Best MP3 Downloader Apps

MP3 Downloader Apps

An mp3 is a media player coding format that is used in the digital audios. The 3 in the name is defined as the third format of the MPEG-1 standard. It is an extended variant. It is related to the previous version MPEG-2 standard. All the other audio channels and their bit rates are added to support more number of audio channels. The Mp3 is a popular media format worldwide because it takes very little space as compared to its other relevant audio formats. The mp3 is a universal format, and that is why it has a great advantage over other media. Due to universal, it can be played on any audio playing device or application such as window media player or others.

In order to download the mp3 files from the internet, you will need an app or software. In this discussion, we are going to explain some good apps that you can use to download your mp3 files.

MP3 Downloader Apps

Some of the best mp3 downloader apps and their features are explained below

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music is a great app that has over 3 million songs on its platform and some of the coolest features added to make the Google Play Music one of the greatest apps as MP3 downloader the Android has. This app allows Android users to upload up to 50000 audio files. If you want an app to download the music easily, then Google Play Music is an MP3 song download app that you can’t miss. Some of the benefits this app has

  • You get smart recommendations according to your choice of music
  • You can listen to the tracks on your iOs, web, and Android
  • You can keep a personal collection of up to 50000 songs that can be uploaded
  • You can also discover and subscribe to the podcast
  • The radio curated by the experts is for whatever you want to listen to


You may be familiar with the SoundCloud app that has won millions of hearts throughout the world. With this app, you can download and buffer a lot of music files in your playlist, or you can also choose to upload music from your own account. It allows you to discover the tracks from the popular music streaming sites. Soundcloud is one of the largest audio and music streaming platform with over 150 million tracks uploaded on it. Soundcloud is among the best free MP3 downloader android apps that have a vast collection of contemporary songs from different types of genres. You can also pause, play, download, or skip the songs from the lock screen.

SoundCloud Logo (PRNewsFoto/SoundCloud)

The SoundCloud has a module that can be installed or integrated into the SoundCloud app, which lets you create an extra option in the three-dot menu on the top to download the tracks that you want to. That module is its key module called the Xposed module, and it is a very simple module to use, but in case if you don’t want to root your phone and install the Xposed Framework, then you can do other things. Some of the major benefits of the Soundcloud are

  • You can find different categories of music, such as hip-hop, rock, jazz, pop, etc.
  • A discovery home screen feature that displays the most recent music uploaded on SoundCloud
  • You can personalize the app as your choice of music on a daily basis.
  • You can also get track suggestions as per your likes and choice of music.
  • You can save audio files as an offline feature that can be used to download music tracks.

Freemake Youtube to Mp3 Boom

YouTube to MP3 Boom is an app that lets you choose files from YouTube without visiting the video through its link or a URL. It is a free app for Windows. It has a search engine at the top that lets you insert your demand or request for specific music and get a list of helpful results. The results are sorted by relevance, or popularity, and collections. A collection might contain full albums and their remixes. This app also includes a player at the bottom of the screen that lets you play the music before you can download it.

There are two easy ways to make use of MP3 Boom:

  1. You use the search bar to find your YouTube music inside the program;
  2. Or you can copy its URL of a music video from the YouTube and then paste it into the software.

There is a download all button available that lets you download the mp3 in bulk, or you can either choose to play and download a specific MP3 one by one. Under the player, you can see an orange button toggle on which if you click, you will open the settings tab.

By default, everything that you download is saved into the Music folder of your computer. But if you want to save the albums feature someplace else, it’s better for you to check if the free storage space on your PC and select any other directory or drive, for example, it can be a drive D, or if you have any other or the cloud drive folder. is a website with a downloadable content feature, and it is one of the largest mp3 music download sites in the world. It offers tons of free mp3s and lets you choose music from YouTube videos too. It can act as a YouTube to MP3 converters surge and then lets you download the music you have been looking for.

The started breaking a record of 60 million visitors a month. It is due to its feature for easy download and YouTube audio video convert feature that is of benefits to the users. It can deliver up to tons of downloads and uploads to make huge money.


The Mp3Jam is a software for Windows, and it is also a free MP3 downloader. It has an inbuilt music search option, and it does accept the YouTube links as well. It can filter and organize the range of audio files according to your search and the most relevant results from YouTube. You may download a single track, or you can choose a full album in the MP3 audio format. The tool is very lightweight and speedy. You can save a full MP3 album in less than 1 minute of time.

The MP3jam does also support the hashtags. You may enter the tags like #rock, #funny, #classical, #angry, #1980s, etc. and it generates a list of famous songs representing this genre, mood, epoch, or the style. The top genres are listed right when you open the website. It enriches your discovery experience, and you can use and check hashtags and learn about the newly released songs, artists, or genres.


The freeware is a very simple source to download mp3 music, and it has a simple player inside it. You can play the tracks before you can download them, or during or after downloading from the history tab of it, and to make sure that you get the right version of the music, not just cover audio.

Unfortunately, the available players in it can’t be called as ideal for the music enthusiasts. There is no equalizer, or the playlists, and the shuffle, control customization, an amplifier, tags, or any shortcuts at all. But it does all of the key things like play, pause, skip, next switch, volume adjustment, etc. The tool also tells you whether if you have already downloaded the exact track before and want to do this once again. It is a good feature since it saves your storage if you plan to use the app often.


FrostWire is an mp3 downloader app that works as a peer to peer to download the MP3 music. Frostwire 4 is the latest and its earlier versions used to have the same features as the already seized LimeWire app, but since the current update, the FrostWire became a great self-sufficient BitTorrent client for all of the Windows PC like Windows 7, 8, 10, Apple Mac platform & Linux. In the old FrostWire versions, they contained toolbars and were often flagged as a virus to the users, then the viruses were removed along with the ads in 2017 by the developer, and now you can get out most of this real music browser safely.

Some great features of this app are

  • Quick cross-platform tool;
  • No signup is required;
  • There are plenty of free HQ files, including the latest songs;
  • Music import to iTunes

There are also few drawbacks which are

  • It has an old-fashioned interface;
  • And the p2p MP3 sources


The new pipe is a downloader that is not as good as the rest of the mentioned apps, but it does the job when it comes to downloading your music. It is open-source and is being constantly improved ever since. It also does support for apps like SoundCloud, MediaCCC, and FramaTube media downloads as well. By default, this app with a YouTube frontend, from where you simply select the video that you want to download, and then click on the download icon at the top and choose how you want it to be downloaded as a video or an audio and what format you would want it in.

Gtunes Music Downloader

Gtunes is now a bit of old music downloader, but it has good features as it searches through several big domains of the downloadable music available from your queries and searches from which you will find millions of artists and their songs across different generations. The search option is not pretty exact, so it would be best for you if you know exactly what songs you are looking for and then type the exact name and download them.

The GTunes has its own built-in player, too, and it even lets you trim your music, and you can set songs as your ringtones. It consists of all the stuff in a little basic package.


With the MP3Skull website or the MP3 song download app, you can search for your most favorite music very easily. It is a search engine that is quite famous all over the world, and it helps in finding your preferred song within no time at all. Even if you are an individual searching for the MP3 music files, you can easily find all of the music through this web-based platform. Some of the great features that this app has are listed below

  • A default music player
  • You can set any track as your ringtone with set your ringtone feature
  • You can download unlimited free music
  • Find the MP3 files for several sources at once
  • It has a powerful resource library for MP3 music


In this discussion, we discussed about the best mp3 downloader apps that are available on the internet. Mp3 has a great advantage over the other media formats because it is universal in nature and that it can be played on any audio playing device or application such as a window media player. You can download the mp3 files from the internet with the use of the apps mentioned in this article very easily.

We hope that you find this info very useful, and it brings any help to you and that you may feel easy to ask us any questions. If you have any questions or a problem then you can leave a comment or mail us at our given mail in the section, we will respond when we will see your request.


Does the mp3juice have any viruses?

Fortunately, mp3 juice does not have any virus or malware. This is a free music source that has no dangerous features like any threats such as spyware, ransomware, Trojans, and the worms.

Is mp3juice legal?

No, it is not legal to download the music from Because this website picks up the content or a video that has been uploaded somewhere else by a user, and it extracts the audio of it at a good resolution of 192 kbps.

Best Augmented Reality Apps in 2020

Augmented Reality Apps

The Augmented Reality was first discovered or achieved, Morton Heilig, in 1957, who was a cinematographer. But that wasn’t actually considered to be actual Augmented Reality because the virtual reality was initially coined by Jaron Lainer in 1989. Then the virtual reality was later named as Augmented Reality by Thomas P Caudell in 1990.

The Augmented reality is an experience of the real-world environment interactions where the objects that are existing in the real world are actually enhanced and edited by multiple sensory modalities, auditory, visual, haptic, somatosensory of the computer-generated perceptual info.

Augmented Reality Apps
Augmented Reality Apps

The AR apps use the current location to project a virtual object on your display, or on a special augmented reality glass. It provides an enormous potential starting from chasing the digital creatures or enhancing a view to designing a complex machine or engineering a structure. The AR has a rapid growth in the past few years, and it provides new possibilities to the users each day. Each product of the AR provides a unique feature to the users and lets them upgrade their life in their own way.

The basic premises of AR technology is to overlay the digital contents on the top of real images or things using a camera or a map or as a sky. AR becomes an interesting concept in the development because it has new and unique features for each of the app having a specific purpose to be used. It lets you use the camera efficiently, and all you need to do it capture the moment, and you don’t require any specific set of tools or a computer set up to make it work. The Augmented reality has now arrived on the smartphones, as today’s mobile phones have featured more powerful than the cameras.

For example, phones like Samsung Galaxy, S20 Ultra features a time-of-flight sensor, which is a unique feature, and that is designed to improve the bokeh effect on the portrait shots. The same is the case with other powerful new smartphones, each of them featuring a new tool and AR that amazes the user. In this discussion, we are going to discuss all the AR apps, and also we will talk about the paid as well as free AR apps available in the market today.

Paid Augmented Reality Apps

There are apps of AR that require payment first in order to be used by a user. This is a common strategy to make money from the apps, and the app developers are sticking to it for a long time. They provide access to the applications for only a one-time purchase. And after that payment, the users receive full access to all of the content and features of that app while also supported the app update. Usually, some of the apps do require additional charges for the new content or for the updates and new features. Some of the common paid AR apps are.

Vortex Planetarium Astronomy

Vortex Planetarium is a beautiful app about all the details on the sky and above that. You can find all the data related to the night sky or thousands of stars, constellations, or the messier objects, Caldwell objects, and a lot of other such stuff. You can view all of that on your smartphone just with a simple click. This app costs about $2.99 in the store market.

It contains highly configurable content in which you can set the transparency of the constellation art or click on the number of stars that you wish to see in the night sky.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Dr. Seuss’s ABC is an educational app designed for kids. It is an excellent app as it encourages literacy, and it includes a variety of topics from the famous Dr. Seuss books. This app is more like a game to get the children’s interest. However, this app is different from most of the other learning apps because of its unique AR features. With this app, your kids can enter a sandbox mode and place their characters from the stories around the lounge or living room, and they can also take pictures with them. This app costs about $3.99 on the online app store.

Plane Finder and Flight Tracker

The plane finder and flight tracker is a travel app at the Google Play store that is one of the best top-rated apps. This app gives you the access to see all the air traffic around the world currently in the real-time mode. This app has highly customized features that can satisfy your needs. It has the AR view in which you can easily identify the planes with your mobile phone camera. The app also notifies you when a plane appears above you in the sky. This app can be purchased for $6.49 from the online stores. This app basically works by picking up real-time ADS‐B signals using an internet connection. And you may not believe it, but this technology is faster than traditional radar. It is easy to configure as you can create, save, or name as many filters as you want to for your comfortable use.

Mind Map AR

Mind Map AR is the first mind mapping app that is a 3D Augmented Reality based app. This app was initially created and designed to help the users to develop and grow their concepts and ideas in order to produce more powerful results for their work or studies. The Mind Map AR adds a whole new dimension in learning and creativity with its AR capabilities because the users access the brain’s inherent knack for working inside a 3D world. Mind Map AR runs smoothly on any Android smartphone. It has some main features as 3D AR mind mapping, cast to a big screen, the cloud attachments and also hyperlinks support, image nodes, it also allows custom coloring and placement, tag filtering, and a wide range of mind mapping capabilities.

The Mind Map AR is a free app having some of the optional features that come with premium pack upgrades. It costs you when you buy the premium features or the pack upgrades, whereas there are still no limitations on saving or sharing of the mind maps that are made with the free version.


It is a useful app that provides support to the user with a GPS, traffic monitoring, videos and images capturing mode, and a lot more. The main feature of this application is using the device’s native camera, for the GPS and the sensors to detect the vehicles in front of you and alert the drivers when they are in danger.


This app also helps you find your parking spot via a snapshot of your parking spot. It is a recommended app for every car driver. And its features and upgrades can be bought later on.

Doodle Lens

DoodleLens is an AR app that lets you draw a doodle a thing on a piece of paper and capture a photo of it with this app. Then the app will turn the photo into an AR sticker, and you can create it into whatever photo you want. There is also a frame by frame animator, and other features like light editing, and various effects. It saves the drawings so you can recreate the AR stickers on a later date if you want to. This app costs $1.99, and then it is all free to be used.

Free AR Apps

As we previously talked about the Paid AR apps, now we are going to discuss the free AR apps available. There are a few most commonly used free AR apps that you might be familiar with. Let’s read all about them one by one.


Facebook is one of the most widely used social apps that is loaded with AR when it comes to the talk of features. For example, if we talk about Facebook Stories, you can use several AR filters to edit your photos. It’s AR very similar to the Snapchat, like some of their augmented reality effects also include the Camera Effects and their development platform. We are hoping that Facebook is going to do some new exciting fun stuff with the AR in the near future besides that the Facebook Stories are fun, even though they are much like the Snapchat Stories.



Snapchat is an AR-based social app that has great features to interest in for its users. It has a self-destructing message system that is mainly a reason most people are using this app for privacy concerns. But this social app also includes the augmented reality elements with its camera in the form of a different variety of real-time transformations through its filters and special effects, which are called Lenses. You can add the lenses to the Snapchat video messages such as pictures or videos which you send to your contacts for creating a streak or snap story.


The AR lenses can transform you into an animal, or it may swap your face with the effects to another person’s face, or you can make it hail or snow in the camera making for a funny streaks and silly additions to your Snapchat messages.


The Facebook owns Instagram, and it has recently ported all of the AR-based filters and tools for the stories like Snapchat to the Instagram as well. These AR features work for both the cameras, including the front and back camera, from your phone and with all of your Instagram’s photos and videos in the capture mode. The users who are familiar with these effects and filters can turn themselves into a koala or a rabbit, or they also can choose the deer filter, and they can wear a 3d crown or choose to have math equations float around them, etc.


Google Translate

Google Translate is, without any doubt, the best translator app available today because it contains libraries of a ton of languages that include a lot of dialects as well. You can translate your sentences in any sequence such as back and forth or between virtually any of them. If you are already connected to the internet, then you can even have it to translate a text or language in real-time so you can have easy conversations with the people. This augmented reality part of the app lets you point your camera on the text written in another language, and then the app translates it into real-time. With the use of this app, you can do things like reading the street signs or menus at a restaurant. It works just like a barcode scanner.

google translate

Pokemon Go

If we are talking about a list of best free AR apps, then we must also talk about the Pokemon Go game, which captured everyone’s attention when it was initially launched with its augmented reality to a whole new level. This app gave a reason for the people to go out and walk around and catch different Pokémon. The game uses your GPS to mark your location on the map and moves your avatar in the game according to it, while your camera is on that shows the Pokémon in the real world. It is a great app that doesn’t need a lot of instructions first to be understood. Anyone can understand it very easily and use it because it doesn’t have any crash or freezing issues too. It runs smooth and has great features for a free AR App.

Augmented Reality Apps


In this discussion, we discussed the Augmented Reality apps, and we discussed two categories of paid and free apps. We discussed all the features of the most commonly used apps having the AR tool inside them. I hope this was helpful.


How much does an AR app can cost?

The AR app consists of a lot of things, and all these things can and will affect the total cost of your AR app. The most common apps may range in between $50 000 to $250,000, or it can exceed to over more than even $2,500,000 when the app or game is complexed out.

Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

A Chromebook is similar to a laptop or tablet with an operating system ChromeOS. The majority of people think that Chromebooks lack quality apps when it comes to creative work, which is not true at all. Due to these misconceptions, It is still lagging behind other significant operating systems. Some considerable tech companies, including HP, Acer, Samsung, etc. manufacture the Chromebooks. These companies are a giant in the tech world and cannot make such blunders while releasing these products.

Chromebooks have the support for numerous apps under multiple genres and are a fully functional operating system to perform much more than just browsing. That is why we are going to bucket a list of best drawing apps for Chromebooks that you can use;

Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook

Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook
Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

Below are some of the best drawing apps for Chromebooks that you should try;



Krita is an Open-source drawing app based on calligra technology and can be used on Chromebooks for sketches and drawings. The app features all the professional level drawing tools. The user interface of the app is distinctive and supports customizable layout.

Moreover, the app features hundred-plus pre-load brushes, along with a vast range of effects. Adding a stabilizer to a brushstroke will smooth your artwork. Users can also expand their tools by importing brushes and texture packs from other artists.

Some of its highlights include;

  • Create art, paintings, cartoons, etc.
  • Customizable brushes with about ten brush engines
  • Improved mirror tools
  • Soft proofing
  • Threshold and wavelet decompose
  • Instant rotate and flip buttons
  • Convert a group into an animated layer
  • Breeze color themes

Art Flow

Art Flow
Art Flow

Another best drawing app for Chromebooks is Art Flow. The app will turn your Chromebook into a digital sketchbook. The app offers about eight different customizable brushes to change the flow, size, gradient, etc. Art Flow provides all the tools that are required for creating authentic artwork on your device.

Users can work with about a dozen layers simultaneously, altering the capacity of each one, as well as use maks, geometric figures, coloring tools, and more. Moreover, the app also offers the possibility to work with HD canvases. The app is fully capable of turning your Chromebook into a personal sketchbook. Some of its highlights include;

  • New brush engine with various new features
  • Canvas rotation
  • New transformation with deform support
  • Device orientation support
  • Per-brush blend mode
  • Universal brush support
  • Selection tools including wand and magic



Sketchbook is another best drawing app for Chromebook. The app is famous for digital painting and highly recommended for both professionals and beginners—the app work phenomenal in full- screen mode with a bigger canvas, various tools, and layers.

The app keeps its users in a creative zone without learning any commands. The app doesn’t require any introduction when it comes to sketching and drawing. The only thing you have to know is that you can install the app on your Chromebook device without any hacks. Some of its highlights include;

  • Various brushes, tools, and layers
  • Easy to use
  • Importing and exporting support
  • 16 sector radial symmetry and predictive stroke

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter
Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is another famous and best drawing app for Chromebooks. The latency of the app is low, and the canvas handling is more efficient due to its free panning from each side. The app features about 160 natural brushes, as well as assist in creating new brushes.

The app also provides layer support, blend modes, and geometric tools, for instance, line protractor, ellipse, and more. The app is ideal for drawing, sketching, and painting on Chromebook devices. If you are a beginner, then this app is recommended for you.

Some of its features include;

  • Organize your workflows for instant access
  • Transform multiple layers at the same time
  • Brushes interaction is realistic
  • It is easy to use
  • Best for beginners

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw
Adobe Illustrator Draw

It is another best drawing app for Chromebooks. The app will turn your creativity into productivity artwork. The app support is creating free form vectors, and you can draw on the big canvas. Along with its five brushes, sketching your idea is straightforward.

Moreover, the app enables its users to customize the toolbar and have only those brushes that are required. Users can work with five pen tips and can adjust their size, capacity, and color. Open Adobe Capture from the app, draw images, and it will appear on the canvas. Some of its features include;

  • Built-in graphs and perspective grids
  • 3D sketching is easy
  • Work with multiple images and layers
  • Sync files, fonts, settings, designs, and more
  • Easy to use



Concepts are yet another best drawing app for Chromebooks. The latency of the app is zero. It offers a limitless canvas where illustrations, design plans, and sketches can be created. The app also supports pressure and tilt modes, adding high precision of intricate details.

Similar to various other drawing apps, it also includes a range of drawing tools. You can choose a canvas-type as a background for your creative work. Some of its highlights include;

  • Copy files to the canvas as a reference.
  • Support for customizing the tools and presets
  • Infinite layering system and adjustable capacity tracing
  • Easy to use
  • Choose a canvas as per your preferences



Sketchpad is another best drawing app for Chromebook devices. The app is available as an online tool and can also be used on Chromebook that doesn’t support Play Store. The app contains all the standard features expected from a drawing app. Users have access to various brushes, color picker, layers, and much more.

Moreover, the app allows users to share their creative drawings with others. It supports multiple file formats, including PNG, PDF, JPG, SVG, sketchpad, and more. Some of its best features include;

  • Vector filling and auto-saving features
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection and users can work while offline
  • Straightforwardly hide, delete, or duplicate layers.
  • Easy to use
  • Best for beginners


Like various other devices, Chromebooks also support multiple apps of different genres and can be used more than just browsing. If you are a fan of drawing and sketching and have a creative mind, then you can use various drawing and sketching apps on your Chromebook devices.

Above are some of the best drawing apps that you should try as all of these apps are free to use. If you have suggestions, you can comment on us to make this list more comprehensive.


Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: What are some best free drawing apps for Chromebooks?

Ans: Chromebooks support various drawing apps, and some of the best drawing apps for Chromebooks include Adobe Illustrator draw, Concepts, Sketchboard, Sketchpad, etc.