alternate for UC Browser that is a huge weight on the ram. This lightweight browser app packs all the attributes of its original version Android app on a small memory of 3.7 MB package. The app features great browsing speed, a night mode, data saving, and even an ad blocker support. The browser works great on the devices with less storage and RAM. We can say this Android Go app is an excellent alternative for the users who use the Google Chrome browser that takes a lot of memory.

YouTube Go

YouTube is a video streaming and video playing app that contains loads of videos uploaded by users every day. Due to massive traffic on the app, this app does take a lot of storage and memory from the ram, and it eats out your data very quickly too. For a start, there is an alternate lite version for YouTube as YouTube Go. The interface is much less cluttered, having no Stories, or any links to the YouTube Movies.

You can only see the recommended videos, subscriptions, and use the search bar function, and that is it. But the key ability of this app is to download videos rather than playing them. You get the choice every time you click on a video to play it or download it. With that, you get a selection of three video quality settings that you can choose from (data saver, standard, and high). The app also shows you how much storage space each of the options will take up, and how much you have got left on your device.

Android Go Apps Vs Regular Apps

Now the apps are divided into two categories, which are Regular apps, and the other is Android Go apps. The first version is the regular apps that you can download and install from the Google Play Store. The second version is Android Go. Google introduced Android Go apps at its I/O Conference in 2017 officially in which it released a lite version for most of the apps. Since then, Google has been launching the Go versions of android apps which are much lighter in comparison to the regular applications.

Google Android Go was revealed on the same version of the Android Oreo, but it shared a smaller RAM size that supports 512 MB up to 1 GB. Contrary to this, the Go apps also occupy only half of the space of the Android Nougat, allowing the users to install more apps on the phone. The benefit of these go apps in contrast to the regular apps is that they consume fewer data and less phone memory space, and they run flawlessly on almost any device. Google also states that there isn’t much difference between the Android Go and the regular apps. Let’s just talk about the efficiency of these apps and see the comparison.

Google Vs. Google Go

When you compare the difference between the Google Go app, you will find it almost the same. But It is not because the Go version offers all useful features of the regular app with a simple and clear design. It also contains key features such as voice search, GIFS, and google translate. The amazing thing about this is that you get all these features installed within the memory space of 12 MB. On the other hand, the regular Google app may take up to 166 MB of storage. But you will miss some features like Google Feed. The Google Go uses 61 MB of RAM as compared to the regular version’s 250 MB.

Gmail Versus Gmail Go

The difference here can be easily checked by the people with low-end devices; they will find it convenient to check and respond to emails because of the streamlined functions of Gmail Go at a lighter variant. You can easily access your email from anywhere in the world with just a simple click of the button. The Gmail Go takes 24.8 MB of memory, and it consumes a RAM space of about 77 MB as compared to 260 MB of the regular app.

YouTube Vs. YouTube Go

After Facebook, YouTube has the highest number of users and viewers throughout the year. It also serves as a great source of entertainment for users. Google also has introduced the lighter version of YouTube as YouTube Go with some of the differences.

YouTube Go allows you to save more amount of data and storage of your phone. But it does not contain as many features as the regular app, such as you cannot subscribe to the channels. The Go version of the YouTube occupies 29 MB of space in contrast to the regular YouTube that occupies 122 MB of space. RAM is only 74 MB as compared to 103 MB.

Google Maps Go vs. Google Maps

The Google Maps Go can be downloaded from the APK, and it comes with only 0.09 MB size. In contrast to this, the regular Google Maps consume 48 MB of storage. Although, it is not a massive size in comparison to the Maps Go. Also, Go Maps takes only 221 KB as compared to 135 MB of the regular app.

Google Assistant vs. Google Assistant Go

Google Assistant Go a newly introduced app that is empowered by the Google Assistant’s Artificial Intelligence light version. The Go variant misses some of the features, but it can still produce a good performance. Although the file size of the regular version around 800 KB, which is quite small, it depends on the Google search mechanism of any device. But other than this, the Google Assistant Go takes up to 17.47 MB upon the installation. It is not the actual version of Google, so you have to open the app whenever you want to take the help of the assistant.


In this discussion, we discussed the regular Android apps and some of the Go apps that come as lightweight to reduce data storage and data consumption. Google understood the importance of building a light down OS version of the Androids to cater to the growing market of Android users having access to the store with low-budget smartphones. All the info in the article is taken from an authentic source, and it is relevant to what is the truth. You can do research on your own too.

We hope that you find this info very useful, and it brings any help to you and that you may feel easy to ask us any questions. If you have any questions or a problem then you can leave a comment or mail us at our given mail in the section, we will respond when we will see your request.


What are the Go apps?

Android Go apps are the lightweight versions of the apps and are created specifically to run smoother on lower-end hardware phones. They come bundled in by default on the phones running on Android Go and can even be installed on other Android phones.

Which android version is best for a 1gb ram phone?

Android Oreo runs smoothly on phones with 1GB of RAM, It will take less storage space on your phone, and it gives you more space for a ram, resulting in better and faster performance.