Top 15 Best Stock Investment Apps

A few financial specialists are cheerful, placing their cash into an exhausting asset and letting it stay as long as possible. Others are increasingly keen on adopting a hands-on strategy for dealing with their cash with dynamic stock exchanging.

Regardless of whether you purchase and sell now and again or need to enter an exchange or all the more consistently, there are a variety of stock exchanging applications for you.

Best 15 Stock Investment Apps

We gathered together the best stock exchanging applications for both financial specialists to consider.

Best 15 Stock Investment Apps
Best 15 Stock Investment Apps


TD Ameritrade has the qualification of being our pick for the best in general stock exchanging application in our 2020 Online Broker Review. TD Ameritrade has two of the best applications for stock exchanging and investments, as it permits financial specialists to choose between the TD Ameritrade Mobile App and thinkorswim Mobile.


Purchase and hold speculators specifically will have the option to do their exchanging through the versatile application, liberating them from managing TD Ameritrade’s progressively jumbled work area interface.

  • Watchlists and customizations sync overall TD Ameritrade stages, including both portable applications.
  • TD Ameritrade portable applications are all around structured and give financial specialists the decision between speculation centered application and an exchanging centered application.
  • Both applications give clients a straightforward one-page experience where they can rapidly monitor the business sectors and their records.
  • All accessible resource classes can be exchanged on portable applications.


Brokers have the edge with regard to dynamic exchanging. Regardless of whether you are utilizing the ground-breaking Traders Workstation (TWS) or the versatile application intended to give you the center highlights in a hurry.


Brokers are designed for dynamic dealers for stock investments and exchanges.

  • Brokers’ portable application verges on impersonating the site involvement in full request capacity and the scanners and alarms dynamic merchants anticipate.
  • An instinctive exchanging work process through the application is joined with the capacity to set request presets for quicker passage.
  • Mobile outlines accompany a set-up of valuable markers for brisk exchanging choices.
  • The Brokers application has almost all the usefulness of the company’s online stage. However, it is justifiably constrained in contrast with the TWS work area application.
  • All things considered, you can line up exchanges for all advantage classes and information streams continuously.
  • Brokers’ versatile application is one of not many that make it feasible for dealers to survey the market and open new situations in a hurry instead of essentially checking existing exchanges.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity is a top business for learner financial specialists and anybody with attention on long haul and retirement ventures. It’s the best stock investment app with full-administration, with a wide scope of record and speculation types bolstered. With $0 stock and ETF exchanges, you get a lot of administrations requiring little to no effort.

Fidelity Investments is the application for Android, iOS, and Amazon gadgets. It incorporates anything you have to deal with your Fidelity speculation accounts and enter exchanges.

Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments

It doesn’t have the same number of cutting edge graphing highlights as some contending versatile applications, yet that is okay for learners who may not need or need propelled highlights.

  • $0 commission charges on stock, ETF, and choices exchanges, yet there is a 65 penny level expense for every alternatives contract; $32.95 for dealer helped exchanges; $49.95 for exchange charge bearing common assets; no repetitive charges for most records; extra charges may apply
  • Tradable resources: Stocks, ETFs, common assets, partial offer contributing, and the sky is the limit from there
  • Account types: Supports financier, retirement, instruction records, and the sky is the limit from there
  • No base store required
  • Other significant subtleties: Intuitive screens to enter exchanges and track execution, and web-based social networking style feed of specially customized record and venture data


Webull is an innovation-driven exchanging application that is best for stock investment dealers with probably some experience. Webull isn’t overwhelming on instructive assets. However, it’s loaded up with huge amounts of helpful features.


With its features, you may expect a propelled sticker price. Notwithstanding, Webull is totally freely allowed to utilize.

  • There are no commissions for any exchanges on the application, including stocks and ETFs. Notwithstanding, that is everything to exchange the application.
  • $0 commission or agreement expenses for the online stock, ETF, or choices $8 to $45 for wire moves; extra charges may apply
  • Stocks, ETFs, choices, and cryptographic forms of money
  • Supports business and IRA accounts
  • Cryptographic forms of money are new to the stage. However, you won’t discover securities, shared assets, or different resources.
  • While Webull is a fresher application than most others on this rundown; it doesn’t need highlights for dynamic stock dealers.
  • No base store required
  • Generous free stock advancements for new clients and for clients who allude others, progressed diagramming highlights, and worldwide markets and news


SoFi, short for Social Finance which offers advances, banking, and ventures through an advantageous versatile stock investment application. It’s optimal for financial specialists hoping to find out about stock exchange.


This financier offers without commission exchanges and partial offers in a record with a low $1 least equalization necessity.

  • Stocks, ETFs, and cryptographic forms of money, fragmentary offers
  • Supports self-coordinated and oversaw portfolios, in addition to retirement and digital money accounts
  • SoFi additionally offers credit items and money the executives accounts; spotless, uncluttered, and simple to-utilize application; and incorporated learning assets incredible for amateur speculators
  • $1 least store required
  • 1.25% markup on crypto exchanges; cost proportions change on SoFi-marked ETFs; extra expenses may apply


Ally includes top-notch checking, reserve funds, and venture accounts across the board stock investment application. While you can get ledgers from some different agents on this list, Ally Bank is one of the absolute best for web-based checking and reserve funds paying little heed to speculation needs.


  • Outlines and information are genuinely essential, yet offer anything a tenderfoot financial specialist may need.
  • It’s not the best for cutting edge highlights, yet it covers most basic needs with superb valuing.
  • When you factor in the minimal effort, simple to-utilize money market funds, you get a triumphant bank/venture combo.
  • Partner charges no commissions for stock or ETF exchanges.
  • No base store required
  • Stocks, ETFs, choices, securities, common assets, and that’s just the beginning
  • Supports self-coordinated and oversaw portfolios
  • Full-administration, online-just bank and financier with no physical areas
  • $0 commission expenses for the online stock, ETF, or choices exchanges, yet there is a 50 penny level charge for each choices contract; $20, in addition to normal commission expense, for the merchant, helped exchanges; $9.95 for no-heap shared assets; extra expenses may apply


This stock investment application is centered around alternatives exchanging. While those are not actually portions of stock, numerous alternatives exchange dependent on stock value developments, so tastyworks gains a notice on this list.


The versatile application is best for merchants with certain alternatives experience,

  • tastyworks
  • Account least: No base store required
  • Fees: No expenses for stock or ETF exchanges; $1 per alternative on stocks or ETFs, with $10 most extreme; $2.50 per choice on fates; $1.25 per prospects contract; $0.85 per fates e-micros contract; extra charges may apply
  • Tradable resources: Options for stocks, ETFs, and prospects
  • Account types: Individual and joint edge or money records, and retirement, corporate, trust, and universal records

M1 Finance

M1 is also a great stock investment app. With commission-free contributing, the capacity to put resources into fragmentary offers programmed stores, and that’s just the beginning, M1 Finance is the first-rate.

  • In case you are searching for an approach to make and keep up a free, enhanced arrangement of stocks and ETFs, look no farther than M1 Finance.
  • They give a quite progressive contributing application that permits you to arrange a portfolio and put it into it.


Robinhood is an application that allows you to purchase and sell stocks for free. It is the best stock investment app in which clients can purchase or sell stocks at showcase cost.


The application permits you as far as possible requests and stops misfortune arranges as well. Except if you’re a functioning dealer, this is a lot of usefulness. In addition, the application tells the truth about UI and essential exploration apparatuses.

  • Most genuine financial specialists should match Robinhood with at least one free exploration apparatuses.
  • This will assist them with building up a progressively deliberate way to deal with contributing. All things considered, you can’t beat Robinhood’s free exchanges.
  • They permit choices, fragmentary offers, and digital currency contributing; however, these are also constrained.
  • The disadvantages are truly restricted, yet one of the greatest is that the stage has gotten inconsistent as of late with enormous blackouts affecting financial specialists.


At Vanguard, you don’t have to pay commissions when you purchase and sell Vanguard ETFs. You pay no record administration charges in the event that you join to get your record archives electronically, or in case you’re a Voyager, Voyager Select, Flagship, or Flagship Select Services customer.

  • They have a stock investment app, called Vanguard
  • It doesn’t have a record least, and there is no base buy prerequisite for common assets.
  • However, stocks and ETFs it’s the expense of 1 offer.

Chase You Invest

Chase, You Invest, has been around for some time, yet not long ago, they made their foundation really bonus free stock investment app. That is the thing that makes it a sprinter up on our list of best stock investment applications.

  • Pursue You Invest is additionally one of only a handful few applications here that offer a strong reward for exchanging.
  • You can get $625 for opening another record

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a stock investment app that additionally offers commission-free stock, alternatives, and ETF exchanges, like Fidelity and TD Ameritrade.

  • Charles Schwab publicizes that they offer more sans commission ETFs that most different organizations and they significantly offer some commission-free common assets.
  • In any case, what keeps Charles Schwab out of the top is that they have a $1,000 account, at least for some record types.


E*Trade additionally offers an enormous determination of commission-free ETFs. They just as of late declared $0 stock, ETF, and alternatives exchanges; however, it is still the best app for stock investment.

  • While they do offer IRAs without any essentials, and charge no exchange expenses, but the application isn’t as easy to use as the rest.
  • Like their site, it’s slightly harder to utilize.
  • In any case, we still truly like E-Trade, and they are certainly a second place.

Axos Invest

Axos Invest offers a completely free resource to the executives. In case you pick into their computerization program, you’ll pay a 0.02% charge every month.

  • The charge maximizes $20 every month.
  • The organization doesn’t permit enough customization for clients today.


Stash is another stock investment application that isn’t free. However, it makes contributing extremely simple. They have transformed the putting procedure into a straightforward stage, and they don’t charge any commissions to contribute.

  • In any case, they do charge a month to month expense that ranges somewhere in the range of $1 to $9 every month.
  • Reserve used to be known for $5 contributing. However, they have since gone to $0 essentials, and they permit fragmentary offer contributing.


In this discussion, we discussed the best stock investment apps that you can use. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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