Top 12 Best Weightlifting Apps

Weight training isn’t simple. It is a difficult thing to do to let your mind and body face some difficult time. To get your body in shape, you make an exercise schedule, lift loads, get gains, and monitor those increases.

Best Weightlifting Apps

There are a couple of sorts of weightlifting apps that are available now for you to use to keep yourself fit.

Best Weightlifting Apps
Best Weightlifting Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best weightlifting apps that you can use to improve your body fitness and gain a step ahead in weightlifting. Here are our best picks.

1: Simple Workout Log

You will be eager to find out about Simple Workout Log, which, similar to its name recommends, offers an outstandingly basic and utilitarian approach to follow your weightlifting exercises.

Simple Workout Log
Simple Workout Log

Simple Workout Log is ideal for the weightlifter who needs to invest more energy lifting and less time tinkering with an application. This application includes precisely the highlights you may expect:

  • Its moderate methodology permits you to enter your activity, the weight you utilized, and what number of reps and sets.
  • You can sort out your activities by adding them to classes or making schedules.
  • The normal component is extra useful in case that you regularly do similar exercises, for example, essential powerlifting.
  • Simple Workout Log is accessible on the Google Play store and on work areas. However, the iOS version of the application is just around the corner.
  • iPhone clients can get to this weightlifting app on their preferred versatile internet browser.

2: Fitness22

Fitness22 is another one of the best exercise and weightlifting app. You can go for any of the cardio exercises or others.


There are a number of activities and routine instructional exercises, recordings, and things like that in this app. Furthermore, the application does, indeed, track your wellness.

  • It gloats more than 3,000 activities, schedules, and varieties, schedules for learners, intermediates, and specialists, and much more.
  • This is a substantial application that attempts to deal with the entirety of your wellness needs.
  • The individuals who need something basic shouldn’t utilize this app.
  • The memberships are available but with serious estimating.

3: Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout – No Equipment is an amazing home wellness application and one of the better spending weightlifting apps. This has a virtual ton of activities for home use, and it doesn’t require hardware.

Home Workout – No Equipment
Home Workout – No Equipment

That makes it incredible for a good workout and weightlifting plan. We prescribe setting off to an exercise centre for its gear. However, this is a decent method to exercise at home as well.

  • It has a number of activities, schedules, stretches, and different exercises.
  • It even has activities to show how activities work.
  • Jump Fitness, the creator, has a lot of other weight training applications too.
  • It’s a genuinely vigorous group of weightlifting app

4: Jefit

Jefit is phenomenal for individuals who like a visual boost of activities. This application includes a powerful exercise library with photographs and videos of genuine individuals playing out the activities.


Within excess of 1,300 activities in the library, you’re nearly ensured to discover what you need when you feel not sure about a development.

  • Jefit additionally has a normal solution feature, with which you can work out your exercise schedules for a week and past.
  • There are also pre-developed lifting schedules in case you don’t want to make your own.
  • In the domain of following your exercises, this weightlifting app offers the following component that permits you to log works out, reps, sets, and weight, just as an exercise clock that will keep you on target by matching down until your next set.

5: Strong

Strong is another weightlifting app with a set of new highlights: You can find new activities and watch instructional video recordings, redo rest clocks, so you remain on target; and spare any exercise as a format to finish once more (in case that nobody needs to tinker with numbers again and again).


On the head of all that, you can also graph your weightlifting progress over any custom date extend for any activities, just as track your body weight, body structure, and other body estimations you decide to log.

  • Solid backings weightlifters who love to do difficult heavyweight exercises with following highlights permit you to log numerous sorts of activities.
  • From helped bodyweight to other fitness exercises, you can follow precision.
  • You can also label sets as a warm-up, or drop sets.

6: Sworkit

One of the top weightlifting applications for iPhone, Sworkit is there for you when you end up in a stuffed exercise centre or where there’s an absence of gear, or whatever other situation when you get yourself unfit to finish your standard daily practice.


It’s additionally incredible for occupied experts with brief time, people who need at-home exercises, and voyagers who frequently end up with the restricted place.

  • With Sworkit, you get pre-structured quality preparing exercises that require insignificant hardware, so this application is super for getting fit when all you have (or need) is a couple of free weights or a portable weight.
  • Sworkit exercises join light weightlifting practices with bodyweight obstruction works out, for example, push-ups and air squats, for a super damp with sweat lifting combination.
  • In the Sworkit application, you can channel exercises by time, objectives, and level of a hard time.
  • In case you’re feeling inventive, pull from the application’s activity library to do your own exercise.

7: Fitbod

To begin with, Fitbod gathers your weight, tallness, capacity, objectives, and much more. At that point, it utilizes a super calculation to assemble a custom weight preparing program for you that is dependent on quality, preparing best practices and the data you input.


After some time, as you log with the number of exercises, the calculation gets more intelligent. Adjusting much as your body adjusts to quality preparing, Fitbod weightlifting app adjusts and does exercises intended to push you harder.

  • Fitbod truly fills in the reps, sets, and lifting plans you have to perform to get results. It expels any vulnerability and any chance of uneasiness.
  • This is the reason Fitbod is so incredible for learners: You’ll never be at a misfortune for what to do when you are new.
  • Fitbod lets you know precisely what activities to do, what number of reps to perform, what weights to utilize, and how long to rest.
  • It’s an incredible app as an advanced fitness coach.

8: All Access

Within excess of 60 preparing plans,’s All Access application is body builder’s fantasy. You can look through tasks by objective, so regardless of in case you’re hoping to create the bulk body, lose fat, or increase quality muscle, there’s an app for you.

With a membership, access to the 60 preparing tasks anytime and you can return to any of them at whatever point you like. All Access All Access

Other application features incorporate step by step practice directions, exercise following, dieting plans and solutions, and nourishment assets, supplement suggestions, and a lot more like that.

  • com All Access has a major spotlight on adjusting your nourishment to help your preparation, so each preparation program includes an instructive material to assist you with settling on the ideal decisions.

9: Fitness Point

Fitness Point gets down to the data and info. The free and top variants of this application both bring sweeping activity libraries, complete with pictures, text depictions, and clarifications of how each activity influences your muscles.

Fitness Point
Fitness Point

The more typical activities additionally incorporate video liveliness so you can ensure you lift with correct posture.

  • Fitness Point offers an exhaustive exercise log included, where you can include loads, reps, sets, rest spans, the date, and notes.
  • The notes area is extra useful for logging things like “just rested one hour” or “had two or three drinks in the previous evening” so you can think back and comprehend the examples behind your exercise plan.
  • Fitness Point also supports exercise building, so you can set up schedules to utilize when helpful.
  • You can get Fitness Point for Apple Watch, so you don’t require your phone during exercises.

10: Gymaholic

Gymaholic is a nitty-gritty, yet by one way or another definite weightlifting app for exercises. You can follow any sort of exercise set, including supersets, tri-sets, drop sets, loops, pyramid sets and a lot more than you can.


You can also label your weightlifting exercises by types, for example, working out, TRX, and quality. An absolute necessity it has for real weightlifters, Gymaholic underpins following of your one-rep maxes, with other individual records, body estimations, body piece, pulse during exercises, and substantially more.

  • Gymaholic coordinates with Apple Watch and the Apple Health application, so the entirety of your information shows up any place you need it.
  • The augmented reality (AR) feature permits you to see an enlivened form of yourself (to the extent details like body weight and tallness go) playing out the activities that you intend to perform.
  • In case that you conclude you don’t want to lift one day, no worries Gymaholic additionally supports HIIT and cardio preparing.

11: Fitted Lifts

Fitted Lifts is an iOS fitness and weightlifting app intended to follow your routine after some time by making it simple to log your sets and reps as you do them.

The format depends on basic sliders that let you update your record while you work out. You can redo exercises to see your particular activities and how long it’s been since you did that move. You can also see graphs to follow your weight and execution after some time.


  • It’s an extraordinary application for committed muscle builders who know precisely what they need to follow and wouldn’t fret utilizing an application for anything during their exercises.
  • It’s not updated normally yet at the same time appears to work fine.

12: Stronglifts 5×5

In case that the multifaceted nature of applications like Jefit fails to help you, this Stronglifts application, called 5×5, ought to be significantly more your style. It’s a fitness coach and lumberjack kind of weightlifting app with a moderate interface concentrated on 5×5 exercises.

Stronglifts 5×5
Stronglifts 5×5

Plugin your starting weights and sets, and the application will disclose to you how long to rest among sets, and what loads and sets you should use next time. There are much less reasoning and account management, and significantly all the more weightlifting.

  • There’s a Pro version with more highlights for $20 per year. Ongoing Pro forms let you do pick sets and reps for any activity, including necessary ones.
  • The Plate Calculator has been totally upgraded, so it’s currently considerably simpler to see which plates to add on the bar to save yourself doing math.


In this discussion, we discussed the best weightlifting apps that can be used for exercise. All these weightlifting apps have their own features and options to interest the user. The data added here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Does exercise applications truly work?

All things considered, some examination proposes they do. An examination distributed in the Journal of Medical Internet Research says wellness applications totally advance positive conduct changes. Another exploration recommends that wellness applications unquestionably work, yet are particularly compelling when they’re customized to the client.

Is there a free exercise application?

Aaptiv is your new fatigue buster BFF. The sound-based application offers 2,500 coach drove, music-based exercises in a number of classes, such as running, circular, paddling, quality preparing, extending, yoga, and the sky is the limit from there. Accessible on iOS and Android; free with choice for in-application buys.

Will 5×5 make me greater?

Short answer, in case that you do it right, and eat appropriately, you will increase mass with solid lifts 5×5. Try not to anticipate supernatural occurrences; development requires some investment. Moreover, you will hit levels once in a while where you quit developing. That is your body revealing to you it’s an ideal opportunity to switch things up.

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