Best Adventure Games That You Should Try

Sometimes you aren’t interested in a fast-paced shooter or any other similar games. You want to slow things down and experience other games that can fit in various categories and genres. In those cases, it is a great idea to search for some real adventure games and let them carry you to another world.

Adventure games are one of the unique types of games. These games can’t fit in a specific category, and often, they fit into multiple genres at a time. Considering it, we have collated a list of best adventure games that you can enjoy and experience different gameplay.

6 Best Adventure Games

Best Adventure Games
Best Adventure Games

Below are some best adventure games that will take you on a fictional adventure, and if you are ready for that, then see the list below;

1- Another Eden

Another Eden
Another Eden

The game that tops our best adventure games is Another Eden. The same developer as Chrono Trigger designs the game, and there are various callbacks to that game. The gameplay isn’t similar to other normal RPG, as well as doesn’t use story progression of mission-style and has no virtual menus.

Players take off on an adventure through numerous points. It has some gacha elements and some non-story missions to complete as well that fit into the side quests in the game structure. The games will give you a feel of JRPGs that are introduced in the late 90s and early 20s. The game is a really fantastic one, and you can play it without spending a single penny.

Key Features

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Rich and immersive console-quality content for smartphones
  • Classic yet modern TPG transcending time and space
  • The epic story throughout the antiquity, present, and future
  • Play on both iOS and Android smartphones

2- A Way Out

A Way Out
A Way Out

A Way Out is another one of the best adventure games that you should play to experience a unique gameplay experience. If you aren’t interested in single-player games, then this game is what you are looking for. The game can only be played between two players on local split-screen cooperative or online. Opening in prison in the 70s, it urges players and their partners to work as a team to plot their escape imprisonment effectively.

It is an innovational setup in which players are required to work together to make further progress. At one phase, a player will be able to create a distraction so that their partner can pick up an object which will help them in their escape plan. At the end of the game, both the players will help the protagonists Leo and Vincent to go on the run.

A Way Out offers a play free online that enable players to join online sessions bosted by their friends. Moreover, the games also feature various sub-category games, including Grenade Brothers, banjo and piano duet, arm wrestling, bottle shooting, baseball, horseshoes, and many more.

Key Features

Some of its key features include;

  • Numerous mini-games, including bottle shooting, horseshoes, basketball, arm wrestling, and many more.
  • Multiple gameplay situations that make the game and its characters more exciting
  • High-stakes campaigns to make players engaged
  • Support multiple platforms

3- Crashlands


This is yet another most popular and best adventure game, where players play as a space trucker knows as Flux. The game kicks off to crash you onto an alien planet, and players are required to retrieve their cargo, build a base for themselves, involved in fights with bad guys, and save the world from disaster.

Additionally, the games offer various elements that include combat, crafting, RPG character leveling, and tame creatures who will fight in your favor. The game features a ton of content and is a deep game, which can be played on both PCs and mobile phones.

Key Features

Some of its key features include;

  • Expansive crafting system to unlock about five-hundred craftable items while exploring the world and discovering its secrets
  • Infinite inventory, and retrieving tools when you need them to focus on adventuring, building, and questing.
  • Create more amazing items to become more powerful and venture to new regions of the world, explore new stories, meet interesting characters, and fight new enemies
  • Create fascinating and sprawling bases in a matter of a few minutes
  • Save your touchscreen and use compatible controllers to rub your sweaty hands on joysticks

4- Eighty Days

Eighty Days
Eighty Days

If you are tired of playing mainstream games and want something different, then you should try Eighty Days, which is one of the best adventure games. The players play the game as Phileas Fogg’s loyal valet, Passepartout, and approached to circumnavigate the planet in eighty days.

The game allows users to use submarines, airships, trains, and even camels. After leaving London on a submarine to Paris, players are allowed to take a route of their own choice around the world traveling from city to city.

Players playing a role as valet are required to manage finances, the health of their master, time, as well as selling and buying items in numerous markets across the globe. Players are allowed to make choices in story sections, which will heavily impact on how their journey proceeds.

Moreover, the game features various secrets, hidden ending and Easter Eggs, and numerous references to Verne’s work as well that include From Earth to the Moon and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Freedom to choose your own route across a 3D globe
  • Use submarines, trains, airships, or even camels, and more to travel around the globe
  • Stunning art by Jaume
  • The in-game clock that never stops running for a breakneck race
  • Live feed to view the position of all other players of the game

5- Oddmar


Oddmar is another best adventure game designed by the same developers as Leo’s Fortune. Your role in the game is a struggling Viking who isn’t worth a place in Valhalla and struggles to get back his honor. That is what, as a player, you are required to do throughout the game.

Oddmar features smooth gameplay, outstanding controls, and amazing level designs, as well as touch all of the extras with Google Play Games cloud saves, and support for game controllers. The game can be played while you are offline after downloading all of its components.

It features only twenty-four levels introducing a three-star strategy to encourage replayability. The game can be played free for its initial stages, and if you want to access the rest of the game, you can go through in-app purchase for just $4.

Key Features

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Support for iCloud game saves and game controllers
  • Display your hidden power through magically imbued shields and weapons
  • Face off foes on your way through magical forests, treacherous mines, and snowy mountains
  • Take off for a journey across twenty-four astonishing hand-crafted levels of puzzles and platforming challenges

6- To the Moon

To the Moon
To the Moon

To the Moon is a story-telling and best adventure game designed by Freebird Games. The storyline of the game revolves around two doctors who want to fulfill a wish of a dying man using its artificial memories. It features a few gameplay mechanics, as players control two doctors, explore narrative and solve puzzles in an attempt to rebuild dying man’s memories to fulfill his last wish.

Once the players collect all the items and see all the memories, they are able to connect specific objects that exist across two memories to roam freely between them. At this stage, players are able to manipulate memories. Swapping characters, events, and objects to make the dying man believe that he had accomplished his dream of reaching the Moon.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Unique and non-combat story-driven gameplay
  • An original soundtrack that is close to the game story
  • Music box feature that enables backstage music playing and in-game music downloading
  • Play on different devices through sharing DIY QR
  • A mixture of adventure game components and classic RPG aesthetics


If you are love playing games and want to experience something new, then you should try playing some adventure games. These games are unique and often feature a mixture of various genres and categories.

Above are some of the best adventure games that you can play for a new gaming experience. If you have any ideas regarding this list, you can comment below to make this list more comprehensive.


Here are some frequently asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Are adventure games still available?

Ans: Adventure games are a popular type of play, combining all kinds of genres and categories. They are still available for every platform.

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