Top 7 Best Apps for Writers

Without writing tools, you cannot write anything, whether you are writing an email, blog post, novel, or anything else. Writing tools are essential to write anything that you are writing, and it raises the question of what are the best apps for writers to help them from basic writing to writing a full novel.

Well, this blog will answer this question. We have gathered a list of best apps for writers and stated a brief review of each app that will not only help you in writing but also boost your productivity. This list will help you to decide which app fits your needs. So, let’s start with the apps that meet the essential needs of every writer.

7 Best Apps for Writers

7 Best Apps for Writers
7 Best Apps for Writers

1-      Werdsmith – Best Apps for Writers

Werdsmith - Best Apps for Writers
Werdsmith – Best Apps for Writers

Werdsmith is one of the best apps for writers that has the ability to turn your iOS device into a writing studio, allowing you to write anything, anytime, and from anywhere. The app will enable you to categorize your ideas, projects, track word count, writing time, and much more. Though some users have minor issues after tracking the word counts, the app rated among the best from the majority of the users, still if you face any issue on the app, you can contact to its support team, and they are quite good about fixing bugs and responding your queries.

2-      Reedsy Book Editor – Best Apps for Writers

Reedsy Book Editor - Best Apps for Writers
Reedsy Book Editor – Best Apps for Writers

Reedsy Book Editor is another best app for writers. The app features a sleek interface and straightforward formatting options, making it a must-have choice for modern writers. The app allows you to drag/drop images, insert images, track changes to look at previous versions of your book, and much more. The app is free to have and offers functions that even the majority of paid writing apps don’t offer.

The app also features typesetting features that save a whole lot of time when you get to formatting your book for publication. If you are trying to have an all-in-one app that offers writing, formatting, and typesetting tools, Reedsy Book Editor should be your go-to choice.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Distraction-free writing experience with a beautiful interface.
  • Work together on the manuscript in real-time, editing prose, tracking changes, and making comments.
  • Export files for instant distribution to eBook stores.

3-      Evernote – Best Apps for Writers

Evernote - Best Apps for Writers
Evernote – Best Apps for Writers

Evernote is another best app for writers and one of my favorite writing apps. The app basically a simple note-taking app, but it allows you to customize it as per your preferences. Since the app is compatible with any device, such as Android, iOS, desktop, etc. it should be your go-to choice for writing and note-taking. The free version of Evernote allows you to create separate notebooks as much as you need.

Furthermore, the app also offers various other features that are worth trying, such as transcribe voice notes into text, incredible integration with other supported apps, team collaboration if you are working on a project with your colleagues, sync across multiple devices, and more. You can use its free version before going for the pro version of the app at an affordable cost.

 Key Features and Functionalities

  • You can access your notes anytime and from anywhere without requiring an internet connection.
  • Free your mind worrying about space, as it offers up to 10 GB note uploading space.
  • Presentation mode, business card scanning, PDF annotation, Concierge support, and much more.

4-      IA Writer – Best Apps for Writers

IA Writer - Best Apps for Writers
IA Writer – Best Apps for Writers

IA Write is another best app for writers who are looking for a distraction-free writing app to write blog posts and articles. The app is best for handling smaller projects. The app only highlights the part you are currently writing and fade away everything else to deliver a better and distraction-free writing experience. Since the app is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Desktop, it allows you to concentrate only on the point, which is more effective for a creative writing project.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Syntax highlight, content blocks, hashtags, and more.
  • Focus mode, reading time, auto markdown, etc.
  • Custom writing fonts for an enhanced writing experience.
  • Support Word files to export.
  • Support tables, pictures, footnotes, and more.
  • Distraction-free writing experience.

5-      Microsoft Word – Best Apps for Writers

Microsoft Word - Best Apps for Writers
Microsoft Word – Best Apps for Writers

Microsoft Word doesn’t need any introduction as we use it daily as a basic writer for our projects. The app is although paid but worth trying, and you can write a complete novel on that. The app offers various essential features to writers and authors to help them writing novels, articles, blog posts, ebooks, notes, and much more.

Furthermore, the app also offers features that most of the users never use or unaware, such as text-to-speech, synonyms lookup, keyboard shortcuts, researcher toolset, enhanced proofreading, linked notes, word count, and much more. If you have Microsoft Word on your system, you should start writing articles, blog posts, novels, or any other thing that you want to write.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Word allows you to convert a bullet list into SmartArt, list to a table, etc.
  • Quick selection methods, and you can create a custom tab.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to speed up your writing speed.
  • Text-to-speech, grammar check, word count, synonyms lookup, and much more.
  • Insert images and remove the background.

6-      Scrivener – Best Apps for Writers

Scrivener - Best Apps for Writers
Scrivener – Best Apps for Writers

If you are a writer and write long novels, articles, screenplays, etc., Scrivener could be your best writing app that you can have. The app is suitable for a longer form of content writing. It offers many more features than other standard writing apps to help authors and writers to help their complicated writing projects, ideas, etc. efficiently.

Since the app can be used on both mobiles and desktops, you can write from anywhere and anytime. Scrivener app is a must-have tool for those who write the longer form of content, such as ebooks, novels, etc. it helps them to outline chapters efficiently and convert books into ebook format if you want to publish your work by yourself on Amazon or any other publication platform.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Launch the app, and it will take you to the spot from where you left off.
  • View all the documents of your project in Binder for an at-a-glance overview.
  • Save your ideas to work on them later when you are ready.
  • Add notes to the work you are currently working on.
  • Use color coding on your documents to track the data you are looking for.
  • Free your mind about losing your data as it automatically saves your work.
  • Use its fullscreen composition mode for a distraction-free writing environment.
  • Work on your projects from anywhere, anytime, using it on your smartphone or desktop.

7-      Google Docs – Best Apps for Writers

Google Docs - Best Apps for Writers
Google Docs – Best Apps for Writers

Google Doc is basically an alternative to Microsoft Word, but you can use it for free. If you are a writer and looking for the best writing apps, you will be amazed by the features that it offers, ranging from working offline on your projects to sync multiple devices and much more that too for free of cost. Moreover, you can work together with other writers and your colleagues if you are working on a combined project.

Another incredibly great feature that it offers is that you can share a link to other people, and they can see anything you are currently working on in real-time. If you are a writer, this is the best way to present your readers with a glimpse into the composition. Work freely without worrying about saving your data over and over again, since it is an online tool and automatically saves your work. You can install it on your iOS, Android, or desktop and work from anywhere and anytime on your projects.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Sometimes, when you don’t want to use your fingertips to type, you can use your voice using its voice typing tool.
  • Suggestion mode, clear formatting, add more fonts, tag others in a comment, bookmarks, and much more.
  • Use offline mode to access your data when you can’t connect to an internet connection.
  • Use voice commands instead of using your fingertips for typing.


Writers who love writing, let it be novels, blog posts, articles, screenplays, or any other thing, never stop looking for the best apps for writers. If you are one of them, you can use any of the above mentioned best writing apps to improve your writing skills and boost productivity. All of these apps are worth trying and mostly free or comes at an affordable price. Your ideas regarding our best apps for writers are welcome.


Q: Which app professional writers use for writing?

Ans: Best apps for writers who are professionals include Scrivener, Google Docs, MS Word, etc.

Q: Which writing app can I use on my Android phone?

Ans: Evernote is among the best writing apps for writers that you can use on your Android device.

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