What is Difference Between Deep and Dark Web?

Deep Web

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the Deep Web and the Dark Web and their differences. Most people don’t know what is deep web or dark web, all they know is that the internet is a source of information and they can surf through the web to get their required data. They don’t have any clue that the deep web mostly contains the benign websites, for example, email accounts that are password protected and some subscription services from the famous or widely used known sources. And those sites can only be accessed from an online form.

Before we start, you should know that the deep web has grown so much in the past few years that it is more 4-500 times much bigger than the surface web, and it is still continuing to grow. Let’s start a detailed discussion about the deep and dark web.

Deep Web

The deep web is all the data that is behind security or firewalls. You can take the examples of user databases, or business intranets, also the web archives, and your password-protected accounts and websites, etc. With the estimate, it is much larger than the surface web. Deep web differs from both the surface web and the dark web.

There is a massive number of those people who want to get benefits from the Deep Web’s approach of allowing anonymous communication and its uses. We have listed some of the people, groups, or individuals who are at a large scale benefitted by the services of Deep web in the past few years.

  • Anti-Censorship Advocacy Groups and Political Protestors
  • Journalists and the Whistleblowers
  • Residents of the Oppressive Political Regimes

Key Points of Deep Web

The Deep Web contains plenty of data, info, and a lot of possibilities, such as.

  1. It has the data related to the internal sites of companies, or associations, and the trade organizations
  2. It is also associated with the intranet systems of schools, colleges, and universities.
  3. Association with access to online databases
  4. Every info of password-protected websites with a members-only access
  5. Timed access pages
  6. Paywalls for the blocked digital content online
  7. Any individual’s personal account info for social media, email, banking, and more

Dark Web

The Dark Web refers to anonymously hosted and accessible websites that exist within Deep Web. You cannot access directly to these websites because they are not indexed through the usual search engines. In order to access dark web, you will need to use special software made for this purpose, which disguises the IP address. The Onion browser is one of the most commonly used software that is used to access the Dark Web, and it is referred to as TOR.

As compared to the deep web, the dark web is very small, and it consists of numerous sites that have an anonymous and popular marketplace. This place is mostly used to sell illegal or restricted products such as weapons, guns, or drugs, and most of people have the firm purpose of doing all this when they get access to the Dark Web. You may think that it is a risky place or very hard to find, but anyone can find it and deep dive into it with the right set of tools.

The dark web requires a browser to access, and it consists of websites which use public internet and those which are not indexed by the search engines to make sure the anonymity. Here on the dark web, only the stolen data is traded, or sold, and used for personal gains or for financial, political gains.

All the illegal services can be found on the dark web, which includes the fraud or selling or buying things through certain sites or stolen accounts or their info specifically. Some other data can be sold, such as credit card number or PayPal info. And the other sites on the dark web sell illegal weaponry or the drugs; some sell imitation and other stolen equipment or pornography. Here you can also find some fake passports and fake IDs or any kind of fake documents that can be used for a purpose.

Some of the major things that you can view or get access to using the dark web are.

Access Stolen information.

When there has been any data breach from somewhere, there is a chance to get access to the information from the Social Security numbers, or also, the bank card numbers can get in hand from here.

Illicit substances.

You can get illegal drugs and prescription drugs and other such pharmaceuticals that are added and sold on the Dark Web. You may also find toxic chemicals that can cause any type of damage to anything.

Disturbing items and services.

The ugliest thing about the dark web is, you can also get murderers-for-hire, and you may find human trafficking, child pornography, or cut down or stolen human body parts, counterfeit goods, and heavy guns for sale.


In this discussion, we discussed the difference between the deep and dark web and how they are very different from the surface web. We hope you have got the required info that we shared because all the info added here is authentic and true. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed in detail about both of these webs and what they provide to the users. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Is it really illegal to be on the deep web?

It is not actually illegal to visit the dark web, but it provides an access to illegal activities. These websites on the dark web are encrypted that require a software to access to the dark web using a Tor encryption tool. That is also called the Onion Browser.

Top Best Mac Terminal Commands That You Should Try

Best Mac Terminal Commands

The Terminal is a very powerful tool of macOS. It allows a user to input commands and gets some output as a result of those commands without having to use a mouse or navigating through a lot of places. It is a quick way of getting a response. The Terminal is a command-line interface, and you can say it is more powerful than a graphical user interface.

You need to know that using the Terminal is a very sensitive scenario, and most people are afraid to use it because they are not aware of the commands properly, and they are scared of messing up the system with one typo that can make things go wrong with the system.

best mac terminal commands
best mac terminal commands

Before we start off with the terminal commands, our sincere advice will be to the users is that, try to use the Terminal more seriously and effectively because it is the most powerful tool on a macOS. You can directly use mac commands to do anything instantly through the Terminal. Let’s start our discussion about the best terminal commands and their purposes.

Best Mac Terminal Commands

First, go to Terminal that is located in the Applications and then go to the utility folder, and then you can use your commands with the Mac. At the start, you will see:

Macbook:~ Jordan$

This is a prompt where you can enter the commands and make Mac do whatever you want to. We will be using proper commands to identify how to enter commands by using a $ sign, and we will enter the commands followed by a $ sign. So let’s get this discussion started.

We are going to work on the basic and easy to understand commands that you can get to know easily and understand what they are used for. To start the Terminal and let’s get going with the commands and their functionalities.

Keeping Mac Awake Command

If we talk about apps, then there are many apps to use to disable the sleep function of your Mac, such as Amphetamine. But there are much easier ways if you think of, you can do this with a lot shorter and easier process by using commands in your Terminal. In order to put your Mac in a state where the sleep function stays off, you can use the following command with the Terminal.


keeping mac awake
keeping mac awake

This command will stop your Mac from going to sleep mode. And when you want your Mac to rest afterward, you can turn down your laptop or press the Ctrl + C button to revert its changes.

Downloading Files Without using Browser

If you are looking for a file to download from the internet, it’s not necessary that you use a browser to get it downloaded. Mac terminal has command for downloading a file from the internet, too, in which all you have to do is specify the folder in which you want that file to be downloaded in. It is set to be downloaded in the download folder by default. But you can also change it according to your choice. The access to download folder is

cd ~/Downloads/

and after that, to download your file type, you need to type in the following command.

curl -O [and insert the URL of the file]

Checking the Server Command

Ping is a terminal command that is very useful that you can use on an everyday basis because it lets you check the response of domain or an IP address such as websites like Google to see how quickly and efficiently it takes the server to respond.

Checking server command
Checking server command

To perform Ping command, you will need to enter the following command in your Terminal:

ping www.google.com

You should remember that you can replace the URL with any of the website’s URL that you want to access, or you can use an IP address instead.

Showing Hidden Files and Folder

MacOS creates a lot of hidden files and folders for many reasons. And a normal user doesn’t know what files are being kept as hidden and why is that. But in case if you need to track any hidden file or folder, then you can do it easily with a terminal command. You can type.

Show hidden files
Show hidden files

“defaults write com.apple. Finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool TRUE” in the terminal command. And then type:

killall Finder

You can also change TRUE to FALSE when you want to hide those files again.

Copying Files from One Folder to Another

In the normal routine, a person uses drag and drop to copy any file or folder from one place to another. Terminal also has an easy command for this, too, and you can use it to easily place or move the file to a new location. This command is called the ditto command, and here’s how you can use it in Terminal.

Copy files from folder to folder
Copy files from folder to folder

Type the command: Ditto [original folder location] [new folder location]

In this command, the ‘original folder’ and ‘new folder’ are the paths of these files as the source and destination of the files. You can type “-v” to see each file’s name in the Terminal window as it is copied after Ditto.

Disabling Screenshot Drop Shadows

You may notice that when you take a screenshot of a window in OS X, then it shows a drop shadow by default, which also adds some wasted pixels to it. If you want to make your screenshots shadow-free, then you can use the following command for this purpose.

Disable screenshot shadow
Disable screenshot shadow

“$ defaults write com.apple.screen capture disable-shadow -bool TRUE.”

You can restart your Mac if you want to see the changes, or you can use another command right there to see instant changes that you made. Using a command like

$ killall SystemUIServer

It stops the graphical front-end to OS X for some time, and then it restarts instantly, and then you can take a screenshot to notice that the shadow doesn’t exist with the screenshot. And if you are thinking that this is not a good idea and you want to reverse the changes, you can use the following command.

“$ defaults write com.apple.screen capture disable-shadow -bool FALSE.”

$ killall SystemUIServer

Making your Mac say Things You Want

Mac can also say anything that you want it to say just by using terminal commands. With the right commands, you can help out your Mac to say things out loud. And you can use the “say” command in order to let your Mac speak. Then you have to add the command after the say command. For example.

say “Hi Sarge; Terminal says holla.”

When you type in this command in the Terminal, your Mac will exactly say the same sentence written in quotes with its default built in voice system.

Make Mac say things
Make Mac say things

Checking for Updates

Mac usually checks for updates on a weekly basis that is set as default. And it runs a scan on the apps on Mac App Store too. But you can change these settings too by using terminal commands for this purpose. If you want your Mac to check for updates on a daily basis, then you can enter the following command.

“defaults write com.apple.SoftwareUpdate ScheduleFrequency -int 1”

You can set the integer to the number of your choice, and it represents the number of days that your Mac will have to wait in order to check for the updates. And if you want to return back to the default weekly checking of updates, you can use the following command:

“defaults write com.apple.SoftwareUpdate ScheduleFrequency -int 7.”

Enabling AirDrop on Mac

AirDrop is a great feature of Mac to send files quickly and easily without dealing with any third party file sharing app. If your Mac doesn’t support the AirDrop, then you can enter the following command to use:

“$ defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces -bool TRUE.”

Enabling Airdrop on Mac
Enabling Airdrop on Mac

After this, you will need to restart the Finder first, and you can do that quickly by using killall command in the Terminal that will restart it instantly.

$ killall Finder

And in case you want to revert the changes, enter:

“$ defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces -bool FALSE.”


In this discussion, we discussed about the best Mac terminal commands that an individual can use with its Mac for easy and quick access to do anything with the system. Keep in mind that these commands are sensitive, and you need to be very careful so that you don’t mess up your system. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed in detail of these commands. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


What are the commands?

A command is an instruction that is given to the computer app to perform any operation or some kind of task that gives some output. Each device or the OS has their own command interfaces such as windows has its own Command Line Interface where you can enter commands to make the computer do things, and the Mac has a terminal in which commands tell it what to do.

Best Modem Router Combo For Comcast

Modem Router Combo For Comcast

If you are internet user and you have to pay on a monthly basis in line rent, then you can adopt a better way and utility to use your internet. If you think about it this way, that how much you pay to your network provider on a monthly basis and then how much it becomes if you count it according to a yearly basis. Then you think of a new way and a better source to use the internet.

If you have money, you can buy internet devices like Fast WiFi 6 or Mesh System for your ease and comfort. But if you are thinking to simplify your internet setup even more and you want to get rid of multiple devices, then a combo is the best solution for this purpose. In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best Modem Router Combo that you can get for your Comcast.

NetGear C6250

Netgear is a good brand that makes the best cable modem router combo. It is common with the gamers community as they get a complete package in one place for their setup. The C6250 is one of the new models that is in the huge demand now because of its configurations and multiple options, along with a great performance. It may not be the fastest device because it has a speed limit of 680Mbps with a 16×4 channel bonding configuration. The good thing about this NetGear device is that it is a dual-band box, so you can get 2.4GHz, and GHz WiFi speeds on any smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, and other connected gadgets.

This device is compatible with Xfinity, COX, and Spectrum, and is not compatible with the CenturyLink, DSL providers, AT&T, DirecTV, Verizon, DISH, and such voice service providers. If you want the best speed, then it works the best with the provider with a speed of 300Mbps. The router can give 1600 Mbps connection speed as wireless if you are really into gaming and HD streaming.

Motorola MG 7540

Motorola MG 7540 comes with 4 gigabits of Ethernet ports. If you are using it with the cable providers, then it is the best use with speed up to 375 Mbps. It is the first modem router combo from Motorola that features a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and also a built-in dual-band AC1600 WiFi with 1 GB router that can give a speed of 1600 Mbps. The MG7540 from Motorola is a powerful device that can be used with providers like Xfinity and Xfinity X1, or the Spectrum, BrightHouse, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Mediacom, WOW and such. But there is a thing to keep in mind that it is not compatible with CenturyLink, Verizon, AT&T, DSL, and satellite services.

Motorola MG7550

The Motorola company also has another device that produces modem/router combos directly for the users that is MG7550 is one of the best options as a Dual-band in AC1900 range with DoS protection and functions like power boost that extends the signal range. This wireless gateway has a set of 16×4 channel configuration, and it can support the speeds of up to 686Mbps. The upstream speed with this device is quite good that is 123Mpbs. You get four Gigabyte Ethernet ports with the device, and the WiFi system is better and amazing with the performance.

The signal strength with this device is so good that you can get it anywhere in your house unless you are living in a palace.

NetGear C3700

Netgear C3700 is an affordable option as a modem router combo for the internet users that offers the connectivity that a rental modem does offer in a normal routine. If you are settled in a small home, then it is the best choice for you because it can support up to 2 GB Ethernet ports along with dual antennas for better signal frequency range. While it is offering a dual-band WiFi support with a 2.4GHz frequency upto 5GHz. It is an 802.11n router, which means that the speed with this device may not be that fast that you would expect, but still, it is quite good enough that it can handle a couple of streaming and share in HD. It can support streaming websites with a resolution of 4K like Netflix streaming.

Even if you connect as many devices, you may be surprised by the performance of this device as a wired connection that is supporting dozens of connections. The good thing is that connecting it or setting it up is not that hard, rather it is quite easy, and you just have to unplug your old modem and then plug your connection with the C3700, and you are good to go.

NetGear C6300

This is another great device by the NetGear that comes as a good value for money, which supports Comcast Xfinity plans of both 150 and 200 Mbps, and it can also be expanded up to 300 Mbps. Just like Motorola, it works on DOCSIS 3.0 standard with 16×4 channels that are down and up bonded. The good thing with this NetGear device is that it has wired connectivity options such as 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB port and it also gives out a good performance with the WiFi speed with support of AC1750 to give out a good performance of 1750 Mbps of internet speed on the wireless radio.

It fully supports the Comcast Xfinity as a combo of modem and router devices. NetGear has a “ReadyShare” technology that allows connectivity for the USB storage device with the USB port and lets you access your files through its WiFi network. Using this method, you can also stream audios or videos that you have in your USB device. Some of the great features that this device has are such as value-for-money, and it allows room for expansion if you want to increase the Internet speed. There are also plenty of wired ports for connectivity.

Arris SBG10

The Arris SBG10 is also a good modem router combo for Comcast with high ratings all over the world. People are using this device often because it is reliable, and it also works great with the Comcast Xfinity, so it fits pretty easily anywhere. You can use this device with a speed of 250Mbps easily. And it is cheaper than the regular rental network provider.

It has 2 GB ports for connecting the wired devices such as a gaming console or a smart TV or such smart devices that support internet connectivity. You may experience a bit of a change or a problem with this device, that unlike other devices, it does not have any USB port. You can see that WiFi supports 802.11AC at a good speed of 1600 Mbps that is the best suitable choice if you are living in a small home or an apartment. Some of the good things about this device are, it is a compact and economical device that is really reliable and easy to setup. In order to set this device, you can use the Arris app from your mobile and call Xfinity to get your device registered with their system, and they will then allow it to work on their network.

Motorola MB8600

The Motorola MB8600 is an amazing modem combo with a max speed of 1 Gbps. The speed of this device is among the best speeds with the combo devices, and the performance is much better than all the other devices. It has a mind-blowing upstream speed of 3.8 Gbps. Along with these plus points, it also runs on DOCSIS 3.1, which you can say is the latest version, and it is way better than the standard 2.0. The problem that you may experience with this device is that not all the modems have been upgraded to such level along with their service providers, so you will need to be in an area that is supported by DOCSIS 3.0 or above. Otherwise, it might lose speed, whereas if you are in the area that is already supporting DOCSIS 3.1, then your internet speed will keep its momentum.

Some outclass features of this combo device are, a high-speed cable with support of internet up to 1Gbps and a 32 downstream with eight upstream channels. It also has 1 GB Ethernet Port with DOCSIS 3.1 technology, which is the latest and compatibilities like Cox and cable one. It supports three masked and one open ethernet ports on its back panel. These ports are used to connect many devices, such as gaming consoles, PC systems, etc. There is also a plus point that it has no built-in router, so that means you can use any router with this device. The performance is so good that if you love streaming or gaming or you watch Netflix a lot, you can do all this without getting any kind of interruption with a good HD resolution. And the device is not really difficult to setup.

If you choose this device over your regular rental network provider, it will save around $120 per year on your rental charges. You can save the extra charges and spend it on your modifications and upgrades. There is a slight problem that you can say maybe is a disadvantage of this device; that is, it can suffer a lot with a period of time because the users may not be able to use modem’s full sources and potential. Since most of the IP’s are not planning to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1, so they will have to use DOCSIS 3.0. And when the times comes to upgrade, the hardware would get a lot cheaper.

Netgear Nighthawk C7000

NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 is a modem combo device that combines a great appearance and the performance in one place. It gives a great user experience that satisfies the user with their ultimate needs. With 4 Gigabit ports and two USB ports, it provides good connectivity, and it also provides a dual-band WiFi networking with a maximum speed upto 1900Mbps that is quite good. This speed is achieved due to a 24×8 DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding that helps to achieve better signals.

The bad thing or disadvantage with this router is that it doesn’t support Windows, Linux, and Mac, and also the web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. But however, it is compatible with the major cable net providers, which is the basic purpose in the first place.


In this discussion, we discussed the best Modem Router combo for Comcast that you can get with the best services. All of the above-mentioned devices have their own ports and frequency bands that provide you the best internet facilities, and they also have a difference in performances. Yet these devices are among the best ones available in today’s market. You can choose anyone that suits your choice the best.

We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these devices that they provide to the users as facilities. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Does the Comcast sell modem router combo?

The XFINITY modems & also the WiFi routers can be rented from the Comcast for a monthly fee. And keep in mind that buying your own Comcast modem is a lot cheaper. A modem router combo can be purchased.

How can I get Comcast to lower the bill?

You can make a call to Comcast. And then navigate your way through their automated phone inquiry to Comcast’s cancellation department. Then you can

  • Cancel your service.
  • Listen to the offers.
  • Or ask for their manager.
  • Negotiate a better deal.

Top 10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Anonymous Chat Apps

As a social person, you like to interact with people, and you are always looking for certain apps through which you can connect with other people all around the world. And sometimes, you just want to stay anonymous while you are chatting with anyone, and for that purpose, you need such an app that hides your identity and keeps you hidden and secure from the people without knowing who you are.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best anonymous chats that you can use to chat with people online anonymously.


PSST is a chatting app that allows you to chat anonymously, and it does also allow you to chat privately as well. The good thing about using this app is it doesn’t keep any chat logs, so you don’t have to worry about your chats, and your user id and other personal info are also gone when you leave the app. This app comes for the best use for the people who want to stay away from their relatives or people who they know will interfere with them in any sense. So it keeps you safe and private in this way.

Psst helps the people to chat anonymously to each other without knowing each other or telling each other who they are and where they are from or any such clear data. You can easily talk anonymously with strangers. With such a platform, you can easily express your thoughts with anyone without having to worry about getting into any kind of trouble.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a great chatting app that directly contacts you with the people you have common interests with. And even if it doesn’t get you similarly interested people, you can select a random person to chat and talk about anything at all. If you both get in a good understanding and feel like you can trust each other, then you both can move into a private channel. These private channels allow you to get closer to one another, and you can then continue chatting.

You feel really easy using this app because of its simple and easy interface, and it is very convenient for its users. You wont be worried anymore about getting left alone because there are plenty of users on this platform, so you can get to know someone easily from here by chatting anonymously.

If you have mutual interests, then it is possible that you can have a quick conversation with anyone, but if you don’t have mutual interests with anyone, then the conversation is not gonna happen. If you both can start a good conversation like you can trust each other, then you both can move into a private channel to talk to. It is a simple app where you can also join other discussions and do the same.


Omegle was launched in 2008, and it is considered to be one of the most popular apps for anonymous chatting with people around the world. You get a really friendly interface in this app and good functionalities for the users to chat with strangers anywhere in the world.

You can create your profile where you can add your interests and keep all the other info as secret or anonymous so that others may not see anything else is in your bio other than your interests only. The friendly user interface lets you chat with anyone in the world very easily.

To chat with someone with same interests, you have to shake your device to start a search of Omegle users with similar interests and also lets you contact them. The good feature is also that you can do the video calls with strangers anonymously without any of your data being shared with the person.

It is just like another app to chat with people or strangers unlimitedly like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But in order to use this app, first, you need to create a free account with an email id and a password, and then you can use this app. So a user never gets tired of using such an app that even allows you to audio call or video call to any stranger anonymously.


Nimbuzz is an instant messenger that can be used to chat with people that you know, and can also be used to anonymous chat with the people that you don’t know. This app is very similar to Omegle like it also shares common mutual interests of two people and suggests them to talk to each other along with video chat calling option. It is a new app, so it may not be popular as the other apps, but it has all the set of tools and features to compete with those apps.

It can be connected with social media apps such as Facebook, etc., and from there, you can search your contacts and friendlist as well. It’s your choice to talk to people anonymously or in private.


This is a famous chat app for chatting with strangers. It is a great application developed by some skilled developers that gave it a good interface and a user-friendly dashboard to use that lets you choose to have any discussions or debates on any relevant topics. There are groups created in this app for chatting, but the individuals have anonymous identities to share their reviews or remarks about something, or they can do the discussion related to the interest of the group.

With this app, you are allowed to share any news, pictures, videos, and such media, or you can start a debate just with a simple one click. If you want to have a healthy conversation with strangers, then it is strongly recommended that you should use this app that is created by Reddit Organization, and it is a reliable source of anonymous communication with any person in the world.

Meet Me

This anonymous chat app is a dating application that can be used by singles to search and meet with people around the world online. It is a great successful app from its website, and you can use it to search for your partner. This app is available easily on Google store, and you can get it for your handheld device. It is available both for the Android and iOS users. You need to get registered on this app, and after getting registered with the app, you can browse the people with whom you want to start your conversation.

Once your conversation gets started, you can ask them out for a date or any visit outside in order to get to know each other better. It is a successful app with ratings going upwards day by day due to satisfied users from all over the world.


WeChat is the best anonymous chat app out there that has been available for a long time and, it has millions of users from all over the world, and it allows chatting, video calls, and more. There is also a shake function that users usually love very much.

But before using this app or any such app, you need to keep in mind that you don’t give away too much information, and don’t agree to meet someone so early and quickly, and don’t share the pictures that you may not wish that your family see.


This is another powerful app that has recently gained attention in the past few years for those people who need to chat anonymously by using their phones. With more number of users, day by day on this app means getting in contact with someone or to chat is a lot easier through this app. However, there is a great specialty of this app as compared to some of the other chat platforms is that the Whisper doesn’t tolerate sex-related and explicit adult contents. It only lets the users engage in meaningful conversations, where you can explain your feelings and ideas with anyone, such as total strangers using this app and relax your mind. You can do all of this without revealing your identity, and you don’t have to worry about your privacy. And it lets you search and find the people with mutual or common interests that you have with them, or it can search people by their location.

It is a great app like other famous social media chat apps, but the main focus of this chatting app revolves around providing the concept of privacy to its users. This is the reason that most of the people have started using this app to do private chats or conversations and such other things. You just have to input your data to get registered, and then all of your data is kept anonymous to all the other users, and you can have your ways to talk to any strangers or your friends anonymously.


This is a dating app like Tinder in which there are many profiles that you can go through and click on any one that you think you like and would like to talk to anonymously. You can use it for dating by getting to know each other and start a conversation with the other person. You can use the swipe features to easily start a conversation with any person whose profile you are visiting anonymously without letting them know.

For some users, it may feel like a strange app with a new interface and some different functions and methods to use, but it is good for the ones who are out there looking for a date. So it is a good choice for most of the people looking for an anonymous chat app.

Dark Chat

Dark Chat is another best app suggestion for you because it lets you connect with random individuals on the internet, and you can chat with them. This option comes with a special feature that is “light a candle.” This app is free to download, and anyone can use it. And if you are interested in getting some info about a user, then you use the “light a candle” option. If you and the other members want to “light a candle” with you too, then you will be able to see their personal info. After lighting the candle, their info is revealed.

With this app, you can also share some posts that will let you earn more candles to light, and hence you will be able to share more and more posts and connect with more people. You can even generate memes through this application and then share them. But you need to know that you cant get it downloaded from playstore now; you can only get it from APK or any other third party resource in order to use it.


In this discussion, we discussed the best anonymous chat apps from the internet that a person and download and use. Most of these apps have their own unique style, and interface and the users may have different choices in selecting any of these apps to be used for their purposes. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these apps that they provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Can an anonymous texting app be traced?

There are apps such as OneOne that is a new app for Android and iOS that offers a “private and untraceable” text messaging service. It is designed to make your chats untraceable.

How do you know if someone is texting from a fake number?

Textfree is a mobile application that you can use to do easily unlimited text messages and free calls to friends or family members. With this app, you can identify who is currently texting you or calling you.

Top 10 Best Renting Apps

Renting Apps

When you visit a new place or you are shifting from a city to another, or you just want to change your current location for getting resources, you look for houses or hotels to stay in by paying rent. Sometimes it is difficult to roam in an area or to ask people from where can you find a place on rent and get yourself a flat, room, or a house on rent. In that situation, there is a solution for you. You can use the online renting apps from where you can details about all the renting places and buildings around you in your area so that you can get the details about them and get going with your process.

Best Renting Apps

In this discussion, we will discuss the best renting apps that you can use to find a hotel, room, or houses available for rent around you so that you can make a booking or contact the owner privately.

Zillow Rentals

Zillow is a great app that Is very popular among people for renting homes from where you can search for more than hundreds and thousands of apartments or homes or such places for rents. Zillow is a great app with all the features to check and search for the rental places with their proper details besides them. There is a great feature of a rent affordability calculator that lets you filter and calculate the amount of rent that fits the best in your budget.

The good thing with this application is it information on 400,000 rental properties across the U.S., and in this app, you can customize your search that is based on specific requirements or features that you are looking for in a rental place. You can check for the garage parking options, or laundry area, or the lawn included and other such options. You can save these searches that you make on the app in order to reload those pages that you visited previously to look for a rent house. You can use the map and draw a circle with your finger to select a certain area to look for the places for rent in that area specifically. You can see all the available rental places in that area, and you can check them one by one and see which one fits the best for your choice, and then you can make a go for it.

Trulia Rentals

Another great app for searching for renting apartments is Trulia, which is in the market for a very long time. This company was owned by Zillow in 2005. Then, later on, it created partnerships with different sources to allow the website to gather more and more info related to crimes, school districts, etc. Now the Trulia Rentals app has grown so much that is created for both Apple and Android phones that helps streamline the inquiries about the rental places with its one-click feature, that directs you to contact the property manager, without having any problems to fill an inquiry form for each apartment that is in the interest and lets you with a phone number.

Some popular places in which you can look for rental spots are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston, and San Jose. Trulia searches and provides the best suitable of local context in an easy-to-use place that is suitable for the person.


Zumper is a huge rental library app that knows the local rental markets around you pretty well. When you search for anything from this app, you get all the details about properties and their description with history and the current weather conditions in that area and the local culture that is being followed there. You can add up your required criteria in the app and then the app can let you know after you turn on the alerts, it notifies you when certain requirements are met, and the app finds you a suitable rental app for your requirement. The good thing about this application is that it is available for Apple and Android phones, and it has an inventory with more than 1 million listings to which you can access and see the specific details that are your requirement. You can set up alerts to be notified about the new listings as well.

Zumper also provides you credit reports so that you can submit any rental application to a landlord through this secure app. This app is really useful in major markets such as New York or Chicago, where renters can take advantage of features available to the users such as booking the tours, making an offer on a rental, or prequalifying for an apartment. Some of the most popular cities that this app support to search for rental places in New York, L.A., Chicago, Houston, and also Dallas. The Zumper app makes it easy to rent an apartment just as booking a hotel by allowing the renters to get enlisted first as a prequalified member and depositing some advance payment for that.

This app has an instant apply feature that lets you connect to the landlord, who will review your application for your designated properties. You can filter the listings with different options such as you can choose the number of bedrooms, pet policy, or the price ranges and other options. You can choose the alerts to set them on, which will notify you whenever there is a new listing of any rental property that fits the best for your required criteria and then you can connect to that through the app and get your chance to get it before someone else gets it first.


HotPads is another great feature app for Apple and Android phones that is best known for its apartment listings within the major cities. Some unique features of this app are that its inventory displays the neighborhood or details of a selected area throughout the country, and you can also see the schools or hospitals and your walking distance from that place so that you get the idea of that place before you can make your booking. There is an option of Hot listings where you can see the places seen by most of the app users already. HotPads names the major cities in the listing, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Diego, and Philadelphia, among its top listings. The application will also share how many times the selected listing has been viewed by the users and how many times that property has been contacted.

You cannot just only book your rentals but also post your available rental place to find a roommate to share it together by using the app. You are allowed to read and review the comments or feedback by the neighbors and users about the history and highlights about that particular area.


RadPad is also another best renting app that is available for both Apple and Android phones that provides a list of available apartments nationwide. The RadPad users can pay their rent through the app by using their debit or credit card without any charges, and then it sends the payment directly to the landlord. Some of the major cities supported by this app are Dallas, Chicago, L.A, Miami, New York City, San Diego, Santa Monica, and Washington, D.C. RadPad is a Photo-based app that lets you see the apartments or rooms available for rents along with their pictures and rent and other specific details. The person who is uploading the ad can add up to 3 pictures and can also post a small virtual tour about that place.

The good thing about RadPad is that it also offers the people to pay their rents online, even if their landlord doesn’t use this app. The payments can be transferred by using debit or credit cards, and you can also easily split the rent with the people who are renting with you together as a roommate. There are other facilities from this app, such you can connect your RadPad app with your Facebook account, and then it will sync and show you which of your friends are using this app to look for a new place to live in. Using this app can save you a lot of time and tiredness, and you can search for apartments to rent without having much of a problem for you.


You know that shifting from one place to another is not that easy when you don’t know about the area or whereabouts about that place. And relocating yourself can be a bit of a problem when you really don’t know where you will find a place to rent to live in. You can use Rent.com that comes very helpful to those who want to save their money through a special feature that is called the Moving Center. The good thing about using this website app is it will help you to enter the size and location of your home and also the info about the city where you are headed, and then it will provide you help by telling you how much you will be spending.

Rent.com’s app works on both Apple and Android phones, and it allows you to find available places with visit times and lets you take a peek on the apartments which you are interested in. You can make a keen observation with specific listings based on the reviews by the people so that you can be more precise about where you should check for residence.


Apartments.com’s app is also available on both Apple and Android platforms that provide real-time availability. It uses a map through the app with details of the apartments and the rooms available, along with their fees that could be expected. It does provide 3d tours from where you can have the idea about the apartments before you can physically visit and check the apartments.

Realtor.com Rentals

The rental app supports both of the platforms, i.e., Apple and Android. It allows the user to browse using a map or a photo and gives the driving directions to that apartment location so that you can check it out. The app also alerts you when it detects an apartment of your required criteria. You can use it with a single click, and then you can talk to the leasing agent about the other details.

Realtor.com is the app that is best for you to start your hunt for the apartments, because the interface is really great and user friendly, and you can personalize a lot of things according to your choice and select prioritized features. It also gives you the info about the neighborhood in which you are searching for an apartment and lists all the details of pricing and other options. There is also a map that shows you all the restaurants, grocery stores, and other entertainment options, stores, or facilities that will be available near you.


In this discussion, we discussed the best-renting apps for a user to search for an apartment, room, or home. Each of these applications has its own features and facilities to help the user easily find its suitable required place to rent for.

We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these apps that they provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Is Zillow a good app for rentals?

Zillow is a good app for rentals; however, with recent changes about the listing rights in the industry, the problem is that not all listings are syndicated to those sites.

Are Zillow and Trulia the same?

Both of these sites are real estate databases, and they provide for-sale apartments and rental listings to the general public and also connect people with real estate agents, and they share some of the key characteristics. Both have formed up the same company, Zillow bought Trulia.

Top 10 Best Sleep Apps

Sleep Apps

There are many benefits when a person sleeps on time to keep his mind and body fresh and active. But there are a number of people who are not getting sleep at night on a regular basis due to many reasons.

List of Best Sleep Apps

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best sleep apps that you can find for yourself to help you sleep at night and maximize your winks and then send you into a good deep sleep.

Some of the best sleep apps are as under.


Headspace is a great meditation app that relaxes your mind and lets you forget about all the worries, and it is also great for sleep. If you download the free version of this app, it has Sleepcasts, which are about 45-55 minutes of audio experience with a bedtime story or narration that helps you to visualize some of the calming experiences, like a slow drive or a walk through a dune. You get newly updated stories every night so that you do not get bored from the app.

And if in case you want to get the premium version with full benefits, you can more than that. Like you may get 40 different themed meditation courses that can help you rest and sleep and a lot of sleep casts and music options to choose from them. It is a free app, but you can get it for full access on a yearly basis for $95.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is a good sleep app that is designed to help you to get relief from insomnia, and you can sleep very easily and comfortably in your bed. If you are having a problem while sleeping at night, then you can use this app to help yourself relax, go to sleep. You can download it from the Google play store. With this app, you can select some relaxing audio and sounds, add a touch of nature, or combine it with a melody. It lets you feel a choice of mindfulness relaxing meditations can that can lure you soundly to sleep.

In addition to this, you can create your own mixes; melodies are shared by the Relax Melodies community, which can be accessed easily to discover new sound combinations. To improve your relaxing and soothing experience, you can integrate your favorite songs from the library to the sound layers to create your tune.


Recolor is an app that provides you more than 1,000 images that are colorful, and they help you to relax, rest your mind, and also send you into a meditative state. The good thing is that you are connected to the internet, so you get new pictures every day that makes you focus on them and make you feel sleepy after some time. The library of this app is organized by theme with categories from animals, pictures of any food, and patterns, sports, pop arts, scenery, or sea life.

After you select an image, then the app automatically offers a color palette with a lot of shades and contrast mixtures to complete the artwork. This way, it helps you channel your anxiety into spending time in making a satisfying and creative output to relieve the stress from your life, and then you can sleep peacefully.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app that can analyze your sleep pattern after tracking it. You can set to choose your times such as wake up time or sleep time in the app and then the app will gently stir you from your slumber when you are at your lightest phase of sleep to ensure that when you wake up, you are feeling rested, refreshed, and also ready for the next day. The app uses a microphone from your phone so that it can pick the movements when you sleep using its vibration and sound analysis tool, and then it analyzes that data to check if you are in deep sleep or light sleep or if you are in your dreams just with random eye movements.

The application analyzes the data to check if you are in light sleep, deep sleep, or a dream state is known as random eye movement (REM) sleep, and it pinpoints the optimal time to wake you up within a 30-minute window that you set. There is also a statistics dashboard that displays graphs and analysis of your sleep phases, and the other is Trends dashboard that details your sleep quality percentage and sleeps and wakes up times, and it can even detect, track, and measure the snoring sound as well. Monitoring sleep with Sleep Cycle is easy and hassle-free.

Relax and Sleep Well – Hypnosis & Meditation

It is an app that may not work for everyone, but hypnosis has been used to treat a variety of issues, such as relieving pain, fighting alcoholism, and smoking. Hypnosis can also be used to treat insomnia; some people treat themselves with that. This hypnosis app is used to help you get into a state of relaxation.

Relax and Sleep Well is a sleep app that can help you get a good deep sleep if you have insomnia or such other sleeping problem. The app combines its voice-led hypnosis and relaxing sounds from its library to lure you into the sleep.

Pzizz Sleep

Pzizz is a good sleep app that combines different features such as music, sound effects, and beats to make a person’s mind relax and ease him into the sleep. Pzizz is a great app that generates a different soundtrack every time you are using it. The sounds are similar, but the tone is changed a bit enough that your mind gets to relax, and you feel sleepy. This repetition helps you get to relax and good sound sleep. You can also set a timer for a sleep session, so it keeps on playing a soothing music tone that is a combo of music, voiceovers, and some sound effects while you go into the rest mode and snooze; then after the time is completed, you can wake up with its set up alarm.

But keep in your mind that in order to get access to the full features of this app, you will need to upgrade it to choose different sounds. You can get this app for seven days as a free trial. The free trial lasts only a week, and then you are charged $9.99 per month and $69.99 per year.

Sleep Time

Sleep Time is an app that has a state-of-the-art algorithm that can analyze sleep. It provides a comprehensive insight into your sleep pattern. It can monitor your movements when you turn it on, and it stays active all night and generates customized data of your sleep cycles. It makes some easy-to-read graphs and charts. You can also set up Sleep Time’s smart alarm after it learns your sleep patterns to wake you up during the perfect moment of your lightest sleep phase when you are sleeping.

Your body and mind take an hour to fully awaken, which makes you feel exhausted and drained from your health. So this app adds some soundscapes like gentle waves and raindrop sounds or forest storms that generate a relaxing tune in your ears and stimulate your brain with the natural environment to enhance your ability to get to good sleep quickly. The dashboard of Sleep Time gives you a report of your progress and sleep activity and other Insights so that you can find the patterns about the variables that are affecting your sleep.


Pillow is another best sleep tracking app that has an analysis alarm clock that monitors your activity at night. The design is clean, and beautiful with an easy to use interface. The algorithm used in the Pillow app uses motion detection and sound pattern to create a complete picture of your sleeping session. There is a comprehensive sleep stage graph or a diagram that plots the times in which you are awake and when you were in deep phases of sleep, as well as it also provides sleep session statistics. Pillow is integrated with Apple’s Health app that helps you to get more knowledge of your sleep using health and fitness metrics that include weight, blood pressure, and your heart rate, and caffeine or alcohol consumption to measure or monitor how these measures will affect your sleep quality.


Slumber is a sleep app that offers combinations of experiences in order to get you to sleep. It may consist of meditation procedure, or a six-part bedtime story, or the sound of something soothing and mesmerizing. You can also choose background noise by your own choice and set it to play for up to 10 hours after the track ends.

With its updates, some of the new sleep stories that will lure you into sleep and meditations are added on a weekly basis, and you can listen to all of them all if you decide to upgrade it to the premium version. It is free app with limited features, but for 10+ episodes, you get to pay $40 per year for full access.


The calm app is also a sleep app that is very easy to use, and it has a collection of sleep stories such as bedtime stories to put a person in a relaxing sleep. It narrates or reads it aloud for the listener in any of the famous celebrities voice that makes a person more interested in the story and let him relax his mind. But the thing with this app is, you only get a few stories for free, and you can get a lot of stories or a whole library full of stories after subscription. It is free with some features, and it charges $70 per year for full access.

Sleep Score

SleepScore is a good sleep app that is slightly different from the other apps that use a different approach to record your sleeping pattern. It doesn’t need any extra gadgets or wearables to record anything from your sleeping pattern. Instead, it has a sonar station like a system that uses your microphone and speakers to record your sleep movements or to snore, etc. it has many features to benefit you with, such as counting the sleep score and variety of other metrics to analyze your sleep quality.

The Premium subscribers of this app can get access to a longer period of data tracking and more of the analysis. And it will also add a sleep report that you can show to your doctor. The free app has limited features, but the premium subscription gets you a lot of benefits at the cost of $5.99 per month.

Headspace Premium

Headspace Premium is the best relaxation app for people who have problems and stress in their life, and they can’t sleep properly. It has guided meditation and a dedicated sleeping aids section, from where you can get some soothing guided meditation. And it gives you some wind-down exercises that will let your mind get prepared for some rest. And relaxing music runs in the background that leads you to good sleep. That’s all on top of Headspace’s rich library of free and premium guided meditations.

The premium subscribers of the headspace pay $12.99 per month, getting them access to the full library with more than 40 different courses and shorter meditations.


In this discussion, we discussed the best sleep apps that you can find for yourself. Most of these apps have common features that are very friendly and helpful to users. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Does the sleep app really work?

Experts say that these apps track your sleeping patterns and may be worth trying to make you more aware of your sleep, and they may help you to sleep better.

Top 10 Best Chat Room Apps

Chat Room Apps

The people who love getting social and a lot of interactions with others are always looking for some new chat room apps that are popular and have good functionalities to provide them the need that they require. It lets them connect with new people and keep their privacy as well. Such apps let two strangers interact with each and other, and they get to know others much better. And with time they get better friends and also can get facilitated by each other.

Best Chat Room Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best chat rooms that are available today in the app store that you can download and use for yourself to interact with all the people around the world.

Palringo Group Messanger

Palringo is a popular group messenger app for the gamer community that is like a chat room where you are allowed to discuss anything about the game, you can also participate in the public opinions, and even you can have a chat with your friends in private. There is a great group functionality option, from where you can add your friends, and then you can play a wide range of games with them while you are having a group conversation during that session. It is an app that lets you search and join the dedicated communities that are created by users specifically for any kind of discussion of different games.

This app lets you play games while you are having a group chat, and it also lets you send multimedia messages such as MMS or pictures or any audio recordings. You can also create a group chat of your own, but you may also feel some issues or problems with your connection. It may let you experience some connection errors or a lack of customer support. But it does provide you a lot of good things to look on.


Twitch is an app that is created for video game enthusiasts to meet, chat, and gamers competing against each other. Twitch is owned by Amazon that is a video platform, and it has expanded into other categories. It was introduced in June 2011 as a subsidiary of Amazon. You can chat with millions of fans and users around the world. Its community has expanded allot, and it has over two million streamers each month who stream their videos just about on any topic.

Twitch offers a very great experience, enabling the user to chat via an easy-to-use chat interface with other viewers. It’s a great place to watch the professionals honing their skills. Twitch is a free source that has chat rooms for you to use and also the global chats from where you can stay in touch with your fans worldwide. Twitch is a platform that is available online as well as on mobile devices, and you can download and use it for your personal chat rooms.

Rawr Messenger

Rawr Messenger is an app that allows you to chat through a 3D character or an avatar on your mobile device. You can download and open this app, and it will let you customize or create an avatar of your own, and there are plenty of options to modify your character. You can customize everything from body shape to facial features like eye color to shoes, and then you can start chatting. The good thing is that you can also connect with your friends on Facebook, or you can invite your friends directly, but you can also have the opportunity to chat with new friends. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you need to click on the message icon on the right of the screen, then click on the Globetrotter. Now your avatar will appear on the screen, and you become available for the people, they will enter the chat room, and you can chat with them.

There are 3d different scenes for the background that includes a beach, a cafe, or night club. You can also enter a hashtag and the environment of your choice if you want to change it, for example, #cafe. It is a free app, but you can make in-app purchases such as “mall,” which will allow you to customize your avatar with more options.


Camfrog is a widely used video chat room based community that has become very popular where you can have video chats with millions of users on the app who are active from all around the world. The good thing about this app is its compatibility with all the platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, and also on PC, which makes It more universal and easy for everyone to approach. You can also search and browse through thousands of chat rooms on the app that are created by the people worldwide. You are free to join any chat room, there are no restrictions, and you can have a video chat with those participants in the room.

It has great features like Cross-platform and compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac, and PC, and it has a Room browser where you can search and browse through active chat rooms. You can also have a live group video chat with random people or other active members of the chat room. You also have the ability to add friends to your contact list. But there may be some problems such as the recent update changed the user interface making it hard to use and to access some features you will require to have a pro version.

The Link

The Link is a chat room app that is designed and created to help you to connect with the people and create chat rooms within your city or your country. You can browse and search for chat rooms through this app based on their categories and your categories of interest, and it does count your geographical location. And when you find a relevant or interesting chat room, you can request for it to join in. But you need to keep in mind that the app is not only limited to chat rooms and groups. Here you are allowed to connect with people in private so that you can start a private conversation with them. Using these chat rooms, you are allowed to express your emotions or condition using media options such as photos, audio, and videos

To shrink the details in one place, you can join chat rooms and connect with people based on your location and your interest, and you can share mutual interests. You are also allowed to share pictures, videos, and audio files using chat rooms. But the issues that you may feel are that this app has been outdated for a long time, so you may encounter some issues. And not to forget some chat rooms and communities are poorly managed.


ICQ was launched in 1996, and it is one of the earliest chat platforms by AOL, and it became really famous for group chats in the past and old days. And now, in the current era, this platform still gets into the list of best popular chat room place to make new friends and connect with people and hosts free chat rooms that cover some common interests such as location, language, and fun pop trends.

It gives you chat rooms that are a fun way to meet new people all around the world. And you can connect and get social with the people online, but you should be careful to use chat rooms with care, and you should also be very careful in sharing personal information of yours or your exact location with any person in the chat room or via the mobile app. Keep yourself safe from everything in such chat rooms and apps.

Badoo is a platform that makes you get social and interact with people around the world. You can also use this app for dating purposes. It is available on the internet, and you can get it downloaded on your mobile devices. Badoo is specifically a dating app, but you do have the option to specify and explain why you are using this app or what you are here for. You can add options like making new friends, or just for chatting or dating. It has a “nearby” feature, which enables a user to find new friends in his area or geographic location that he inserted.

It is a free app, but you can make the in-app purchases such as “Superpowers,” which can be purchased for credits in the app that you have to buy from your account. It will allow you to gain additional friends and exposure to new people.

Band Group And Communities

It is a chat room app in which you can even join chat rooms, or forums, and the local communities that are based on your location so that you easily can get in touch with locals around you or around in your country. You can choose a location and set it as your location and then find nearby groups and communities or the chat rooms.

With this app, there are thousands of chat rooms that you can join, including rooms for games, food, travel and leisure, fitness, or any sports. This is easy to use the app for the management of a private community or group of people to stay in touch with each other. The good thing about this app is its ability to share files or the calendar events, and it lets you create a poll, or share photo albums, and chat with members. And the groups that are created can be accessed from the smartphone or even a computer with an Internet connection.


Viber is a popular communication that gained attention worldwide due to its built-in messenger app that also allows you to stay in touch with your friends and contacts via video calls, audio calls, and messaging. Viber also allows you to participate in public chats or chat rooms actively. You can search and find chat rooms with the topic of your interest from around the world. And you can also share and exchange your views with the community in that chat.

Using this app, you can find trending topics using the Discover chat feature. And you can share, exchange, and learn a lot about other people’s opinions on relevant topics of your interest using these Public Chat rooms.


In this discussion, we talked about the best chat room apps that are available to you for your interest and ease. You can use these apps and their great features to get your desired demand fulfilled, or you can join in just for chatting with random people online. These apps let people connect with new people and keep their privacy as well. Such apps let two strangers interact with each and other, and they get to know others much better. And with time they get better friends and also can get facilitated from each other.

All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. What are the world’s most-used apps?

The world’s most-used apps from the year 2019, according to the statistics, are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. Collectively, these apps are downloaded by 16 billion people around the world to be used with WhatsApp holding the top spot.

2. How can you talk to girls online?

In order to talk to girls online, you can start by adding a profile picture of yours with the best of the shot. So you can leave a good first impression, and then you can leave a message to her about how she is or just a hello, then try to get into the conversation and keep her talking with the flow.

3. Who owns the TikTok?

Tiktok app is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance, and it has more than 1.5 billion all-time downloads.

Top Best Security Apps for Android

security apps for android

Android phones are being used all over the world, and they are eligible to have several free apps downloaded from the playstore in order to perform something through those apps. But sometimes there is a risk of getting your device affected by any third party interference you’re your privacy or your device. And for the safety of your Android device, you require a Security app to keep your data and device safe and secure.

List of Best Security Apps for Android

In this discussion, we will mention some of the best security apps for your phone; each of them may have different unique features in their own way to keep your phone protected and secure.

security apps for android
security apps for android


Avast Mobile Security is an antivirus app that has been downloaded a number of times by the users when it comes to the security of your phone. It is a trusted app and has many features to keep your device secure from any interference of a third-party app or any irrelevant personals. It has an anti-virus for scanning your phone from bugs and errors and has an app lock system when lets you lock any specific sensitive app if you have any. It also supports call blocking and a photo vault to keep your pictures safe and secure. Most importantly, there is a firewall in case of rooted phones.

There is one more thing to mention about avast that is; it doesn’t come as free with all these features. If you want these great features to use, then you will need to subscribe to the premium version or a complete version because the trial version only lasts 14 days to demo and check the product. It will cost you $2.99 per month and $11.99 per year

It is a great mundane scanner that does allow you to remotely lock or wipe your Android device if it goes missing.

360 Security

360 Security is an app that scans your apps and your device storage for potential malware activities, it searches your phone for all the viruses and cleans them or keeps them in the quarantine, and you have to decide what to do with those issues. It is a very good, super basic antivirus app that scans your device and show you all the potential vulnerabilities and threats. The app also has a feature of phone booster and phone accelerator that cleans your cache memory and RAM to free up some same from memory.

It is free with ads on it if you are connected to the internet, but you can but the membership for a year at the charge of $5.49 that will unlock all the features of the app to be used and it will also let you get free of the ads while using this app,

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is an app that scans your device for errors, bugs, viruses, or malware that may affect your phone in any way. It has an autopilot that scans your device automatically to catch the threats if any. You don’t need to use the autopilot feature; you can just choose to start and stop the scans manually by yourself.

It has a great feature of deep-dive accessibility into your device so it can scan all the roots of the phone and look for the problems. It does also check your SD card to ensure that there are no errors left behind. You cannot use secure browsing or such filters, but you can rely on the autopilot to solve your problems. It is a free app, and it doesn’t have ads in it to interrupt your activities or your scans, so you need not worry about that too. It doesn’t slow down the system when you are doing any other activity, so it is a more reliable app for your comfort and security as well.

You cannot say Bitdefender Free Antivirus is the best of the apps or is really close to the top apps because it doesn’t offer any other tools other than scanning and cleaning. It doesn’t have a VPN for browsing or an anti-theft tool that some of the other apps have.

AVG Antivirus

AVG AntiVirus is a good app for scanning and cleaning the viruses, and it also includes a photo vault that saves and encrypts your files in a hidden place so they can’t be taken by ransomware or accessed without your own permission. The VPN connection service is also available in the AVG that hides your device’s location and information from the adware and the internet trackers. You may experience that this app doesn’t do the malware protection and scanning in real-time, but it lets you scan, and then it searches deep in your phone to locate the problems. It helps you to get rid of the junk files, so your device runs more smooth and faster and will even scan the websites online. It will let you know if they have malicious files or links on them.

There may be a problem that you experience with this app that you feel a bit of lag on your phone; that is what reported by some of the users when AVG was installed, especially during the virus scans. It made them wait a bit longer and causing them more frustrated when they opened any apps, uploaded attachments to the emails, or playing a game.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobiles

This is a great security app that can also block calls and filters your text messages for any malicious links. It has a QR scanner that checks each link that you click or open to make sure they are safe before connecting them to you and then allowing a file to be downloaded. It has a built-in Sophos’ anti-theft tool that lets you remotely access your stolen phones to wipe all of the data or reset the passwords, and you can also send text commands to the thieves and easily track wherever your phone is.

It also has a scanner for the system that scans for all the security issues with the device, and it helps you secure them. It looks at all the outdated programs or searches for an app that is running in the background. The experience is pretty easy and simple, and you are not much distracted with the app and continue your own work too. You will need some time to figure out all the tools and proper use of the app, after that you will get comfortable with all the features of the app, and it would be fun to use. It is a free app, and you can get a number of features from this to use it for your own good.

Lookout Security

Lookout Security is an antivirus program that frequently scans your phone for any malware and helps you to remove them. It also shows you which apps are running in the background and draining your battery. The system advisor continually looks at your OS for any root issues that may be causing issues or interfering with how your phone is working and will help you to fix them at the moment to secure your device from hackers and other issues. It does also include some anti-theft tools, such as a device locator and remote lockdown.

You cannot get a lot of tools and features included with the free version of this app, but you can purchase the Premium version, which includes a file backup and a VPN for you. But several users have reviewed that these tools don’t work very well, and they prefer the free version, even without any of these extra features.

Norton Security And AntiVirus

Norton antivirus software offers impressive Android security features, and it is for free. It has a 100% detection rate for viruses and errors and removes that malware, spyware, or Android viruses that can cause issues with your device or slow down your device. It can also trigger an alarm to notify you and to find your missing device, and it has the ability to remotely lock your device to prevent any data theft, or block any irregular calls or SMS.

The advanced premium features of this app are available for a trial period for you to check and decide for 30 days. But you can say, for your security, Norton Security is one of the most reliable apps and great security app when considering the security and privacy of your Android. It has some unique specific features such as Wi-Fi scanning to notify you about the unsecured connections and also a Safe Search for flagging the unsafe websites during browsing, and it does Call blocking for muting the spam and unwanted calls along with Sneak Peek to click photographs of someone accessing your device without the authority.

KasperSky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is available for Android users to protect their phones, but it has full features available only on the paid product. It provides the important features of any mobile antivirus, which includes Malware scanning that Scans device for viruses, and erases malicious files, and it also scans the incoming data for the known threats with its highly protected malware scanner.

There is another feature Anti-Theft that includes a remote data wipe, and app locking, and a camera capture function that lets you see who’s looking at your phone. And it also has a remote alarm which can be noticed wherever your phone goes can be detected from it. above all of these features, it also has a location detection system that is mixed with the Find My Phone feature, and it locks your phone and allows you to check the location on the official Kaspersky website or the Kaspersky desktop app.

It is a great recommended antivirus and security software if you really value your privacy and concerns with your device in case of being theft or lost, you can detect it with this software or with the privacy, no one else other than you can access inside your phone’s day. This is what makes it one of the best security apps for android phones.

Dr. Web Security Space

Dr. Web is an antivirus app, and it also deals with malware. Its interface is decent and simple, and it has a set of features, including quick and full scans, and also protection from any ransomware, quarantine space included, and even stats for all the work. With all these features, it does also have an anti-theft feature and a good call and SMS filtering option, URL filtering, parental controls, and a firewall.

It is a paid app, and it charges you $7.99-$15.99 for one or two years. You can also buy it for a lifetime license for the cost of $74.99. The lifetime license may seem expensive or a lot, but you only have to pay the price for once and for all.


In this discussion, we discussed the best security apps for android phones that you can find for your phone. We discussed all of their unique features and their premium versions too. You can choose any of them that you like to. They are most likely to save your phone’s privacy from getting interrupted or disturbed in any sense other than any other users except you.

All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Do we really need antivirus for our androids?

Normally Android phones do not need any antivirus to be installed. The viruses cant access android phones, but your device may experience the risk of theft, so you have to be careful.

Are Samsung devices secure?

The Samsung devices have their own Know Security solution that comes as pre-installed in all of the company’s devices. This system provides a secure booting process, helping to prevent any unauthorized software from loading when a user turns on his device.

Top Best Offline Shooting Games

Offline Shooting Games

True game lovers are fond of every game that is about to be released with a new series or with a new storyline. Gamers watch and review for a lot of games throughout the years and compare which one comes as the best game with feasibility for most of the people to access that game. And in doing so, we know that everyone loves a good shooting game. The shooting games are so far one of the best games overall considering any racing games or other category games. It is why because most of these games are reality-based game composed storyline, which includes a lot of good tag lines and graphics with tons of stuff and cities or characters which become favorites of the gamers.

List of best Offline Shooting Games

In this discussion, we are explaining each of the best offline shooting games that you can play even when you are not connected to an internet connection and make the best use of your available resources. So here are some of the best shooter games for you.

Far Cry 3

In our list, far cry 3 comes at the top of the list as the best offline shooting game because it gives a personal experience of reality like the person himself is inside the game. The screen only displays two hands and a wide-angle of the environment in which you have to survive as a survivor on a pirate island. The storyline is one of the best as compared to other games; the story takes you to an adventure where a group friends go on a holiday to spend their time for fun where the crash on an island by mistake which is full of pirates and the main villain operates all of those pirates which we are not sure who is he.

But we get interaction with a psychopath who is the right hand of the boss named Hoyt, and his name is Vaas. Vaas is one of the most vicious and aggressive characters ever shown in a game that kills the brother of our player, and the story continues as we escape from his camp. You have to take revenge from Vaas and Hoyt for what they are doing to the people of the island. In doing so, we have to create our own weapons in the jungle by killing some animals and including sharks and tiger too. After that, we can use their skin to generate something like an arrow or a gun holder bag and as such equipment to make our player a better troop to survive In the jungle.

The main character is Jason Brody, that is played by you, and you meet a lot of other friends on your quest to save your other siblings and friends from the camp of vaas. You get to fight a lot of enemies using guns and other tools, and you get the best graphics and best story content that you will never experience in other games.

It gives you thrill and warm blood to see the vaas bad role for all the other people on the island. Our character gets better time to time surviving on the island and learning almost anything that will help you on your quest to make everything easier and quicker. You get different famous guns in the game, and you can do and other hunting missions with the game in order to practice your skills to face the final showdown.

Far Cry 4

After the success of Far cry 3, the far cry is 4 is another successor of its series in which you play as Ajay Ghale, who is an American from the Tibetan state of Kyrat. Story of the game is that you are kidnapped by the biggest psychopath named Pagan Min, who is controlling all the regions, but you manage to escape its place, and your journey continues as you get to know he killed your father and forced your mother to leave Kyrat when you were a kid.

The story starts then, and you start to take down his men one by one and also start to become a big threat to him. He is preparing for you to face the consequences again and again. You don’t see him as such as face to face interaction in the whole game, but you get in contact with him over the radio.

The graphics are really great of the game that gives even the little details of the snow too. It does eat a lot of ram from your computer, and it requires a good processing GPU that will help you to prosper in the mission very easily. You may feel one thing not right about the screenplay is that the villain is in contact with you from throughout the gameplay just from a radio, there is no physical appearance until you get to meet him in person in the ending times of the story where you both make a lot of things clear after you faceoff and kill the enemy.

Project IGI

Project IGI is a first-person shooter game that you can play offline on your computer, and this game was initially released on December 15, 2000. It is one of the first computer games in that time to feature some of the most realistic weapons and tactical combat strategies in which you have to pursue and kill a homicidal Colonel from Russia who is trying to turn Europe into a nuclear wasteland. This game focuses on stealth and strategy with the use of the right guns and shooting. Our player is named as Jones, who has to get inside the toughest military installations in Europe, and after getting that, we have to use different tactics and skills like computer hacking or sabotaging to stop that woman from creating chaos.

In the game story, the enemy’s Artificial Intelligence will react to all of his actions and use military tactics to track his position. To counter its surveillance, there are bunkers, tanks, and gunships, that the Jones is equipped with also with NATO spy gears and assault weapons for a more thrilling experience.

There is nothing like reality-based additions in the game, but they artificial places, and the gameplay is made really well and set up under the right hands, and its missions feature a very fine pace of balance between stealth and combat.

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of duty series has always been on the top of the fan base and loved by critics all over the world. Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 was released 11 years ago, and it is the next sequel of its successive previous version of Modern warfare. This version turns the action into a more thrilling and exciting experience by shifting its attention from World War II to the present situation related to technology and redefining the American culture and the missions that the army took down with their strategies. Considering the gameplay, the game has a great set of graphics and performance quality with a lot of stealth and combat additions along with heavy machinery and guns improvement.

It is a great shooter game for a good experience of the gamers who love playing first-person shooter games even in the offline mode. The story never goes out of scenes from your mind the way you go on missions with your teammates, and some of your friends die in the game, and you have to do a lot of things on your own.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Another successive version of the first-person shooter series, call of duty black ops 2, takes you to the past history from the late 1980s, in which you are playing as a role of Alex Mason, and after that 25 years later you play as his son, David Mason. Your teammate is Woods, who is now turned to be old, and he is shown as the narrator on the sideline of your gameplay. You have to go after Raul Menendez, who is the villain trying to use the world’s autonomous armies against their own selves.

You can experience excessive shooting and tactical gameplay with different strategies of each player that you can also shift between your entire team to experience more diverse combat and shooting experience. The single-player mode goes on with the story of Alex Mason, who is your top player, and you have to use your best skills to survive until the end of the storyline.


The battlefield is one of the most loved games throughout the world after its first release, which gained attention from everywhere in the world. The best thing about this game is you can even destroy the buildings and cars, and you can see the damage and impact with the use of your bullets, rockets, machine guns, etc. it gives the player a sense of recognizable weapons and warfare that is made up from the battles of World war 2.

It adds a series of tales in different theaters of war, having an emotional and attractive arc. The graphics are really good, and the guns that are added. This shooter game is really different and unique from the other games. It is lovely yet most thrilling games that take you back in history for a good experience from the past.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, was awarded as the game of the year in 2011. It is a successive version of its previous great version Elder Scrolls saga. It is a great experience for you to play in the open-world fantasy that brings life to the virtual world and lets you explore different places On the map until you reach the end of the storyline.

You have to experience and discover new towns, dungeons, and quests for your destiny, as you travel through the ash wastes and a glacial valley of the lost lands. You have to become more powerful in this game, and you can get to train your own dragons to get through the exciting storyline of this ultimate shooting game experience. The safety of your city is in your hands as you face off against different new tactics and combat experiences through your journey.

Skyrim has been on so many hearts that it has won over 200 Game of the Year Awards after it got spread worldwide. It has also been fully adapted to Virtual Reality. The game has a good set of graphics and gameplay experience for you, and you will have to build a good pc in order to experience this ultimate game.

Emphasis has been placed on improving this game’s combat, in which each hand is given a specific function, which can be magic, sword, or a shield or two separate melee weapons for combat. There are enemies like trolls, giants, dragons, also wolves, and giant spiders.

The game has five of the urban areas, and there are several dungeons to explore north of the Imperial City, from where it all starts. The other additions may also include randomly-generated quests, sprinting, and a HUD-free first-person view.


In this discussion, we have discussed the best shooting games from the twentieth century in offline mode that you can play to get the ultimate experience of gaming with combats and tactics. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these games and what they provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Which modern warfare of call of duty series is the best?

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is the most successive and so far the best one in the series. Call of Duty Modern warfare is most loved by the critics and is the best game of its time.

Top Best Learning to Read Apps

Learning to Read Apps

With the current world of civilized society, education is an essential part that must be given to everyone. When a kid enters traditional kindergarten, he is expected to be reading. Reading levels are considered to be extremely important in schools. When a kid starts to learn and read in his early education, they underperform in the earliest years of their school. So due to not being able to ready to read and having shorter attention periods or due to learning differences, they rather prevent themselves from reading, and that can be a harsh experience for them.

Considering yourself as a parent, you should focus on building the confidence of your kid first and try to make his attention towards content and reading books that are made for the kids. You should avoid the pressurized study over them at a young age. You should accompany them and tell them how to read and write, and to support you in this process, there are several learning to read apps that are now available over the internet that can help you in your kid’s performance development as well as his skills too. You just have to pay attention to them properly with the use of these apps.

Best Learning to Read Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss about each of the best apps considered for learning to read by a lot of reviews from the people and with their quality content to help the kids. We are gonna discuss them one by one in detail.

Montessori Crosswords

This app is based on the learning methods for the kids of the Montessori level. Besides just helping the kid in learning how to read, the Montessori Crosswords is ideal when it comes to helping the kids to improve both their writing and their spelling skills.

This app is designed to help a kid understand the words which are made up of sounds, and it helps them to memorize those sounds for their learning. This app has a set of 320 word image audio phonic combinations, from which your kid can learn lots of new things from this one place.

Starfall Learn to Read App

Starfall started as a free public service to teach the children to read in 2002. Since then, it has spread a lot, and it includes language arts and also mathematics for preschool kids, kindergarten level, first grade, second grade, and third grade as well. Starfall’s emphasis on the phonemic awareness, common sight words in conjunction, along with audio and video interactivity. Due to the great features in a single app, Starfall wins the hearts all around the world to be considered as one of the best learning to read app. All of the activities in Starfall are research-based, and they are aligned with Common Core State Standards in the English language arts and also in mathematics.

This app focuses on exploration, playing, and positive reinforcement, in which it is encouraging children to become more confident and more motivated. It is an educational alternative to other choices of entertainment for the children and is effective for the special education like homeschooling, and English language development. It is used in those schools which serve children with special needs and help in learning difficulties.

It has a low-cost memberships program that expands out with the free content that includes some of the animated songs, reading activities, and some mathematical calculations. The membership also supports the production of new books, songs, educational games, and movies. The program that is provided by the Starfall Education Foundation was conceived by Dr. Stephen Schutz from this Non-profit organization.

Learn with Homer

Learn with Homer is a learning literacy experience that is presented on the iPad for the children under the ages between 3- to 6-years old. In the start in includes mix of 24 stories, folklores, poems, rhymes, folksongs, along with 30 Learn to Read lessons and also 33 Discover lessons which are mainly focusing on the nonfiction topics and their vocabulary. Most importantly, it does support the phonemic awareness, integration of non-fiction text, and classic literature that boosts critical thinking and vocabulary of a user.

According to learn with a homer, it is easier to get feedback and iterate with the parents than it is with the schools; it is tough for a small company to address both the parent and the school markets as well. Parents should be driving the change in the school programs that support the teachers and give parents a comprehensive literacy tool. In this way, they can become real partners in their children’s development in early education and even advocate for education quality. Technology is transforming the education sector and shifting it to a new level. Creating an engaging, and gamified product experience without sacrificing any educational value is a real challenge. Learn with Homer is the first reading application that is brought to the market as a comprehensive app. It has loads of fun, entertaining games, and it also includes a phonics program, challenging literature, and science field trips.

There is a beautiful map on the main page of the app that presents all of the options that kids can explore such as Learn to Read, Story Time, Discover the World, and Homer’s Clubhouse. In this way, Homer Learning combines the best early learning techniques for the kids in a single app. The app incorporates some drawing, voice recording, also stories, songs, and more, along with some traditional exercises.

Hooked on Phonics

In this app, you can track your child’s progress at every step. The kids can clearly see how far they reached in their reading journey, and they will get the confidence to feel a sense of pride in their achievement. It is a test in which the more your child does its Hooked on Phonics lessons, the more achievements he earns. In this way, he will also become a better reader. More than 5 million parents worldwide, and the teachers also are using this program. It is developed by education experts, so we can say the Hooked on Phonics is the Gold Standard in teaching kids to read. You can also get the most from your subscription by using this app to teach your children how to read. Their progress will be tracked throughout individually.

In this way, it is quite helping the kids to boost their confidence and let them become strong readers in school and at home as well. This app is truly an investment in a child’s future. Parents review in most of the sections that their kids don’t want to stop playing this Hooked on Phonics app. With this app, the children see the fun, and parents see the learning.

With all these features in a single app, it is a great learning to read an app for the kids to understand and use for their development.

  • It is an award-winning digital reading program.
  • And it can also register up to 3 children.
  • It is directly accessible from any phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Its lessons progress is fully synchronized across all devices.

Reading Raven

The reading raven app is available on both iPhone and iPad that features a step-by-step procedure that allows your children to learn the reading skills at their own pace. This app allows your kid to get comfortable in learning the reading skills. In addition to that, this app also comes with multiple sensory reading games that are fun for most of the kids.

This app is ideal for the kids in the age of 3 to 7 years because it goes step by step with the learning that is a good process for the development of a kid’s mindset. You can use this app to teach the kids how to learn and to read very easily because this reading app involves a proven phonics-based approach that enhances the learning experience for the kids. This app builds reading and spelling skills with a sequence of carefully designed games. The games may be of identifying, matching, or tracing the letters, to writing, reading, and also recording words, sentences, and very short stories too. There are three levels of activities in this, and five of lessons with different themes in them, which give children lots of opportunities in order to practice their skills while maintaining a high level of interest of them.

Reading Raven is an app that provides a step-by-step reading lesson that is designed to help the young children build a solid foundation for their reading.

Features of Reading Raven

  • It has self-paced lessons which take the kids all the way from pre-reading to reading sentences
  • There are 11 types of super fun activities that teach them critical sub-skills for learning to read
  • It also configures profiles for multiple children
  • It is fully customizable by age or reading level
  • It works on both Android phones and the tablets
  • There are sticker rewards that reinforce what was learned
  • There are no pressure tactics
  • It has effective voice instructions and feedback
  • Freeform letters and word writing
  • Children can pause and also save their progress anytime
  • It has beautiful hand-illustrated artwork
  • There is no third party advertising

There are no external links to social network sites!

Reading Eggs

The ABC Reading Eggs makes it’s interesting and engaging for the kids learning to read capabilities, with great online reading games and activities. It really works in such a way that we know children love games, songs, golden eggs, and such other rewards which, make them feel proud of their reading, and it really motivates the children to keep learning and exploring.

It develops a sense of Learn to read and a lifelong love of reading with the ABC Reading Eggs when a kid gets engaged in it. Featuring hundreds of lessons on the basis of self-paced, interactive games, songs, and motivating rewards, the children love progressing through all maps while developing their key phonics and literacy skills in this app.

  • This app is developed by Australian educators, especially to teach the children aged 2–13 to give them the skills they need to become confident and fluent readers.
  • Its tests match the children to the perfect level of their ability from which they can complete a highly engaging series of lessons and build their own mastery.
  • There is a huge variety of activities, games that cover different areas of literacy and learning such as phonics, sight words, spellings, comprehensions, and it promotes a sustained interest in books for kids with any age.

This app also includes the ABC Reading Eggs Junior for the toddlers, and there are also other variants that are ABC Reading Eggspress for kids that are aged 7–13, and there is another version ABC Mathseeds, that is maths program for the kids with ages 3–9. Their parents can access a family dashboard, which includes a detailed progress report on each of the child as well as over 500 printable worksheets that reinforce their skills covered in the online lessons.


In this discussion, we discussed the best learn to read apps that are available in the market. Most of these apps have their common unique features, and they are there to help the kids as well as their parents to read and understand the learning process. We hope that you find this info very useful, and it brings any help to you and that you may feel easy to ask us any questions. If you have any questions or a problem then you can leave a comment or mail us at our given mail in the section, we will respond when we will see your request.


How can I help the 8-year-old kid to read better?

You can find a book of jokes or a story at the library or a bookstore. You should also encourage your child to memorize a few of his favorites. In this way, he can entertain the family as well as keep it remembered in memory.